The Guide is a jig for fastening decking perfectly every time, making it ideal for DIYer or pros. They are more expensive, but they are the ultimate in terms of longevity to the elements. They work with or without CAMO Guides to fasten 5/4” or 2” thick composite, PVC, pressure-treated, cedar, or hardwood decking. There are also fasteners with pointed teeth for use with wood or ungrooved decking. The gap is near flush, allowing for some shrinkage. Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener. The next plank is hammered into the teeth on the backside of the affixed clip, and the process repeats. Screw and plug hidden fastener systems are commonly used to fasten edge boards, the perimeter, and stairs. Contractor packages include 10x each Consumer pack component. First, install the clip against the house with a screw. With top clips and fasteners from brands such as Trex, TimberTech, Deckorators and more! The clip sets a uniform 3/16” spacing between planks and the metal ‘n’ bites into grip boards on both sides and prevents lateral movement of the board. There are several different systems of brackets or strips that fasten to the joist and the grooved planks slide or snap into place. One style sets the spacing and all screws are protected from the elements under the decking. The teeth bite into the side of the board instead of into a groove, and the clip is then nailed or screwed to the joist. The deck surface is free of screw or nail heads, unmatched screw lines, slivers, and uneven gaps. Kits are available with ACQ or stainless steel screws. Use a straightener to straighten and hold warped boards before using the clips to fasten them into place. hardness of the wood or decking and its side profile, grooved or They won’t corrode from airborne sea salt or chemical preservatives in joists or decking and are warrantied for 25 years. Fiberon square edge decking works with two types of face fasteners: Cortex hidden face fasteners or composite deck screws. The tool can also be used for roofing, sub-flooring, and other applications. Edge systems work on hard and softwood decking, and grooved and ungrooved composite or PVC planks. At a Glance: My Choices for Best Hidden Deck Fasteners. Your deck will be fine. The clips have a stainless steel insert core and maintain a uniform 5/32” gap between planks. Peak Products. The 100 linear foot packages are ideal for perimeter use, first and last plank, and stairs. Deck boards are the finishing touch to most decks. Screw and plug systems make it difficult to remove and replace a board should the need arise. The system provides the strongest hidden connection and is available in three different packages. Composite deck screws. Insert the clip and drive the screw through the clip into the joist at 45°. for pricing and availability. Plus, the gun has a full lifetime warranty. A full-sized router is more stable and easier to control than a palm router, but both work. They can also be used for the whole deck too. Choose from CAMO, TimberTech, Trex, and more for your hidden fasteners! Warranties may require the use of a manufacturer specified fastener which may limit the selection to a more expensive product. But you don't have to reach underneath to use them like some of the fastener tracks. Deck surfaces are safer since there are no ‘nail-pops’ or screw-head bulges. Our INNOVATIVE sizes of Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners give you the flexibility you need to properly space ALL types of Decks. Composite Deck Board Screws. And if you need a very stiff deck you may have to use cross bracing When planning your decking purchase it is important to consider how it will be fastened. These scrails work with the Tiger Claw hidden fastener system, which is arguably the fastest deck installation system available. The edges or wings fit into the grooves along the plank sides, and a screw or nail fixes the clip to the joist. Step 2. The fasteners shown here are for grooved Trex composite decking and are called the Hideaway. Shadoe ® Track. The result is a smooth and stable deck surface that is blemish and splinter-free. The jig also sets the gap between boards for a uniform look. The result is a clear, smooth, and secure deck. The third attachment is the yellow-banded NEVER-MISS™ Guide for use with CAMO clips or other manufacturer’s clips. Many deck board manufacturers also make a fastening system or recommend products that work well with their boards. In this guide, we explain what hidden deck fasteners are, how they work, pros and cons, review 10 hidden fastener systems, and much more. The plug hides the fastener and provides a smooth clean deck surface. If you found the guide helpful, please share it with others. manufacturer's boards. Kreg manufactures the perfect jig for edge drilling composite, PVC, hardwood, or softwood decking. It works with grooved or ungrooved hard and softwood decking. Position the first plank, insert the clips, slide the second board into place, and drive the screw in, locking both pieces firmly in place – a unique feature as most other brand clips grip only one edge, not both. 3. The CAMO system secures fasteners at an angle through the sides of deck … She would like it to be as high as possible, with. If your budget can cover them, consider them. Installation is 3-step – set the board in place, drive the Cortex #8×2-1/2” screw in using the TTAP® drive tool, and then tap in the color match plug. Groove clips are designed for composite, PVC, plastic, and fiberglass decking. The thickness of the clip ensures a 1/8” to 3/16” gap between boards for a uniform finish. Trex Hideaway Universal. Place the