That was a helluva thing

And people wonder why I  don’t want to be in the car.

We’ve had better race weekends, but at least we didn’t catch on fire like Petfinder did. Nor did we blow an oil cooler like CBCFS Racing did and spend all night and most of a morning fixing it. Nor did we lose a tire in the middle of a race like Meeker Motorsports did. Come to think of it, we did lose a tire in the middle of a race.

But Meeker won. And so did Petfinder. And so did CBCFS.  Green Booger didn’t break at all and they beat us, too. We somehow eked out a third place finish in the morning races. We have work to do before the  Yerington 300 Memorial Day weekend. But we’ll get it done.

Ok, so here’s the recap.

We show up at Prairie City SVRA before pretty much anyone else Friday morning. Then it started raining. By Friday afternoon the thunder and lightning set in. Saturday morning was perfect for mud bogging. They brought in the Cat.

VORRA opted to cancel racing for Saturday to get the track groomed for Sunday. Good Day Sacramento came by to interview off road racing legend Rod Hall, who took the reporter for a ride in his race Hummer to demonstrate the dangers of applying lipstick while driving.

Then Melissa Cabral, who is great, conducted an orchestra of off road race vehicles via horns and engine revving, (including 1107) and it actually worked. A big group of folks who saw the live broadcast came out for Sunday’s racing.

With Saturday to kill, a lot of teams focused on race prep. Not us, for the most part. Lynda made hula hoops.

Tebowing before a hula hoop challenge.

Garland gave hit his best, but lost 50 cents to the kid in the red hoodie.

Class 11 needed to represent so Saturday night was a five course meal that included a French wine and cheese tasting, stew and dessert courtesy of CBCFS and Desert Dingo. We kicked off Sunday morning breakfast courtesy of Desert Dingo’s Normal and R-Pod‘s breakfast burritos. That was followed by Lynda singing the National Anthem (video to come) and the racing start.

In the course of six 12-lap races we got black flagged for engine noise (a mis-adjusted valve nut), multiple valve gasket burn throughs, a shattered spindle that sent a right rear tire flying and a host of electrical gremlins. We didn’t finish a single moto and we often joined them in mid race.

I have no idea what I’m doing here.

I’m sure someone got actual shots of us on the race course when we weren’t broken down. I’ll post them if someone sends them. In fact Dennis Hollenbeck has a great photo set from the weekend here.  Here’s a collection of shots from folks on the team.

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