This is an example of __________. Answer: Formal, functional and vernacular. Assuming that major efforts were made to continue to sustain part of the population in your state, what traditional networks would either fail completely or have to be drastically revised, and what kind of population could continue to survive there? It has been said that "all maps lie" and that most maps include political biases. The numbering system used to indicate the location of meridians is called latitude. The arrangement of a phenomenon across Earth's surface is, The frequency of something within a given unit of area is. Discuss the environmental, economic, and cultural ramifications of a natural disaster (not a hurricane) that has recently been reported in the news media. Answer: D) the area of dominance of a certain worldview or philosophy. A rural area where farms are located far from one another. PLAY. The coordinates 150 E longitude, 89 N latitude are. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Flashcards. Which of the following are fundamental elements of culture? Answer: D) unique physical characteristics. Chapter 1 Key Issue 1 of The Cultural Landscape by James. Answer: meridians (or lines of longitude); parallels (or lines of latitude), Answer: toponym (or name); site; situation; mathematical. Why does it pertain to each? What types of regions are these, according to the types discussed in this chapter? Which of the following terms refers to the science of mapmaking? Name a group in your community or elsewhere in the world and explain why. Is most of the opposition primarily economic, ecological, or cultural in essence? Virginia Goldsmith AP Human Geo Unit 2 2.1- Population DistributionPhysical factors that influence the The frequency of a phenomenon over a given study area is defined as ________. Chapter 1 study guide - AP Human Geography with Ross at Shepton High School - StudyBlue Flashcards Quizlet For this site you must type in the search box "AP Human Geography" and then the unit you are studying or … What is the third way to indicate scale? A village inventing a new cooking method that diffuses along trade routes. The frequency of a phenomenon in a given study area is known as density. gracekait. Test. Regions are found only where physical and economic characteristics are strongly related. Mr. Chad Guge, Instructor AP Human Geography 2012-13 Top 10 ?You Should Know?s Cartography and Map projection Map Scale and how it works US Land Ordinance of 1785 (Townships and Ranges) Contemporary tools of Geography … Two neighborhoods each have 30 homes on an 80-acre plot of land. For each 15° change in longitude, time changes by one hour. Homes and businesses located along a light rail track. A functional region can exhibit the distance-decay phenomenon. How Do Geographers Address Where Things Are? Which of the following is an example of a toponym? Oxford, Ohio, is located five miles east of the Indiana state line and thirty-five miles northwest of Cincinnati. Which of the following best describes the idea of a cultural landscape? The term geography comes from the Greek words for __________. You do not need to look at a map in order to deduce that this location is. Start studying AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Study Guide. Which of the following statements is most correct regarding the origins of geography? A high degree of dispersion within an area indicates high density. A ________ is the spread of something over a given study area. If you could design such a research project, explain whether and how you might focus more on consumer behaviors, environmental impacts (including the global market for meat), health issues involved in eating fast food (and the U.S. obesity epidemic), or other ethical issues. on Answer: D) Humans have practiced geography at least since the time of ancient Greek civilization. This is an example of which of the four ways of indicating location? If a cartographer approached you claiming that she had produced the world's most accurate and useful world map, with none of the shortcomings of previous maps, why would you need to doubt her claims? In this figure, which two of the four boxes have the highest density of dots? Scroll down to find additional chapters from other study guides. The South is established as a vernacular region of the United States by. Answer: B) improvements in electronic communications. Which of the following factors contributed to the 2008 worldwide recession? Answer: C) find the best route to a store or log the locations where photographs were taken. Answer: E) economic and cultural globalization. A web video of a bunny chasing a dog "going viral". Answer: A) established a gridlike pattern for much of present-day land use in the United States. Start studying AP Human Geography Chapter One study guide: Mrs. Atwood. A particular neighborhood block is 1 square mile and contains 10 homes, each spaced closely together in a circular arrangement. Which of the following factors most contributes to uneven development? A new piece of land created by draining the area is called a polder. ap-human-geography-chapter-2-study-guide 1/4 Downloaded from on November 30, 2020 by guest Kindle File Format Ap Human Geography Chapter 2 Study Guide Yeah, reviewing a book ap human geography chapter 2 study guide … Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Think of a recent armed conflict or war discussed in the news. Which of the following statements regarding the term culture is correct? AP Human Geography Syllabus 2015-2016: File Size: 291 kb: ... Rubenstein Chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz Monday (Test Preparation) HW: Rubenstein 364-366 Friday: No Class "A" Day. What does your sketch map reveal about your biases, your knowledge of the larger world, and your attention to some types of details rather than others (for example, place names versus landmarks). Human geography is focuses on how people make places, organize space, … What force or trend is in opposition to the force of globalization? Which of the following types of scale refers to a line marked to show the actual distance on Earth's surface represented on the map? If the scale of a map is 1:100,000, then 1 centimeter on the map represents ________ on Earth's surface. Culture consists of beliefs, material traits, and social customs. The homes in Neighborhood A are located in a circle around a central park area and are relatively close together. Which of the following locations is the master reference time for