Today, I'm putting the BeanBoozled box aside and discussing my top 10 and bottom 10 Jelly Belly flavors. Now that’s out of this world! When I was younger, I used to buy Juicy Pear Jelly Bellys by the bag. can’t get enough of ‘em. Better yet, they don’t have a pit! When you pop this jelly bean in your mouth, all you will taste is an overwhelming sweetness. Right. It’s sweet AND sour, so the best of both worlds. Perfection. Actual buttered popcorn is something that you can eat unendingly. The Top Banana flavor sounds like it'd be yummy. Is it a fruit? Good luck, and let me know how it goes! Typically, if you struggle through a bad cup of coffee, you at least get rewarded with a caffeine boost. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but it wasn't what I'd call enjoyable. I’m sorry—it’s just that when it comes to chocolate, I have very high standards. Which is a pretty huge deal if you ask me. Calling it Sweeter Buttered Popcorn would have been more honest. Now we’re not talking about various arrangements of ingredients that a fancy restaurant can assemble atop a flatbread and call a pizza. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jumbo Spinner Gift Box (5th Edition) - 12.6 oz Jelly Bean Game - Fun for the Whole Family - Official, Genuine, Straight from the Source 4.5 out of 5 stars 169 $23.00 $ 23 . Jelly Belly claims that. I’ll take one of those, please—hold the jelly beans. A sherbert? I've always referred to pancakes as “the junk food hiding on the breakfast table.” But what we have here is breakfast food hiding in a junk food bag? You can even try eating Peach Jelly Bellys in combination with other summer flavors (like Pear, or Green Apple, etc.) My brain hurts. And, unfortunately, the sweetness doesn't have a caramel flavor at all. You can totally tell that they’re made with real peach puree, too, giving them that wonderful citrus taste. After munching on a bunch of these jelly beans, a sense of regret is guaranteed to set in. and make a fruit salad! Not only does the chocolate taste dissipate, you soon realize that the texture that makes chocolate pudding fun to eat is nowhere to be found in your mouth. And not only does it look like a watermelon; it also smells and tastes like one. One bean is all it will take for you to understand why. Am I right? If you haven’t already gathered, the Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Belly isn’t in my good books. Jelly Belly takes all that street vendor goodness and puts it into a jelly bean by using real cayenne pepper, paprika, and mango juice. You have a 50/50 chance of picking a gross one, but there’s no way to tell until you try one! It’s also hands down my favorite-looking Jelly Belly, which is why out of over 100+ flavors (with the majority of them being fruit), this randomly named, speckled bean made it to my Top 10 List. But there's a lot more to the candy than wacky flavors. Even if you don't generally enjoy tart food, give these jelly beans a try and you'll see for yourself that the tartness simply amplifies all the other flavors. In third place is the bitter lemon flavour. These jelly candies should just be called sugar bombs. But Jelly Belly's owner, Herm Rowland, Sr., insisted his did. All of these lemon beans are yummy, but Lemon Drop is a step above the rest. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a jelly bean has to be sweet to taste great. These jelly beans truly cut out the unneeded middleman and deliver amazing pear flavor directly to your taste buds. So, when I first tried this flavor, I expected to immediately taste the chocolatey goodness that comes out of those plastic Jell-O cups (you know, the ones you put in kids’ lunch boxes). That's not the case with these jelly beans. These flavors should NOT exist. Jelly Belly beans are far and away, the most popular type of jelly beans out there. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate makes this candy high in fat. Sunkist ® Orange. What’s not to like? Of all of Jelly Belly's fruity flavors, Top Banana is by far the worst. BuzzFeed Staff, by Andrew Richard. At first, you may be awed by the novelty of these jelly beans. No offense to black licorice and fennel lovers—I still love you. Everything’s peachy about my fourth-favorite Jelly Belly: Peach! It just wasn’t the same. Next up, Watermelon. While a lot of confectionery companies around the globe make jelly beans, you haven't eaten a jelly bean at its best unless you've tried Jelly Belly jelly beans. Combining a few Jelly Belly flavors can create a whole new experience for you! Green Apple is another flavor that'll make you pucker your lips and keep you coming back for more. Did somebody say "cherry"? Some a great, some are bad, some are really bad. You know... like when you’re there, minding your own business, eating some Jelly Bellys, when BAM! Though Jelly Belly's Mango flavored jelly bean is a very good bean in its own right, their Chili Mango flavor takes everything to the next level. Next up on my Top 10 Jelly Belly flavors list is Very Cherry, and I’m verrrrrry excited about it. It just isn’t right. a Buttered Popcorn mixes in with your beans and ruins it for everyone? I'm not kidding. When you take the fluffiness out of cotton candy, what are you left with? May 18, 2016 - Explore Kaitlyne Lockman's board "Jelly Belly combos" on Pinterest. Similar to Liquorice, this flavor is spicy, tingly, cinnamony, and absolutely doesn't belong in a bowl of Jelly Bellys. 