Two weeks to Prairie City

Toby and Crusty working on stuff Toby and Crusty working on stuff.

Two weeks to our first short course race of the 2013 VORRA season at Prairie City and things are coming together. Toby continued cleaning up our electrical system. Crusty focused on reinforcing a couple of spots on the roll cage we’d been meaning to get to.

Bob installing the pedal assembly I got a lot of shots of the backs of peoples’…heads.

We’re testing a new online project management system called Trello. We have our pre-race process documents taped to the whiteboard, but looking for something to capture those in-the-moment ideas we get standing around starting at things.

Trello for Desert Dingo We’ll use this to manage all the things.

We hit a bit of a snag when Romy and Jenn discovered scoring in the cylinder walls that we couldn’t get rid of with a honing brush, the likes of which I’d never seen before in my life. They’ve got some spare cylinders at home (who doesn’t?) and will complete the ring job and engine rebuild next Saturday.

Jenn scraping crud off a piston head.
Apparently we also had a wonky piston that I’ll be turning into a paperweight.

Two weeks out is the perfect time to start charging all the electrical stuff for the race. So I did.


P.S. Did you see us featured in Gearbox Magazine?

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