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The Grand Tour

We got the privilege of being part of the opening scene for the first episode of The Grand Tour, shot in Lucerne Valley on the Rabbit Playa back in late September. I helped them source a handful of mutant vehicles from Burning Man and, with Lucas Hand’s help, got Snoddy’s awesome rat rod and hauler out there. I believe that’s a Cobra Daytona next to us and the white tent in the background is where they hosted the 2,000 contest winners until they were needed for the shoot. I can now say I’ve been in the vicinity of two of the three greatest hypercars of all time – the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1. Doubt I’ll ever see a Ferrari The Ferrari.
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LeMons Rally

I couldn't make it to the LeMons Rally, but my good friend and rally co-driver Steve Harrell, who I've never met before, sounded me out on borrowing Chase 1 to do it with Jalopnik editor Stef Schrader. The trip is taking them to such garden spots as Fallon, Vegas and Bakersfield and then back to Monterey.
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VW Dune Beetle (and 1107)

VW rolled out the new Dune Beetle today at the LA Auto Show and I woke up to a text from a friend at Jalopnik “Hey Jim, is that your car back there?” Yep! 1107B has a walk on role in the rollout, appearing in one of the press photos for the Dune Beetle
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Valley of Fire

A whole bunch of us spent three days in Beatty and Valley of Fire, Nevada, shooting video for a thing we can't talk about yet, but which will be pretty cool. And I think we get to announce it when we're down in Mexico, winning the Baja 1000.
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The band

Crusty was celebrating the 10th anniversary of him having a stroke and invited a bunch of us over to his place for a little party. This was the first time most of us have been together since the Mint 400 and it sort of had the feeling of a band getting together for the first time after taking some time off after a long tour.
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