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Although a majority of Jelly Belly's 50 official flavors are scrumptious, there are some flavors that should be avoided. No offense to black licorice and fennel lovers—I still love you. Unfortunately,... 19 Chocolate Pudding – Bottom 10. Better yet, they don’t have a pit! You’re better off eating a raw, cold, sad marshmallow. One such lover of Licorice Jelly Belly beans was none other than Ronald Reagan, the United States' 40th president. But most of all, I like eating Pina Colada Jelly Bellys and staying indoors. It’s extreme, but it’s true. Isn’t it SO weird to swallow something that’s bubblegum flavored? I’m not saying you should go try them, in fact, I think you should stay away. The Cappuccino Jelly Belly is coffee-flavored, bitter, and doesn't jive well with the other beans. While these Cappuccino Jelly Belly beans do have caffeine, it's a trace amount. These bright little beans do a great job of imitating the juiciness of a real peach. Juicy Pear. Even still, I’m going to pass on these beans for the time being. America loves jelly beans. To Jelly Belly's credit, they do use real chocolate in these beans in the form of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor. These jelly beans taste like a mix of all the yummiest fruit flavors. Flavors like this one make writing this list easy peasy, lemon squeezy. What’s up with it? Mainly because I can’t believe people actually enjoy breakfast-flavored beans. The Caramel Corn variety is slightly darker but both flavors are multicolored and rely on colors ranging from off-white to orange. I truly believe these tiny yellow beans were made to brighten our every day. Here's a look at the very best and the very worst of what Jelly Belly has to offer. I guess that … Widely regarded as the worst Jelly Belly flavor (and I can’t disagree with that one), Buttered Popcorn sticks out to me like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, you can’t. Neither you nor your taste buds will ever know the difference. If you haven’t tried Juicy Pear Jelly Bellys before, grow a pear, and try some today! It truly tastes exactly like chocolate pudding for the first few seconds it's in your mouth. Secondly, the Top Banana flavored beans tend to be harder and tougher to chew than other flavors. It's safe to say eating that many jelly beans in one sitting would be a poor idea with undesirable results. While overripe bananas are perfect for making banana bread, they aren't perfect for making jelly beans. Even still, I’m going to pass on these beans for the time being. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Which is almost as good as biting into a fresh Green Apple Jelly Belly. He couldn't get enough of Jelly Belly jelly beans and licorice was his favorite flavor. There’s nothing quite like the crunch of biting into a ripe green apple. This flavor is a favorite among kids and has a sweet yet sour kick–nice, for those looking for a tart treat (and who don't have time to bake a pie). It’s got that tangy, coat-your-mouth flavor that resembles a red popsicle on a hot summer day. Even Jelly Belly admits that about 50 percent of people think their Buttered Popcorn beans are gross. The game is simple—you pick a color and grab a bean. But I didn't. So, you have to grab ‘em before they’re gone! Very Cherry tastes very much like a real cherry — except, somehow, even better. Each jelly bean in this party gets speckled with a random amount of blue, yellow, red, and green. Has anyone gone through the pain of correctly slicing up a mango? It has a lighter taste with a wider array of fruit flavors that anyone — from young children to grandparents young at heart — can enjoy while inspecting the multicolored paint-like speckles on each jelly bean. According to the National Confectioners Association, U.S. candy lovers buy about 16 billion jelly beans per year. "He worked a tractor for a long time to make ends meet when our candy business … They are the brightest possible shade of red, which makes them stand out from all the other red jelly beans Jelly Belly has available. See you on the beach! And though it's impossible to put all that refreshment into a tiny jelly bean, Jelly Belly nearly pulls it off. Watermelon is a classic summertime treat. Page 2- Worst Jelly Belly Combinations Off-Topic. If you just can't pick your favorite fruit-flavored Jelly Belly bean, go with Tutti-Fruitti. Just like—you guessed it—a watermelon. In fact, jelly beans don’t even have to be synonymous with Easter thanks to companies like Jelly Belly and others who sell and make them year around. This spicy-sweet treat is chopped mango with a squeeze of lime juice that is dusted with chili powder and salt. Boycott Sizzling Cinnamon with me? Or any of my books for that matter. Banana Cream Pie (1) Banana + (1) A&W Cream Soda + (1) Coconut This is the thing though, there are some seriously disgusting, gross, and just plain putrid jelly beans out there. Tell me, is there anything worse than thinking you’re biting into a Very Cherry or Red Apple Jelly Belly, and then getting blasted with cinnamon when you’re least expecting it? Strangely, Jelly Belly's Bubble Gum flavored jelly beans actually taste more like cotton candy. Raspberry. Pure paradise. Maybe it’s because the best parts about real toasted marshmallows are that they’re warm, gooey, golden-brown and usually squished between two graham crackers and chocolate.
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