My first run through, the thread jammed, but I had both spools on one holder. Thank you! Another tip that saved me so much headache is to use the walking foot with the twin needle for very stretchy, slippery fabrics. Use the needle to pull the threads to the wrong side. Make a mental note about the direction the needle shaft fits in your machine. Copyright © 2020 Melly Sews on the Foodie Pro Theme. My Christmas color palette taken from an actual ph, I design best with constraints. My first suggestion is just to take out the bobbin, make sure it’s in correctly, and clean any lint out of the bobbin area. I am going to try this with a Bernina as soon as I can. The 100 refers to the needle size … Hi…I just bought a twin needle for my old Singer sewing machine (model 9124). Arrange your spools of thread on the holders so that the thread spins off in opposite directions. It is one of my New Year Sewing resolutions to do more sewing with a twin needle. I learned this the hard way. $1.99. Use them for decorative sewing, topstitching, and twin needle tucks. I used a narrow diameter drinking straw to stack my thread spool and then my top bobbin on top of my sewing machine. Good luck with your twin needle sewing! I do think a walking foot would be helpful. Problems with twin needle RESOLVED!! Stretch Twin Needles. I notice when I start sewing the threads go all saggy above the needle thread guide catcher (the clip just before you thread through the eye of the needle). In all of the machines I have used, the flat part of the shaft faces the back of the machine (but I think there are a couple of exceptions, so double check!). Raise your tension to a high setting and test to make sure you get the desired result. If you haven’t missed any steps, I’d try taking it to a local Pfaff dealer. I’m getting a lot of skipped stitches with a ballpoint – would a stretch twin needle help? Here is a step-by-step of how I do that: First, replace your needle with a twin needle. Fabric Use: Elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear. It sounds like a threading problem to me. Great! . For this fabric, I would set my tension to the 2nd setting for the best results. Easy to follow explanations. ©2020 In my experience, they rarely charge for small things like that…. Types of Twin Needles. Great site! The wide width (1/4″) will closely … It’s much faster than picking out the stitches later!). So this is a summary of my best tips for sewing with twin needles. Then put the thread and a bobbin of the same thread on your machine. lol. Has two stretch needles … Please be kind enough to link back to my site and contact me if you would like to use my images. I threaded as directed on your website and several others, two threads via the regular route then through each needle, however; I end up with only a regular line of stitching on my practice fabric scrap (the inner needle does not seem to connect with the bobbin for some reason). I already wasted lots of thread and this is giving me headhache… Any suggestion? Do i need to have no strain on the hem through walking etc? Below are some examples, so that you can see how changing the tension affects your stitching. This was SUPER helpful! Hope you can help. It should, for the price I paid LOL, I have a used Pfaff about that age. Wondering what a twin needle is and why you would need to use one? Hi Melissa – Hi from the UK. Definitely don’t mess with the bobbin case! 0 is no tension and 8 pulls the thread very tightly. -lower the tension on your machine Make.sure the needle is narrow enough first. Then give it a good press when you finish sewing. The SINGER twin stretch machine needle offers a smooth sewing experience while creating two rows of stitches simultaneously. The second row of stitching adds extra strength, while the zigzag provides the stretch needed to keep the threads from … The Twin Needle Stretch twin needles are designed with the same ballpoint tips as the single-stretch needles to prevent snags. Make sure thread is unwinding the same direction off both. Thanks, Melissa! Rotate your hand wheel to guide your bobbin thread up as usual. S, Thank you. Sometimes knit bunches like that. However, some of the narrower decorative machine stitches may produce beautiful and interesting patterns when you use a twin needle. Use a stretch twin (blue bar on Schmetz brand) when sewing knit fabrics, and a regular twin needle (red bar on Schmetz brand) for sewing woven fabrics. Required fields are marked *. What is your favorite way to use them? I think it would be worth a try if you don’t have any problems with skipped stitches normally! Collins. Thank you so much for your tips. (If you don’t have two spools of the same color, wind an extra bobbin and use that.) Product Details Pfaff's Twin 2.5mm Needle is ideal for parallel sewing stitches on a variety of fabrics. I’ve never used double needles, but I’ve always wanted to try. I am sewing my first knit ever as well as the first time with a twin needle. Two needles are mounted on a cross-bar from a single shaft. (they don’t seem to be). You can always contact the seller to make sure it’s the right foot for your model. And I’m think this machine is the one that has produced the best looking twin needle stitch of all the machines I’ve tried… When you sew in stretch and/or jersey fabric, you need to use a stretch twin needle… Give your stitching a tug every 6 inches or so if you’re doing a long hem to prevent puckering. I probably only need to have the stretch twin needles, but I confess to being a bit blasé about needle types, hence that Universal one … Twin stretch needles are two-pronged ballpoint style needles. I also used a product called “Wooly Nylon” for my bobbin thread. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before. It’s just an extra removable bobbin case whose tension can be adjusted. Twin Sewing Needles. The universal twin needles they sell at Joann sometimes work and sometimes don’t – like when I was sewing my tankini. I felt like the bobbin thread needed less tension so it could stretch better, but I didn’t see a way to reduce bobbin tension. I hope your experimenting works out well , Great info! For something like that, I don’t expect they would even charge you for it. The only thing I can think of it that there is some tension on that inner thread that is keeping it from being pulled down through the fabric. I am excited to try your suggestion. All images and text copyright ©2013-2020 Radiant Home Studio, unless otherwise noted. Hi Any idea why the bobbin thread is only catching one of the twin threads? Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. […] this tutorial to hem the shirt and sleeves with a twin needle, if desired (you could also leave the edges […], Your email address will not be published. Thank you to you, Sara, and others who generously share their knowledge. I highly recommend testing your threading and tension on a piece of scrap fabric. Needles can be inserted into your sewing machine different ways. Thanks a lot have been trying to figure this out. As far as the needles, I haven’t noticed a difference on my own machine, but I the stretch needle is designed to prevent skipping stitches. Wow this is super helpful!!! Usually when I have issues with skipped stitches, rethreading nearly always solves the problem. Sewing Basics - Know Your Needles By Nancy Fiedler Whether you have a top-of-the-line sewing machine or an economy model, the most important tool used is the sewing machine needle. Sometimes, needles are inserted where the eye of the needle is facing forwards, a… Thanks for being such a helpful gal!!! You have inspired to stop procrastinating and just do it. I’ve updated this post with a video that includes sewing with a twin needle. Does this mean my machine isn’t designed to use twins? Sew with the top side of the hem up. Thanks for this tips… I’m tying just now, the only problem is that when I pull the twin needle down it doesn’t want to get the bobbin thread…. Thank you. I’d also rethread the top, just to be sure nothing is getting caught. Nobody knew. Some extra wide-set needles won’t fit with the standard foot on vintage machines. To use this, simply unscrew your sewing machine’s needle from the clamp, then insert the twin stretch needle and tighten. The sewing life of a needle … Your photo looked the same as the underside of my garment. You can use a twin needle for regular seams in stretch fabrics. If you have re-threaded it a few times, I’m not sure what else to recommend. But if there’s a bigger problem, like with the tension or timing, they’ll be able to tell that too. As I mentioned, I mostly use my twin needles to sew knit hems. Your post motivated me to try again maybe with the better needles this time. It’s super heavy (all metal parts) and I only have a standard zigzag foot. The universal twin needles … Thanks for your post. I didn’t know not to backstitch, and also that i had to tie the ends, which meant my hems were coming out & i couldn’t figure out why, OR i would be extra sure to backstitch more & my machine would go nuts. And I thought the twin needle was for sewing decoratively only. That zig-zagging of the bobbin thread is what gives the hem its stretch. Thanks Organ Needles 130/705H Twin Needle in Your Choice of 70/1.6MM 80/2.5MM 80/3MM 80/4MM 100/6MM Twin Stretch 75/2.5MM 75/4MM Domestic Sewing Machine Twin Needle (Twin Stretch … Glad you stopped by and commented! -make sure the threads are not getting tangled and placing more strain on the stitching I have been sewing over 50 years it is great to learn new techniques. I read several blog entries about using twin needles that were pretty helpful when I first started using these, but there were several things I had to discover on my own. Fabric Use: Elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear. Okay, that’s great advice. Thanks so much! I have not been able to sew for a while but I really enjoy looking at everyone else’s work. Your post is very helpful and I love your YouTube videos. Well, I haven’t had any problems like that. The bobbin thread doesn’t seem to be catching the top threads, so I’m not getting any stitches at all. Thanks for this. Thank you so much! I lower the tension just a notch or two for a basic jersey knit fabric. Color Code: None Feature: Two Stretch needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously. On my machine there is also a marking on #3 for button holes. You will need to consult