plank to be installed into position, hammer the wider-set two prongs into the wood where it crosses the joist using the mounting block, and then drive the screw in at a 45° angle screw to hold it in place. The tool aligns the screw at the perfect angle, has a grip for holding the tool and plank in place, and drives the screw to the perfect depth each time. As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated. This style of concealed deck fasteners pierce the side of the board. Be sure to get boards which are grooved exactly for the dimension of All of the following decking collections come in both grooved and square-shoulder / full-profile board options: TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection® – … Original hidden deck fastener – available in 8 foot and 4-foot pre-pack (65 sq. The Guide can also be used with manufacturers’ hidden clips. Their selection of hidden fasteners for composite, PVC, hardwood, softwood, grooved or ungrooved decking makes them a versatile choice. Get your hands on hidden deck fasteners for a clean and seamless installation. As the fastener sets into the joist, it tips the clip’s wing upward, forcing the two prongs into the wood. A screw, nail, or scrail secures the clip to the joist either under the plank or beside it, leaving the decking clear. Privacy Screens -How High Can I Go With Titan Wood Post Anchor? The system works in a variety of different brands of decking and installation tools. The system is easy to use, just slide the plank into place, use the EB-Guide to pre-drill the angled hole through the plank edge, insert the biscuit clip, place, and drive in the screw. Pre-drill, countersink, drive in the screw, and then glue and tap the plug into the hole. We all know that nails can work their way out of deck boards which can lead to injury. Hidden fasteners, whether clips or plug and screw, are corrosion-free methods for attaching deck boards to joists that eliminate the visibility of ugly nail or screw heads. Or you can buy a special groove cutter that will prepare wood boards to work perfectly with it as well. ft.) Works on ANY decking … Different Types Of Hidden Deck Fasteners Soft or Hard Wood, Composite, Grooved or Ungrooved. You just use a biscuit joiner with the correct The clip is then inserted into the side groove of a deck … The clips are screwed in place, and then the starter board tipped and slipped into place. It’s often one that is easier to install and offers more options, which means it’s usually well thought out and user friendly. Hideaway is a specially designed concealed deck fastener for Trex grooved It’s enough to complete 25sqft of decking at 16” or 24” centers. The hole is countersunk and a matching plug glued and hammered into place after the screw is driven in. The screws prevent board movement due to swelling and provide a seemingly screwless finish. The runner is then under-screwed to the fastener, which also has a 1/8” spacer tab for the second board of the runner. For a smooth, fastener-free deck surface, use Fiberon ArmorGuard Hidden Fasteners with grooved deck boards. To make installation faster, use the Tiger Claw pneumatic gun with Tiger Claw’s collated scrails. A good glue is recommended to really prevent squeaks over time. However, if you are using screws for your composite deck, make sure you look for screws … This little gem has been around for a while. … Cut with tin snips if needed and screw the strips to the side of all joist, so the reverse angled flange rests on the top of the joist. The decking rests on the galvanized flange, not directly on the wooden joist, improving airflow and decreasing rot potential. For easier installation, use the Tiger Claw gun and collated scrails. Plus, Trex has a groove cutter for use with ungrooved planks. The sealed bearing, 1/4” shaft, 3-wing carbide tip cutter fits most routers, has a cut depth of 3/8” at a height of 5/32”. It’s simple and quick to use and makes perfect 45° holes every time. Hidden fasteners for square-shoulder deck boards. Cortex hidden face fasteners This is actually a system consisting … Total height of low level ground level deck. The jig has an easy-grip handle and triple directional steel drill guides for easy reach into tight spaces, including butt-seams. A clip is slid onto the end of a special pneumatic gun. Slide the gun to the right to disengage from the fastened clip, load another clip, and move on to the next joist. Another edge system is similar to the groove clip, but for decking without grooves. Use the plugs to hide screws that fasten the decking nearest the building, or other hard to reach spots. There are clips where the screw is driven perpendicular, and some are driven on an angle. Clips may be plastic, corrosion-resistant metal, or fiberglass. The ‘V’ shouldered head sinks in slightly to finish the grip on the decking. The clips are designed to resist rust for longer life. Whether your project specifies hardwood, pressure treated or kiln dried pine decking planks;Sharkstooth is able to affix … Some hidden fasteners are specially designed screw and plug systems that fasten through the board. For the best alignment, use a straightener to hold warped boards before driving in the clips and screwing them into place. Drill and countersink the starter board, drive in the screws, and then glue and tap in the plugs. Clips and screws are manufactured from 304 stainless-steel for the best corrosion protection from moisture or chemical preservatives in the wood. Trex offers a complete easy to install hidden fastener system for their decking line and other brands.
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