all locations on Earth? Name and discuss various (and perhaps overlapping) "regions" that your community or school is located within. An Italian immigrant moves to the United States and opens one of the first American pizzerias. To whom might globalization represent a threat? Which of the following branches of geography is most concerned with this type of research. Answer: A) on the equator and in the Atlantic Ocean. The area where people have heard of the rising reputation of radio station WOXY is an example of which kind of region? Geography is concerned with the study of physical processes, although some geographic studies do not focus primarily on physical processes. This is an example of a, Answer: B) Every meridian is the same length and has the same beginning and end, The International Date Line is measured approximately from, We can judge from the various kinds of maps shown in this chapter that. Created by. Moving toward the southwestern border of the United States, Spanish is increasingly spoken in addition to English. Answer: A) uniform consumption preferences, enhanced communications, unequal access to resources, and uniformity in cultural forms. The shapes of different areas might be distorted on a flat map. Which of the following is the best example of a vernacular region? This is an example of __________. Discuss the ethical or moral implications of dedicating geographical research to the diffusion of a large corporation such as McDonald's. What roles might economic and cultural networks play in dealing with this drastic change? Employing geographic concepts from this chapter, discuss the project and its opposition. Answer: C) in the Pacific Ocean just west of the International Date Line. Which of the following situations is an example of globalization? The spread of an idea through the movement of people is known as stimulus diffusion. A researcher is examining how men and women perceive city landscapes differently. The flight now takes around 8 hours. Answer: B) heightened economic differences among places. Answer: D) depict accurately the physical area of a country or continent. But in many less developed countries, a meal at a McDonald's restaurant may cost as much as a high-quality steak dinner at a traditional restaurant; moreover, on a weekend night, middle- and upper-class teenagers prefer to gather at McDonald's when they can. Answer: C) just east of the International Date Line and just south of the equator. What alternatives or kinds of resistance to globalization might be shown by this group? The signal area of radio station WOXY is an example of which kind of region? Which of the following definitions correctly describes geographic information science? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. To geographers, the spread of McDonald's around the world represents. AP Human Geography: A Study Guide is designed to help you prepare for the exam by giving you a sound footing in human geography concepts and topics. Among the elements of globalization of culture are tendencies toward. When geographers say that the South is partly defined as a region by the Baptist Church, they understand that. List each type of region described in the textbook and give an example of each. Match. How do geographic concepts help you to better understand the issues surrounding that conflict, within its specific regional setting? The lines (or arcs) drawn between the North and South Poles are known as ________. We can conclude from this information that the ship is located. A group of living organisms and the nonliving spheres with which they interact is a(n) __________. A map projection may distort a continent, making it appear stretched in some areas and smashed in others in order to. Which of the following statements is most correct regarding the origins of geography? 232 People Used View all course ›› Study Stacks This site will provide you review games to study for the unit tests in class. What is the density of homes in this neighborhood? Answer: A) a region from which a phenomenon originates. Answer: D) customary beliefs, material traits, and social forms, The concept that the distribution of one phenomenon is related to the location of other phenomena is, An area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics is a(n), The nine regions that the Census Bureau has established within the United States are examples of, The state of Texas is best considered a formal region because. Answer: D) the area of dominance of a television station. Answer: formal (or uniform or homogeneous); functional; vernacular. Start studying AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Test Study Guide. Geographers draw two types of lines (arcs) on maps to indicate location. Start studying AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Key Issue 2, 3, and 4 Test Study Guide. View AP_Human_Geo_Unit_2_Study_Guide from AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 101 at Myers Park High. From the textbook The Cultural Landscape AP- Chapter 1, Key Issues 1 … Which of the following could be a vernacular region? Which of the following examples displays a linear pattern? Which of the following was a Muslim geographer who prepared a world map in A.D. 1154? 1. Natural disasters strike around the world and are certainly not limited to hurricanes. Which of the following businesses is an example of a transnational corporation? AP Human Geography Chapter 1 and Europe Study Guide: questionGeographic Perspective answerThe way you look and interpret geography questionGIS answerGeographic … Start studying Pre-Ap Human Geography Unit 1 Study Guide Answers: Chapter 1. Your best preparation for the exam is to know your … AP Human Geography Chapter 9- Development ... chapter 4- study guide: this will have all the information from chapter 4 (38 cards) … Parallels converge at the North and South Poles. Study 38 AP Human Geography Chapter 1 flashcards from Simi R. on StudyBlue. Generalization makes it difficult to recognize differences. Study 27 Chapter 1 study guide flashcards from evan w. on StudyBlue. Layering information about a location, such as terrain, highways, and the locations of homes is an example of __________. unit_4_political_guided_notes.docx: File Size: 280 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. An American fast food restaurant opening in Eastern Europe. In this figure, which two boxes have the highest concentration of dots? Which of the following types of maps would have the largest scale? Answer: