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Second at Prairie City

It wasn't our greatest victory, but the saying goes "Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity." We had a tired engine and, at least for the first moto, we probably weighed a good 30 pounds more than the other cars. That got us third place out of three Class 11s.
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Some days are better than others

There's no way to sugar coat it. We couldn't catch a break at the first race of the VORRA season at Prairie City last weekend. First, we forgot to install the float in the carburetor and had fuel flooding into the engine.
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We win at Prairie City

Technically, we won Sunday at Prairie City. And, by "win", I mean we finished second in all three motos, which was enough, points-wise, to give us a first place finish for the day. I don't even want to talk about Saturday.
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Going high tech for Prairie City

Ziv, CEO and founder of ZM Interactive out of San Francisco will be joining us for the VORRA Prairie City short course double header Halloween weekend Oct. 26-28 and we thing it's going to result in some awesome video.
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That was a helluva thing

We've had better race weekends, but at least we didn't catch on fire like Petfinder did. Nor did we blow an oil cooler like CBCFS Racing did and spend all night and most of a morning fixing it. Nor did we lose a tire in the middle of a race like Meeker Motorsports did. Come to think of it, we did lose a tire in the middle of a race.
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