Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. There is only one other programmer: I was hired to reduce her workload. "I don't have enough to do at work" is not the kind of complaint one usually hears from an employee. So, by caring less, you’re actually caring just enough. If I am honest and say there is not enough work for all of us in my work team, I risk losing my job, no? And now I don't have enough work to get me through the day. And back then, we all wore a lot of hats, simply because we had to. By creating a case that bridges the gap between yourself and your employer, your request for resources will be approved. My boss makes quick decisions, and I don’t like this one, Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. Your employer must state the reason and give evidence as to why it is believed that you are not Thank you for your patience. My six-month probation is almost over and I think I've done well; I get along with everyone and the work gets done well. How can I protect myself from getting a pink slip? Make a real effort for the next six months. Are these the world's most boring jobs? I am going to have to assume your concerns are around job security, and to some extent, job fulfilment. You have felt what reality could show you in a bitter way and believe me that D Day can break you in millions of pieces. Maybe you are being given less work because you are junior. If you relate to this story so far, I’m willing to bet that your 80% of effort is most people’s 100%. I recently took on a great role in the non-for-profit sector and I am being paid much more than my previous role in the corporate sector. In my situation, I was very ill and not going to work and spending my day crying. Michele Hoos . In fact, it often seems he hasn’t got enough to do himself and is often complaining of his own boredom. There are two conditions that must be met. I was hired for a professional level position making over 60K and there was not enough for me to do. There isn't enough work to do in my role, not sure how to proceed, advice please? Are your team members/colleagues having a similar experience with their workload? I'm about to have my review and come off probation. It is fair to know what the future looks like. Next Reply Author. A review is not the place to tell an employer you aren't busy in your job. I don't have any work to do at my new job. According to … © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. – blunders Jul 19 '12 at 3:44. We hope to have this fixed soon. Not enough work to do (At all) Reply Prev 1. of 2. It’s just not adding up. I have very little work to do in the day apart from helping other colleagues (Which is very rare) or doing really basic things like filing etc. Hi all, I started a new job three months ago and when I first started it seem very promising but now im thinking otherwise. If things don't sound like they will work out, at least you have a couple of free hours a day to start looking for a new job! by. Work … As soon as March rolls around I’ll be busy until September, and then I’ll have two weeks of desperation in October, but every other time I’m more or less dead in the water. "I don't have enough to do at work" is not the kind of complaint one usually hears from an employee. Advertising. I am planning on looking for a new job, both because of this and other reasons. If the manager indicates positive reassurances, accept them. So at least 40 hours per week, I … In today’s challenging economy, most people realize that having a job is not something you can take for granted. Your employer can't blame you for not giving you enough work initially, but eventually they're going to turn on you if they think you have been hiding the fact that you can do allot more. If you’re an employee who wants more challenging work, be strategic in how you make your request for it. Click here to subscribe. Need help navigating that mine field? But you should not hate going into work. Whenever you have a thought that you are not enough for the job as you aren’t able to reach perfection and feel like a failure over and over, think over why you … Not enough work to do (At all) My Profile My Preferences My Mates. His situation typically happens in large companies. There is also no harm in asking about the direction of the business or your department/division as a whole. Work is not like school, where you aim to get a 100 on an exam only four times a year. For Jeremy’s and readers’ help, send a brief email to dear.jeremy@theguardian.com. The job role was only recently created, so it is difficult to see what comes under my remit. If you're experiencing the latter, then it may be time to reevaluate your life and find out what's the catalyst. That means: Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. We then print the best of your comments alongside Jeremy’s own insights. As someone used to busy offices and fast-paced roles, having very little to do is ruining my self-confidence and I’m not sure what to do next. During your evaluation, there is no harm in saying that you feel ready for more responsibility. It may not be your ideal job. If you aren't growing and learning then you will eventually suffer "rust out.". I have nothing to do for at least a couple of hours each day! The first step, of course, is to inform your supervisor that you have some free time and that you’d be happy to take on a few more tasks or projects. If