The leaves with the light give off a delicate glow that makes the whole place look aesthetically beautiful. Wind Spirals. All you need is … Speciality: This is a Christmas ornament that can be made with easy-to-follow instructions for adults and children. Stick the bottle caps with a glue gun to complete the picture. Any house function, be it a festival or any occasion, is not complete without string lights. Plastic can be recycled to convert it into soft fabrics, and this helps promotes eco-fashion. Bottle Cap Mosaic. Do you and the kids like to do plastic bottle crafts? These wind spirals are a cinch to make, and they'll look fantastic hanging in your yard. Beautiful vases can be created with plastic bottle crafts flowers in different colors with different designs with used plastic bottles of different sizes. Round bottles can be cut in half with vertical slits about three-fourth apart. Parrot Kesha. Used plastic bottles can be made into handy serving bowls for snacks with plastic bottle art ideas. Make a mast with some textured plastic, which is ideal. Attach bottle caps as matching wheels for it. 23 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles in Crafts. Use marker pens or glitter paint to draw patterns on the snowflakes. … Jul 22, 2018 - Explore Sherron Heidlage's board "Plastic Bottle Cap Crafts", followed by 7165 people on Pinterest. You can add decorations such as pom-poms to the lantern to make it more decorative. We can make beautiful storage basket with waste plastic bottle, recycle idea.Easy plastic bottle organizer. Your first easy DIY musical instrument from plastic bottle is now ready. Cut out a hole on the side of a plastic bottle, Ensure that the hole is in a way that prevents the seeds from getting wet, Make few holes in the bottom to drain out rainwater, The lid of the bottle should have a hole to hang the bottle. 06:41. The big plastic cartons are hard to dispose off. Best out of waste basket from plastic bottles. You will love this budget friendly and Eco friendly plastic bottle transformation. Speciality: This is an excellent handmade craft idea of converting your used plastic bottle into a beautiful vase. Once it is dry, cut a square-type hole to hang the holder. Step 4: Cover the plastic pipe and the bottle cap with color tape. You will save money and also be environment friendly. Plastic bottle wall hanging gives us this brilliant idea in the form of beautiful artwork to decorate your walls and is an ideal craft to do with your kids. Transform a cheap plastic bottle into these interesting and eye catching storage containers with labels. Discarded plastic bottles have left a significant carbon footprint and are a menace on our environment. 05:03. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough flower pots for all the flowers you want because you can craft … This DIY plastic bottle crafts help us create beautiful self-watering planters that make things very easy for us during our tight and busy schedules. Take a box and attach the bigger leaves to the edges with tape and place the taped flowers to the center. One of the best things about plastic bottle crafts are they are super cheap to do!. Sure, it is the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season to be frugal and mindful of all the trash we create! #plastic bottle #plastic bottle caps #craft ideas #best out of waste #plastic bottle caps reuse idea #DIY arts and crafts #simple #easy craft #paper craft. You can fill it up with birdseed and hang it either in your garden or your window sill. It is packed full of plastic bottle craft ideas. Paint with colors, as shown in the picture above. Speciality: Enjoy making a boat of your own and watching it float in the water. Use 100% recycled materials and learn basic weaving skills with this up-cycled plastic bottle craft. Ensure that you smooth the bottle’s edges so that the bowl will not have a jagged rim. Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. LATEST VIDEOS. See more ideas about plastic bottle crafts, bottle crafts, crafts. Tie all the loose threads together to make the plastic bottle Christmas decoration. Speciality: This is a very useful empty bottle craft idea that keeps our plants healthy and growing. Required fields are marked *. Teaching kids the power of saving money just got a lot more fun! These flakes are washed and made into gooey stuff, and then technology further converts them into utility items to be used again. Put some beads into the bottle and close the lid. Find the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more. Cut the bottom part of your bottle with a knife, Use scissors to cut out the shape of petals, Paint the flowers in the color of your choice, Next, take the green bottle and cut out the top and bottom part of the bottle, Draw leaf-like shapes (big and small) on the middle green part of the bottle and cut it with scissors, Use the left out remaining green plastic to cut thin strips to