your sewing machine manual for specific directions about twin needle use on your machine, but I will demonstrate on mine (a Pfaff) to give you the general idea. Hi, Just a quick note about different sewing machines, and a question about needles. I don’t recall ever having that problem. About the Needle. I highly recommend it; works like a charm!!! It seems to just ignore the other, so the needle punches through the fabric but doesn’t do anything else. whew. Here are a few examples of twin needle use that may give you some more ideas: Katy explains how to use twin needles for swimsuit fabric. Mounted on a shank to stitch two rows simultaneously, this universal needle … It’ll be very helpful for me. Leave long tails again before cutting. Remember to leave LOOOOONG tails before you start stitching. Thank you for showing this. I wish I could see it in person. , Thanks Sylvia! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through my affiliate links. It’s frustrating as I make these clothes, they look great and then the hem pops out the first time I wear them. I hope you are encouraged to see beauty in small things and are inspired to try new creative projects! Knot all the threads on the wrong side before cutting. Hi.. I’ve read elsewhere that a walking foot can really help when working with the stretch or fine material, do you have any idea where I could find additional feet for my older machine? Just about to start twin needling my knit hem and have all the info I need. Thank you for your tutorial, it was very helpful while I made a knit top. Beryl. Don’t backstitch or overlap your stitches. I’m just trying a twin stretch for the first time. It looks great on the back now. -try wooly nylon serger thread, as it has some stretch to it. If you can’t figure it out at home, take it over to your local quilt shop. That’s very interesting. This is great. I share modern home & accessory sewing patterns, and I create surface designs for licensing. I have a retro kenmore sewing machine, I think from the 70s. Your tip about using two holders and having them spin off in opposite directions makes a lot of sense. Thread the machine normally, making sure to separate the threads when you guide them through the tension disk. Is it just cos the garments are too tight? As a first step, remember this: new project, new needle! It was a game changer for me. I typically don’t need to make any major adjustments. This post has more helpful tips for threading a double needle and lots of helpful tips in the comments. My machine has a digital display for each stitch which shows whether or not it can be used with a twin needle. And your final product should stretch like this… I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to fix the problems with your twin needle … Colour Coding. The bit about separating the theads before they go through the tension disk doesn’t apply to lots of machines. Most of the time, this is just a 3″ plastic rod that fits into a hole on the top of your machine. Feature: Two Stretch needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously. You answered all my questions very thoroughly. Types of Twin Needle… What type of machine is it? I use my twin needles on my regular sewing machine mostly for hemming stretch fabrics, and therefore I prefer Klasse’ Twin Ballpoint Needles Size 80 – 4.0mm. You will also need to locate an extra spool holder in the accessories for your machine. The single shank fits into your machine in the same way your single needle does. I usually sew with it on 4, but adjust it for some tricky fabrics. Thanks, alix. Thank you Melissa! The top threads are pulling through. You may want to try some of these with different thread colors as well. eCommerce Solution : k-eCommerce Powered by k-eCommerce for SAP Business OneeCommerce for SAP Business One Number 1 is the lowest tension setting, and number 4 is the highest. I would double check the manual if you can find it (sometimes they are online). Mine starts at 0 and goes to 8. Besides the tips in my post, you might: Twin needle and extra spool holder are shown in the manual as options to purchase, even though the manual does not tell you anything about how to use them. I use my finger on the left hand to feel the seam as I feed the fabric. Give your hem a good tug. Hi, I’ve been working with woven and lycra for a long time, with mixed results. I have 2 bobbin cases – one has looser tension for decorative BOBBIN thread – I hardly ever use it, I might add. Use the right twin needle. Your email address will not be published. My local shops have always been good about looking at problems like that at no charge. I like to sew knits but have things to learn and haven’t use double needle yet. If all else fails, take your machine to the local quilt shop and see if they can help you. Have you tried cre, I know some of you are still putting off sewing yo, Taking a few minutes to create something after a w, This bag always reminds me of winter. Sewing machine needles are not meant to be used for sewing over and over again, and this can cause skipped stitchesand uneven stitches. I have a Pfaff Ambition 1.0 and was unsure of what to do with the two spools.
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