October 30, 2008, San Jose, Calif, -- Desert Dingo Racing and GoPro have teamed to capture and broadcast high quality digital in-car video during the 41st Annual Baja 1000 offroad race in Mexico this November.

Desert Dingo Racing competes in Class 11, which is limited to pre-1983 Volkswagen Beetles and allows for only minor modifications to the engine and suspension. The Desert Dingo VW (No. 1102) is the official World Diabetes Day car in the race and the team is hosting a drive-a-thon fundraiser to raise money for diabetes awareness and education programs conducted by the International Diabetes Federation.

"We've tested a couple of different camera setups in the car and were never satisfied with the results," said Desert Dingo team member Jim Graham. "GoPro's Motorsports HERO unit is extremely durable - which is crucial for desert racing - and the 170-degree field of view will let us capture all the action."

The recently released Motorsports HERO is a waterproof mini wireless five-megapixel digital video camera with a built-in quick release design that simplifies mounting the unit to a car, motorcycle or helment. Developed specifically for racing, the Motorsports HERO shoots TV resolution 30 frame persecond vdeio with sound tuned to capture the grunt, squeal and stoke of driving at the limit. The camera records 56 minutes of video to a 2 GB SD card and runs on two AAA batteries.

Graham's goal is to upload video to the Internet during the race, which covers 640 miles through the backroads of Baja California.

"Last year we were one of only two teams (out of 450) to live blog and Twitter the Baja 1000 in real time," Graham said. "My goal this year is to download video during one of the driver swaps, edit and upload it while the race is still going on. We're not aware of anyone who's tried that before."

GoPro Motorsports cameras have already been proven in a variety of extreme sports, including motocross, windsurfing and wakeboarding.

"We're always looking for new ways to connect with our fans and letting them get a feel for what it's like to be in a race that's been described as 'a 24-hour car crash' is going to be great," Graham said.

About Desert Dingo Racing
Desert Dingo Racing is a team of high tech professionals based in Silicon Valley, California who are campaigning a Class 11 VW Beetle in desert racing. The team's 1969 VW Beetle is the official World Diabetes Day car in the Baja 1000. The team conducts a drive-a-thon fundraiser in conjunction with the International Diabetes Federation to raise money for diabetes awareness and education programs. For more information, visit .

About GoPro
We're a Northern California-based team of inventors and athletes dedicated to making it easy to use a camera during your favorite activities. Whether you want to capture exciting photos and video while surfing with your friends, airing it out on the mountain, hiking your favorite trails, or railing your favorite tracks...we're working hard designing products that make it easy to do so.

Most cameras are too inconvenient to use during many activities. Our line of HERO cameras makes it easier than ever to shoot digital photos and video during life's most exciting moments.

No more rubber bands, wrist ropes, or homemade mounts. No more missed footage because the camera was stuffed in the backpack. Finally, get the shot that makes you look like a HERO...GoPro. For more information, visit .

For more info, contact Jim Graham at, 831.234.4337 or AIM/Yahoo/Skype/Gtalk: jgprdotcom .

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