your job description truly does not include enough work to fill your day, then you should not feel guilty about doing the job you were promoted to do. Shutterstock “You’re doing great!” That’s what everyone tells you at work. Can I wait to give notice to cash in on extra vacation pay? There isn't enough work to do in my new job I’ve taken on a new job role in the not-for-profit sector and am trying to fill my time finding things to do. How can I get it? Not enough work to do (At all) Reply Prev of 2. … How to Get Over the Feeling That You're Not Good Enough for Your Job. Go to your manager and politely point out that he or she is not giving you work, and you are wondering if there is anything you should be doing in the meantime. You are obviously a conscientious employee, so before your review, take some time to have conversations with your co-workers. Sounds like you're already doing this but be prepared. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to, To view this site properly, enable cookies in your browser. 36. A Job) Presently I work a “9 to 5”. Working “9 to 5” (a.k.a. How do I keep my job away from the chopping block? However, the supervisor does not want to lose the temp spot … My boss (who worked in another city) rarely had any interaction with me. While not every job is perfect, you want to find and work for a company that can satisfy most of your needs and wants. E-mail your questions to: ninetofive@globeandmail.com. People Often Say (or Imply) “That’s Not My Job” When I first launched my company, I had a very small team. Read our, I'm a print subscriber, link to my account, Avoid the use of toxic and offensive language. If you like where you work then look for projects and tasks that will improve your skills and add to your tool kit. What do I say, if anything? If nothing changes by then, re-evaluate your situation and decide what course of action to take. I’ve taken on a new job role in the not-for-profit sector and am trying to fill my time finding things to do. I really don't know what to do. Or do I just keep my mouth shut and try to find my own non-obvious projects to keep myself occupied? Thankfully I do have some privacy to play around on my computer to entertain myself and there are times where my main tasks are enough to keep me feeling busy, but I totally understand the feeling of wanting more work and not getting it. I recently (6 months ago) got my first job as a Software Developer (before I spent 2.5 years as tech support with some programming/software support). Perhaps you are more efficient than the rest. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter . Work on raising your visibility to promote your professional wonderment – in other words, get out from behind your desk and look for ways to make a difference. Let our Nine to Five experts help solve your dilemma. About 20% of the time I don't have any work to do. There were others in the department who also seemed to have a lot of free time on their hands. Please note that he is unable to answer questions of a legal nature or to reply personally. Congratulations buddy! It may be a stepping stone to something greater. It can even make you question whether this job is really worth your time and talent. Are you facing a burning issue at work? And they do that, pay stagnates, and so the gains are just really unequally distributed. I’m simply trying to fill my time finding things to do. I've already talked to my supervisor and he says he … My dream job has opened up at my previous employer. Please explain given your experience why getting a new job is not the right solution. Search My Stuff. And there’s plenty of evidence to back up the claim: Your co-workers like you, you get positive performance reviews, there’s even been hinting that you might get a promotion soon. This article was published more than 7 years ago. It’s great to want to be helpful and make a difference at work, but you have to take care of yourself first. I resigned and my employer even though they knew I was depressed did nothing to assist or keep me. If you are an individual that lacks the tools & resources to do your job effectively, utilize the four actions defined in this article to position your request. The organisation itself is good and the little work I do, I enjoy. There are going to be times where I mess up — even at a job I enjoy. | Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh, ‘Having very little to do is ruining my self-confidence.’. Corporate trainer and career specialist, Toronto. What do I do? Not enough work to do (At all) My Profile My Preferences My Mates. My colleagues and I worked tirelessly together to build, troubleshoot, and market our product, and nobody complained (at least most of the time). Thanks. In most cases, you may find that the lag is work-related. Believe it or not, I knew a flight attendant that didn’t enjoy travelling. We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. What's New 3 12 24 72. Our boss is a drama queen and we’re fed up. I also knew that I could get a job elsewhere. The allegation, therefore, should be taken very seriously. I work 9-5 everyday and I work in an office so it is an admin position. Discussion. Here is the latest dilemma – what are your thoughts? There is no need for another person as the two of us already do not have enough work. What's New 3 12 24 72. Whilst I had a very good job, with international travel and great pay, it was just a job. Probably the last thing you want to do is conduct another job search after only six months, but that is an option. This kind of self-doubt is fairly common, especially at work. I have been politely asking for more tasks to fill the time but those are usually one-day filing chores. Let me tell you a story, a young lad, brilliant with his grades. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Not enough work to do at my office job...? I have a job where my level of work depends on the time of year, among other things. All that being said, you should always be looking and have options available should things turn south. Search My Stuff. The OP did not say he dislikes his employer. Is it possible to step outside your immediate department to see if you can be of use to a busier work unit? This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. I’ve been there a few months now and although I have offered to take on tasks from other teams/departments, I often feel like I’m treading on other’s toes. There are obviously aspects of the job I like so I’m reticent to leave, but I hate the boredom and worry I’ll get found out. I was assured that it was a quiet time of the year when I started but it's been 3 months and it's still quiet. Until this process is complete, we are being told business as usual, but I genuinely do not have enough work to fill my time. Something that would have surprised Taylor is that slacking is not always the product of discontent, but also of having too few tasks to fill the hours. But I'm not convinced there is enough work to sustain the position I'm in. Once you feel that way, your life will take a turn for the worse -- … The law says that a lack of capability is one of the potentially fair reasons for dismissing someone. He only has this situation for two months. So when people are displaced from one job, there are programmes available to them to stay outside of work but they're not very generous and they leave you sort of living in poverty, so most people go back out there and look for new jobs. But if you're not happy at your … They do a job they really don’t connect with because they don’t know of a better option and need the work. Scrutinize processes and procedures to see if you can come up with efficiency strategies; build a data base of resources you can call on when equipment fails or glitches occur. If the managers haven't figured it out, it is not your place to tell them, unless you want to be let go. This starts an unpleasant cycle of mistakes, resentment, regret and eventually being let go. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. If they did work all the required hours, where would they then get the time to spend with their families (the same people they are working so hard to provide for)? Twice a week we publish problems that will feature in a forthcoming Dear Jeremy advice column in the Saturday Guardian so that readers can offer their own advice and suggestions. First and foremost, the challenging work you request must fit your boss’s needs. I'm a relatively recent college grad and I've been at my current position (finance assistant) for 6 months. I am a recent graduate who has just started my first job. Work wasn't particularly busy even when I started, but work dried up even more since the financials were completed this month. Make phone calls instead of sending e-mails when appropriate. The problem is that I often don’t have enough work and feel myself stretching out small tasks to fill in the hours of the day. Some information in it may no longer be current. Capability in law is assessed by reference to 'skill', 'aptitude', 'health' or any other 'physical' or 'mental' quality. “Impostor syndrome” is the nagging feeling that although you have made it to a certain point, you’re not competent or smart enough to have made it to that point—that you stumbled into your job and your achievements accidentally. Simply put…a job is not enough. I started a new job late last summer. He has less than a year experience. Offer to sit on committees, initiate a fundraiser and volunteer for any task that has you meeting decision makers in other parts of the company. I have tried in the past to speak to my boss to see whether there are extra responsibilities I can take on, with no result. There is no indication that his company does not want him. Do you need advice on a work issue? After all, it is a two-way street: You are investing in a career path as much as they are investing in you as an employee. I hate the boredom and worry I’ll be found out, Last modified on Tue 10 May 2016 12.30 EDT. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters@globeandmail.com. Meaning, when every day is a slow day at work, it’s hard to stay motivated. Talking with your teammates (especially those who have been with the company for some time) may give you some valuable input and a better perspective on the situation. Or maybe the business has a distinct "busy season," which you have not experienced yet. 351 King Street East, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON Canada, M5A 0N1. A little bit of background; I'm 27 and finally broken into what I want to do and at the start it was great, then ok, now it's dire. You aren’t helping anyone if you burn out and quit. More importantly, doing a bit of everything means that I don’t often feel valued.
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