form stems, Light a candle and smoothen the edges of the plastic with the flame, You can use the candlelight to twist the thin strips to make the stems look real, Glue the flowers, stems, and smaller leaves together and decorate the center with beautiful stone or pearl, Gather all the flowers and tape them together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are perfect for a cactus or succulent. You can create easy plastic bottle crafts to impress your colleagues at work with gifts and make useful organizers for your kids at home to keep their study area neat. You can have different coloured boats and also use permanent markers to create designs on the boat with this waste plastic bottle craft. Ans: The plastic used bottles that we separate for recycling are taken and transformed into chairs and bumpers. Learn the art of making crafts with plastic bottles step by step to create flowers that look so realistic that it is hard for one to believe that they were once plastic bottles. These lights are used as decorations all over and create an aesthetic ambience around the house. Speciality: This unusual magazine rack saves space and helps you keep your home looking uncluttered and neat. You can decorate as you wish by sticking stickers or making designs on them. This is a unique chandelier made with plastic bottle art and craft where we make leaves in different colors that give the appearance of a chandelier. November 12, 2020 November 12, 2020. Use the bottom part and prepare the shape of a teddy bear or rabbit with ears, Use cardboard shaped like a bunny or rabbit and draw the shape on the bottle. This upcycling craft turns old plastic bottles into cute Disney home decor to brighten your home! How To Draw A Hibernating Bear. Fold the plastic strip as shown in the picture, You can paint them in bright colors of your choice, When they are dry, make a hole in the bottom to tie a loop for hanging the lantern. Speciality: Bright colored lanterns make incredible decorations during celebrations and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Eco-friendly materials are gaining popularity, and people are more aware of them now. Your cute planters are ready for your herb garden. #best out of waste craft idea# #plastic bottle craft# Hi friends In this video I will show you how to reuse waste plastic bottles at home. No festival is complete without lanterns, and they come in different colors. Recycling items instead of throwing them in the garbage is always a good idea. November 12, 2020 November 12, 2020. Turn those invaluable bottles to get more attractive and beneficial stuffs. Using plastic bottle craft ideas easy for school will be immensely enjoyed by kids while converting a detergent container into a car and decorating it. You can use this trick for just about anything. Repurposing is also a simple way to empty your rubbish bin from old bottles. Now screw a flower to each cap, and you get a bright string of colorful flower lights. Stick them together and hang them vertically. Speciality: Children can easily make this craft because of its easy-to-follow instructions. Bowling for bottles will be your family’s new favorite past time. The rack can be arranged vertically for easy access. Speciality: Easy steps to create cute planters with plastic bottle planter craft that can grace your window sill and give you fresh herbs from your very own garden. You can decide on the height and depth of a bowl while cutting the bottle. Plastic cap earrings, creative recycling idea from Georgia. Creative ways to recycle old plastic bottles into DIY crafts #bottles #crafts #creative #plastic #recycle, Turn recycled plastic water bottles into adorable little fairy house night lights! They are made from hard plastic which is coloured. Plastic bottle craft projects help us transform plastic bottles into beautiful organizers that can be used in your bathrooms or even on your desk to store pencils, scissors, etc. Speciality: These make good decorations; both outdoors hung on trees for any occasion, and also can be used for your room decor. See more ideas about bottle cap crafts, plastic bottle caps, bottle cap. It prevents build-up of waste plastic. Cut the top portion of your bottle and keep aside, Next, cut the bottle in strips as shown in the picture and flatten as seen in the picture, All the strips should be the same size and even, Take a strip and loop over and tuck under the nearby strip, Keep doing this until you complete the whole round. #diy #disney #crafting #craft #upcycled #ecofriendly #mickeymouse #minniemouse, Simply Adorable DIY Recycled Bottle Unicorn Planter #craftideas #unicorn #planter #diy #unicorncraft #magical #unicorns. It is packed full of plastic bottle craft ideas. Speciality: This is an easy art project that can be done by pre-schoolers with some assistance! Connect your garden hose to the mouth of the bottle and apply the tape so that it is tight, Cut out leaves in different sizes and colors, Attach the leaves to the wire and make it look real, Cut empty plastic bottles into different shapes as seen in the picture with a knife. You can have your kitchen garden with used plastic bottles and make wonderful planters that can be cut and shaped according to your imagination. 