Desert Dingo Racing Welcomes GlucoMON®  As a Diabetes Device Sponsor for the 2007 Baja 1000 Race Across the Desert

November 5, 2007 – Desert Dingo Racing announced today that GlucoMON has signed on as a sponsor of the team’s Baja 1000 race and for the 2008 race season. Desert Dingo Racing is campaigning the official World Diabetes Day car in the Baja 1000.

“We’re excited to add the GlucoMON to our growing list of sponsors for the Official World Diabetes Day race car," said Desert Dingo Racing co-owner Jim Graham. "It shows what a great opportunity this race is for showcasing new diabetes devices at an international event such as the Baja 1000. The environment is harsh and any device that can take on the Baja can surely be counted on to function reliably in the classroom connecting kids with diabetes with their parents wherever they may be.”

The GlucoMON isn't your average diabetes device.  With embedded worldwide wireless network connectivity, the GlucoMON turns a standard glucose meter into a connected remote blood glucose monitoring system enabling 'GlucoMON Alerts' from children at school to their parent's cell phone as a text message or email as well as automated trend identification logbooks as part of a comprehensive Automated Diabetes Management System (ADMS).

“As part of the commercial pre-launch activities for the GlucoMON, we thought what better way to demonstrate the reliability of this device than to take on the desert in this grueling 3-day race across sand, through water and all the while taking more abuse than even the toughest kid could ever dish out.” said Kevin McMahon, President & CEO of Diabetech – manufacturer of the GlucoMON device.

The team’s 1969 VW (No. 1146) will showcase the GlucoMON 'Baja Edition' on its dash and will sport the GlucoMON logo on its sides.  The DDR team is available to discuss the value and importance of GlucoMON as a tool for families with type 1 diabetes to simply and automatically care for their children while at school, on sleepovers and any time their child is away from their side.

Desert Dingo Racing has also partnered with the International Diabetes Federation to conduct a drive-a-thon during the Baja 1000 to raise money for diabetes research and education. 100% of the funds raised go to the IDF to support its ongoing efforts.

About GlucoMON
GlucoMON has been extensively tested in clinical trials and also relied upon by researchers for automating the collection of glucose meter data from their clinical trial participants, in real-time. The next generation GlucoMON device being tested in the DDR car will soon be available to patients, payers, physicians and researchers in the USA online via the Healthcordia web marketplace. More info about the GlucoMON including the ability to pre-register for your GlucoMON is available online at

About Desert Dingo Racing
Desert Dingo Racing is a team of high tech professionals based in Silicon Valley, California building a Class 11 VW Beetle to compete in the Baja 1000, running from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, November 10-16, 2007. For more information, visit our website at

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