Once more, into the fray

Everyone, and I mean everyone, brought chips and salsa
That’s a lot of chips and salsa right there.

I think I'd rather die than eat one of those MREsFirst full team meeting for 2013 (at Chez Crusty with the million dollar view) and we covered a lot of ground. Overall goals – win the 2013 VORRA series, don’t roll the car twice (and then burn out the clutch) and then go win the Baja 1000.

This is the contents of the first aid kit pictured below —->

We talked through how we set up our pits at Prairie City and the desert races and will be tweaking the set-up for 2013 that streamlines pit stops and work on the car even more than we did in 2012. “We” included Jen, Romy, Dave, Rosh, Bob, Toby, Crusty, Scott, Khaled, Heston, Tracy and me.

Starting Tuesday we do a compression and leak down test, pull the engine and check the clutch. Crusty’s working on (redacted), Scott Anderson will be working on (redacted) and a (redacted). Jen will be replacing a comm cable that has a short in it, Toby’s going to clean up the wiring and Khaled and I will be working on the next iteration of our process document (mostly Khaled).

We talked through some new deert communications strategy, started a shopping list for extra spare parts (Crusty has enough parts he’s working on in his house that could pretty much assemble a second car) and we’re planning another trip down to MetalCraft to spend a day with Scott Sebastian to get a new case to replace the one that sort of broke when it fell off Crusty’s hauler at the USA 500 last year.

It would have taken three cups of coffee to down one of those MREs
One incentive for not getting stuck in the desert is you won’t be forced to eat one of those MREs which I recall we stuck in the first aid kit back in 2007.

Rather than write up the team notes, I decided to reorganize the first aid kit. I’m sure I’m missing something. We all agreed to chip in for race expenses, or, as Bob Russell said “Where else can you drive a race car for $100 a month?”

Racing is always dangerous, but thankfully, Class 11 racing isn’t this dangerous:

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