25 Different Paper Craft for Kids with Step-By-Step Easy Tutorials! Speciality: This beautiful handmade vase is an ideal gift for a loved one or friend and can suit any home décor. 15 Trendy Designs of Black Tops for Women in Fashion, 15 Best Hair Mousses Available In India 2020, Tapered Fit Jeans – These 9 Modern Designs Are Trending Right Now, 15 Best Benefits Of Mango Leaves For Skin, Hair & Health, 10 Latest Wooden Bed Designs With Pictures In 2020, Remove the label and cut it into half using a knife, The bottom of the bottle forms the cup, which can be painted. Then this board is for you. Christmas is a season of decorating, and adults and children both take part with equal enthusiasm and joy and what could be more special than creating ornaments for the tree with handmade plastic bottle crafts, as it has a personal touch to it. They can be decorated by painting the bowls with different designs and attractive colors. This is one of the easiest and most beautiful best out of waste plastic bottle craft idea that you can try for Christmas. Speciality: Crafts with plastic water bottles help us create twinkling string lights made of flowers in different colors. Plastic bottles of different sizes and colors, Decorate the bottle as shown in the picture, Use googly eyes or bottle caps for nose and eyes. Wow! See more ideas about crafts, plastic bottles, empty plastic bottles. 15 Different Fruits and Vegetables Craft Ideas For Kids With Images. Rocket Piggy Bank. Speciality: Learning how to save money is a lot more fun now! Remove labels from the bottles, wash and dry them. Crafts for bottles are fashionable projects with recycled items. Making boats out of plastic bottles is easy and does not require many instructions and can be done by children. Turn water bottles into a piggy bank. If you wish to keep your plants happy and growing, then sprinklers are the best choice and can be easily made with a plastic bottle through plastic bottle craftwork. Your email address will not be published. Cut a rectangular hole on one side for the coins to go in, Find similar kind of balls or pegs to serve as legs and stick them with glue on the opposite side of the bottle, Draw two ears on paper and cut it according to shape and stick it on top of the head, The ears must be attached on the same side of the slit, Stick googly eyes and draw two holes on the cap for the cute piggy’s nose, Bottle caps of different sizes and colors, First, find the right-sized frame and paint it in the color of your choice, Next, choose the appropriate design you are planning to do. Plastic Bottles Recycling DIY Make Doll House for Kids From Plastic Bottles Image source: 18. Decorate with some waterproof colored decorations with the help of a glue gun. Speciality: Easy to make colorful cute mobile holders for charging safely. This is a very simple DIY plastic bottle craft to make a bird feeder and is a fun activity that can be enjoyed with kids. Bizim Tube. deepam holder waste plastic bottle craft in tamil waste water bottle craft subscribe for more videos like and comments share and subscribe Thanks for watching. subscribe to sr hack- Jul 19, 2015 - Crafts made from empty plastic bottles - who knew?. How to Reuse Waste Plastic Bottles at home/ Best out of waste plastic bottles craft idea / DIY Craft. Waste material craft idea. Beautiful Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy. Using scissors, cut shape as seen in the picture, Paint the bottle in white and draw faces on it with the marker pen. We love these cute Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pots perfect for plants and succulents! Speciality: It is okay if you do not have a garden for your bird feeder; these can be installed in apartments too. Make a small hole on the snowflakes to insert ribbon or twine. They are taken to recycling centres where they are separated according to the material they are made of and converted to flakes. See more ideas about plastic bottles, bottle crafts, plastic bottle crafts. Using scissors, cut the bottles about 5 inches up from the base, You can paint the planters if you desire in any color you want, Ensure that the bottle does not dry out and always has water, Take a plastic bottle and remove the label, Cut out the top part of the bottle and paint white flowers on it as shown in the picture, This is done below the neck of the bottle and all over the top cut portion of the bottle, Take the bottom part and draw matching white flowers, Now, place the top cut part of the bottle, mouth facing downwards on the cut, painted the bottle’s bottom portion, and stick it.
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