Meet the Desert Dingos

Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson, driver, mechanic

Scott is a freelance mechanical engineer, prototype machinist and fabricator. Primarily employed in the design of medical devices, motorcycles have been a lifelong hobby. He's built two bikes of his own design and maintains a stable of about 10 others. He can't be left unsupervised with anything mechanical, lest he take it apart and put it back together. 40 years of wrenching, 30 years racing dirt bikes and 20 years racing GP road race machines have addled his mind sufficiently for the Baja event to look appealing.

Mike "Skid" Aquino

Mike "Skid" Aquino, driver, mechanic
Skid is an experienced motorcycle rider and racer with a long history of radically modifying various modes of transportation. An artist and builder, he has a penchant for the dangerous and unusual. He's raced everything from go karts to flame throwing golf carts. He's a consistent finalist in the world famous Power Tool Drag Races. He was the first person contacted by Graham to race Class 11. Initially reluctant, he ordered "Dust to Glory" on Netflix and the rest is history. Skid has Type 2 diabetes.

Jim "rj" Graham

Jim "rj" Graham, PR, marketing, sponsorship, co-driver
Jim co-founded Desert Dingo Racing with Skid in November 2006 after watching "Dust to Glory." Genetically incapable of doing anything mechanical, he compensates by watching NASCAR just for the commercials and thinks the final lap of the 2007 Daytona 500 was the coolest thing ever. Jim handles Desert Dingo PR, marketing and parts degreasing. He prefers co-driving because driving appears to be "hard work."

Roxanne Graham
Roxanne Graham, webmaster, communications, logistics

Roxanne works behind the scenes, managing the website, managing communications and doing logistics support. If you'd like to contribute to the Diabetes section of our site, contact Roxanne at

Paul HartlPaul Hartl, driver, Canadian
Paul brings international flavour (and nonsensical Canadian spelling) to the team. Born in Czechoslovakia, he raced the worst car ever built (the East German Trabant). This experience prepared him for anything the racing world can throw at him. His need for a real automobile (the West German Beetle) might have driven him to immigrate to Canada early in his life. Currently living in Toronto, Paul races 1999 VW Golf in the Canadian Rally Championship. He also races in Ontario's ice racing series, where, under the duress of harsh Canadian winters, he developed his love for desert racing.

Dennis "Crusty" Lange

Dennis "Crusty" Lange, driver, lead mechanic
Dennis built his first go-kart at 13. In the ‘70s he raced a D Production Austin Healey, winning several SCCA races. He worked as a race car fabricator for five years, building everything from Trans Am cars to Baja racers. When he isn't wrenching on the car (he's always wrenching on it) he makes his well-appointed RV the go-to location for team members to hang out.

Shawn Kovachi-Long

Shawn Kovach-Long, driver, paint & bodywork
Shawn was born and raised in San Jose, went to school in Santa Cruz, earned a private pilot’s license at 17 and dreams of beating the Baja 1000.  An experienced wrencher, he owns the fastest car on the team, a stunning blue Corvette, which he claims he's using to practice in preparation for the Baja 1000. "Anyone can drive a car on a drag strip or go fast and turn left. But it takes a special talent to pilot a rocketing stock VW across the Mexican desert at speeds approaching 30 mph."d holds 10 different AWS welding certifications in mig, tig, arc, & flux-core. Richard lives with Type 2 diabetes.

Bob Russell

Bob "Bus Boy" Russell, driver, mechanic, team sommelier
Bus Boy Bob has traveled all over North America in '77 VW Westfalia Camper Bus he restored. Proud Burning Man VW Bus Camp member with his lovely lady Lynda. Has owned many VW's, including three Rabbits, a '69 Bug, a '73 Super Beetle, a '69 Bus, an '82 Vanagon Camper, a '91 GTI and a '77 Westy. Fine dining waiter for 20 years but should have been VW mechanic! 20-year semi-pro bicycle racer and mechanic. "I can fix your VW or bicycle and answer any questions you have about the wine."

Seth Schrenzel
Seth "Blue Cross" Schrenzel, chase vehicle, medic, logistician
Seth is a San Franciscan who specializes in event and trip logistics, and is a 10-year emergency room nurse. A long-time Burning Man staffer, Seth has been responsible for the logistics of several departments at Burning Man. He also will be bringing the chase vehicle, and will be providing chase services for Desert Dingo Racing. Seth's race experience is summed up as follows: "Sometimes I drive really fast on narrow dirt roads and jump my truck. Because it's fun." He can legally diagnose you if you say "It hurts when I do this."

Desert Dingos Emeritus

Carrie MolhoCarrie Molho, co-driver, mechanic

Former rat brain surgeon turned metal artist enjoys riding (and maintaining) street and dirtbikes, breaking / building/repairing/customizing random things, playing with squirrels, and hanging out in the desert. Certified wilderness first aid responder and burn barrel expert. Co-owner and racer of first place winner in the 2003 Shipyard Power Tool drag races with Scott-A (yes, Virginia, that was a belt sander). Six years experience as pit crew chief for Hell Kitty racing team (2 wheelers). Appointed exhaust and steering tender for the Desert Dingos, and general wrench monkey.

Charlie ReynoldsCharlie Reynolds, driver, mechanic
Charlie grew up in a world of mini bikes, dirt bikes and go karts. Last year he became addicted to Class 11 racing when he and his brother modified a stock 1967 VW bug and raced in M.O.R.E (Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiast). Charlie, a certified Eagle Scout, is trained in wilderness survival, navigation as well as first aid. We are excited to have him on our team and hope that we never need to call upon his "wilderness survival skills."

A.J. Jennings

A.J. "Ice" Jennings, chase vehicle, videographer, communications nerd
A software engineer by trade, A.J. was shanghaied into Desert Dingo Racing by good friend Seth "Blue Cross" Schrenzel after watching "Dust to Glory." A.J. drove Chase 2 at the 2008 Baja 1000 and served as team videographer. He's fabricating a custom chase, equipment transport and communications vehicle for the team nicknamed "AWACS" and honing his racing skills on the xBox. Also, his name really is "A.J."

Max "MadMax" Davis
Max "Mad Max" Davis, graphic designer
Max is a sports and outdoor enthusiast as well as a motohead. Max has operated the Max Davis Company for 19 years. A one-man design firm, he has designed for Nike, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, San Jose Clash as well as many Harley-Davidson dealerships. He has 5 motorcycles, a 47 Merc, 7 bicycles and a passion for travel. His father has Type 2 diabetes.

Richard PalasikRichard Palasik, driver
Growing up in the desert of Borrego Springs, off-roading and racing is second nature to Richard. Richard sponsored and built a Street Stock Camaro for Watsonville Raceway, then upgraded to a 410 Sprint car. He was crew chief for 3 yrs. at the now defunct San Jose Speedway, responsible for setting up the car, mud packing the track, and directing the pit crew. Richard's talents are many: he owned and operated a welding/fab shop in Santa Cruz , he has a Structural Steel C-51 contractor's license, and holds 10 different AWS welding certifications in mig, tig, arc, & flux-core. Richard lives with Type 2 diabetes.


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