D) the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape. Why does expansion diffusion occur more rapidly today than in the past? Unit 1 Test Study Guide - AP Human Geography with Charboneau at Wekiva High School - StudyBlue Flashcards According to the surviving evidence, the first person to write the word geography was. Name one or two changes that have recently occurred in your town, community, or college that could have been improved by attention to spatial perspectives or geographic studies. Chapters 4 & 5 from Rubenstein have been posted as both a pdf file and an opened document. Charles Lindbergh took 34 hours to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Discuss how the economic and/or social ramifications of geographical research connect with this element of society. ap human geography chapter 2 study guide incomplete Recent Class Questions for the next century, blues would become the underground __________ that would feed all streams of popular music, … Which of the following statements about the distributions of these neighborhoods is correct? Without looking at a map, we might deduce that the coordinates 170 W longitude, 11 S latitude are likely. Write. Study 30 Unit 1 Test Study Guide flashcards from Pierce B. on StudyBlue. A ship's position is given as 0 degrees latitude and 27 degrees west longitude. What immediate and long-term affects could you envision if rainfall and drinking water suddenly became unavailable in your state or province? Two friends see each other and communicate more than they do with a third friend who lives across the country. If you flew south along the International Date Line you would reach the South Pole, and if you continued flying straight ahead (with unlimited fuel) you would eventually cross the equator along the prime meridian. Discuss opposition to a major development project which has garnered attention in your area, or which you have learned about in the news media. The homes in Neighborhood B have large yards and are spread evenly across the 80-acre piece of land. Examining maps of cancer death rates drawn at different scales reveals that. In your judgment, what group or entity would benefit the most from such a study? What types of biases or distortions might you suspect or imagine while looking at the maps in this chapter? Study 55 Chapter 1 flashcards from Mahogany G. on StudyBlue. AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Study Guide. A) Geography was invented as a science in the late 18th century. A mathematical process for transferring locations from a globe to a flat map is a(n), You are given the coordinates 128 E longitude, 45 N latitude. If someone said that human activities may be limited by intense heat, but that humans have adapted to living in the desert through the use of air conditioning, this would be an example of what geographic approach? Answer: A) the physical environment causes different types of social and cultural development. Which of the following types of distortion is most prominent in the Mercator projection? Chapter 1 Study Guide - AP Human Geography. 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? Which of the following terms refers to the scientific method of transferring locations on Earth's surface to a flat map? B) Physical geography has been studied since ancient times, but human geography … Global Positioning Systems reference ________ location. Common practices of ________ include exploiting the distinctive economic assets of different countries and regions, organizing production according to a spatial division of labor, placing earnings in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, and moving factories from high wage regions to low wage regions. Printer Friendly. Examples will vary. Do you believe that the project should be completed? Which of the following cartographers created the first modern atlas? Why or why not? If we did not have a map handy, we would deduce that the coordinates 171 E longitude, 12 S latitude are likely, Answer: C) just west of the International Date Line and just south of the equator, Without glancing at a map, we can guess that the coordinates 178 E longitude, 20 S latitude are likely. Answer: E) climate, low educational attainment, cotton production, and the prevalence of Baptist churches. help you review for assessments in your AP Human Geography class by providing links to practice resources and tips on effective study strategies Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In recent years, the global movement of money has been enhanced primarily by. What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common? Hypothesize as to the mixture of logistical or cultural factors that might be involved in raising McDonald's prices in a less developed country. Which of the following statements regarding the prime meridian is correct? The historic diffusion of HIV/AIDS in the United States is an example of which type of diffusion? AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Outline and Study Guide - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Which of the following distributions could be described as dispersed? Answer: B) the Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and other churches also attract adherents in the South, but to a lesser extent than do Baptist churches. This Is Geography GPS (navigation) vs. GIS (data for detailed maps) Mashup- map that overlaps data from one source on top of a map provided by a … STUDY. New York City's ________ is approximately 100 miles northeast of Philadelphia and 100 miles southwest of Boston. A map displays in full detail what lies on Earth's surface. unit_3_political_study_guide… Refer to recent news stories, construction, transportation projects, or social concerns that you can apply to the discussions in this chapter. Which of the following is a key pillar of sustainability discussed in the United Nations report, Our Common Future, commonly referred to as the Brundtland Report? unit_1… Answer: A) she is still using a GIS, although she may not be using all of its potential to store, organize, retrieve, and analyze data. AP Human Geography Semester 1 Study Guide Ch 1. Years later, another competing manufacturer improves on the original design and sells millions of vehicles. Study 55 Chapter 1 flashcards from Mahogany G. on StudyBlue. AP Study Guide to accompany Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture [Fouberg, Erin H., Murphy, Alexander B., de Blij, Harm J.]
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