The Cars

Desert Dingo Racing – 1107
1107 is a 1969 VW Beetle that has campaigned races in the Valley Off Road Racing Association, the Baja 1000, Baja 250 and the Mint 400. It is now being prepped for the 2018 NORRA 1000. It is a SCORE-tagged Class 11 Stock Bug.

All the details are here.

Desert Dingo Racing – 1107B
With 1107 out of commission, Gil Medrano has campaigned his 1969 Class 11 wrapped as 1107. Gil and crew did their first race at the 2017 Mint 400.

Desert Dingo Racing – Forza Horizon 2
Turn Two Studios approached us about using 1107 in the driving game Forza Horizon 2. It took about 2 milliseconds for us to think about it before saying “You betcha.” They did a remarkably good job replicating the car in the game, down to the crappy acceleration and the mushy steering. It even sounds like there’s a loose box of tools rattling around in the back.

All the details here.

Desert Dingo Racing – Force Dingo
Force Dingo is a 1969 VW Beetle that has successfully campaigned the LeMons Rally and is being prepped for the 2018 Gambler 500. In the interim, it serves as 1107 Chase for the other race car, usually to fetch pizza and drinks. It gets washed on the weekend and occasionally gets driven up to San Francisco, but that’s it.

All the details here.

Desert Dingo Racing – Chase One
Chase One is a 1985 VW Westfalia sporting a 2.1 liter water cooled engine. During races it coordinates with the other chase vehicles and monitors location of 1107. It has all the electronics.

Desert Dingo Racing – 1107c
The black sheep of the family. We wrapped a different Class 11 in the Dingo livery to stand in for the real thing in a video shoot for the launch of VWs Beetle Dune. The video came out great, thanks to COTU Media.

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