Vehicle Wrap of the Day: Palmer Signs Unveils Beastly VW Beetle for Desert Racing
Signweb, May 6, 2014
From its initial worldwide launch in 1938, the Volkswagen Type 1, affectionately referred to as the Beetle, has gained a tremendous worldwide following. According to the car’s Wikipedia listing, the more than 21 million Beetles produced established a world record for the most cars produced with a single design (the last Type 1 rolled off the line in Puebla, Mexico, in 2003). The Beetle’s air-cooled engine made an unmistakable, high-pitched squeal, and it was the hip car of 1960s counterculture. (The first vehicle I remember is my father’s bright-orange 1972 Beetle with black, vinyl upholstery that, in summer, sometimes required a spatula and Crisco to extricate my legs from the sticky surface.)


What It’s Like To Race An Old VW Beetle And Get Run Over By A Truck
Jalopnik, March 27, 2014
Desert Dingo Racing campaigns a 1969 VW Beetle in off road races in the U.S. and Mexico. We’ve covered them in the past a couple times before. As you can imagine, Beetles doing crazy, dirty things is very appealing to me, so I asked Jim Graham to write up his experience in the Mint 400, in which he gets run over by a “macho shithead” in a truck.


The Mint 400: #MaximumAttack From Dawn Till Dusk
Speedhunters, March 24, 2014
Millions of people drive in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas every year. For most, it’s a mundane task that partygoers dread after a long weekend of living it up in Sin City. It’s also been portrayed to death in Hollywood films, including in the lowest grossing movie of all time. Since I got my driver’s license, I must have done the drive over 100 times.


Press release
February 17, 2014
Felton, Calif. — Desert Dingo Racing announced today that Mad Media has signed on as chief sponsor for the team’s first race of the 2014 season – the legendary General Tire Mint 400, presented by Polaris which takes place March 12-15 in Las Vegas. Over one thousand of the world’s top off-road championship competitors will do battle in twenty different classes of vehicles across the brutal and unforgiving Mint 400 racecourse in front of thousands of spectators and race fans. Crowds in excess of forty thousand are expected to attend the festivities on Fremont Street East as well as The Mint 400 race – which are free to attend.

A Fitting Finale
Inside Track Motorsport News, January Issue
There’s a concept called the “Three Types of Fun.” The idea is that all fun things can be grouped into one of three categories. Type 1 fun is fun as it is happening. it could be go karting with friends or a BBQ on a sunny day. It’s the sort of stuff that pus a smile on your face, but is fleeting. Type 2 fun tends to build character. It might not be fun at the time, but looking back, brings a smile.

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