The Grosh Mini-Hums are based on a vintage mini humbucker but with more fullness, clarity and output. By Chris Corfield (Total Guitar) 31 July 2019. The mini-humbucker was the stock pickup of the original Epiphone Sheraton model. Buy It Now. Regal Humbucker. You get the bite of a single coil, but with the increased grunt of a humbucker – and of course, no hum. Tonally we like to describe the mini’s as somewhere between a T style bridge and full sized humbucker. Installing full-sized humbuckers in this type of guitar requires additional routing of the woodwork, and/or cutting of the pickguard if the instrument has one. NEW!! Wind Information (Order your individual Mini or Set with the buttons to the right) Many thanks!! Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Its a Hipshot not sure of the model they are pretty pricey. 110-2741 East Hastings St Vancouver BC. We can’t go into all the different options there, but I will say that many players, including the great Jerry Donahue, find that an Alnico II Pro for Strat pickup in the neck is a great match for a vintage-output Tele bridge pickup. More Info . Requires modifications to the neck pickup cavity. More Info . $10.04 $ 10. More Info . SPROING! Two obvious candidates here are the Hot for Tele, which gives you a similar sound to a vintage pickup but with boosted output, or the Hot Rails, which will provide a more humbucker-like tone with bags and bags of output – probably even more than a regular Tele bridge pickup! $185.00. A lot of humbucker guitars especially Gibsons are shorter scale than a fender and aren't bolt on necks so they're inherently going to … Available with pickquard mounting option or with "Deluxe baseplate" with mounting ears drilled out. SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL FLAT MOUNTING RING $130.00. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Our neck pickup is wound to 6.4k which provides a nice, clean, and crunchy compression. 7-String Humbucker. Buy It Now. Frequently guitars with mini humbuckers only have a volume control and don't have a tone control. Single-Coil For Humbucker. Bass Sized. The result gives you a clean vintage tone that’s more articulate than most modern humbuckers. You can hear the great tone you get from this pickup on the following video – biting and smooth, all at the same time. Buy It Now. They sound wonderful clean with a clear voice and snarl in a cool way when driven hard. Buy It Now. Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue (PRRI). Price: $150.00. 04. I like my Wide Range humbucker in the neck. Pickguard cut for Neck single-coil pickup "1964 Aged White" - Fits Telecaster® Guitarfetish Price $18.95 In Stock . Regular price $105.00 Sale price $105.00 Sale. Here’s a nice video demo of a P-Rails in the neck position of a Tele: I hope this article has given you some idea as to the vast array of possibilities if you’re thinking of changing the neck pickup in your Tele. Here’s a video of a Telecaster equipped with two P-90s: Probably the most common change of pickup type in the Tele’s neck position is going all the way to a full-sized humbucker. Mini Humbucker The Grosh Mini-Hums are based on a vintage mini humbucker but with more fullness, clarity and output. Tele-4 screws PG 155: Tele Vol/Tone . There are just so many different humbuckers available, all with subtly different tones and levels of output. One way to achieve this might be to use a 59/Custom Hybrid, and wire it so that when the humbucker is split, it activates the vintage-output 59 coil. Characterised by their gritty, dirty nature, P-90s make for something of a tonal bridge between single coils and humbuckers. Learn more about Fender electric basses. Mini-humbucker/Firebird. Lindy modified the design of the original Mini Humbuckers, experimenting with winds and magnets. Thread starter Stormin; Start date Apr 7, 2018; 1; 2; Next. More Info . Telecaster Neck Mini Humbucker. C $27.56. Wound with 42ga Plain Enamel, Alnico 5 Magnet, Chrome Cover. $185.00. Metallor Humbucker Pickups Bridge and Neck Set for Les Paul P90 Style Electric Guitar. Uncovered Zebra Humbucker. Of course, in this size, there are also many single-coil-sized humbuckers, like the Little ’59 or Cool Rails you can use. Find Mini Humbucker in Musical Instruments | Musical instruments for sale in Canada – Fender, Yamaha, Gibson, Sennheiser, guitars, keyboards, woodwinds and more on Kijiji, Canada's #1 Local Classifieds. Your Tele won’t look stock any more, but if you’re getting the tone you want, who cares? As you may know, mini humbuckers are relatively similar to the Gibson PAF humbucker that was first designed by Seth Lover. Vintage Tele Bridge; Mounting Holes. Obviously, going for the Strat form factor opens up an entire world of possibilities, as there are just so many Strat pickups to choose from. … We also carry a full line of vintage reproduction parts. Alternative humbucker designs Mini-humbuckers. KAISH Tele Bridge Tele Humbucker Guitar Bridge for Telecaster Guitar Chrome. $185.00. Vintage Foil Pickups. 4.2 out of 5 stars 64. Although it is a fairly bright pickup, it isn't harsh-sounding and will also perform well in the bridge position of both solid and semi-hollow body guitars. Player Sounds and Opinions: Les Paul Deluxes with Mini-Humbuckers. Installing full-sized humbuckers in this type of guitar requires additional routing of the woodwork, and/or cutting of the pickguard if the instrument has one. Was: C $32.43. The most obvious first step is to find a hotter pickup in the same style as a regular Tele neck pickup. The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Tele from Fender comes stock with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker at the neck. Regular price $175.00 Sale price $175.00 Sale. FREE Shipping. C $16.22 shipping. With Duncan SM1 neck. $210.00. In fact Seymour Duncan makes several vintage output Tele neck pickups for those who are after that traditional, sweet Tele neck sound. For our money, dual-humbucker T-type guitars occupy quite a unique niche. Announcing the Eric Steckel Signature “Candy” Humbucker Set. Buy It Now. Member. However, the neck pickup alone is slightly weaker than the bridge position. Lollarton Humbucker. $210.00. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Both pickups are true size. More Info . Duncan set out to provide a Telecaster bridge pickup that cold duplicate the warmth and tone of the original 1959 PAF Gibson humbucker. The sound is entirely different from a standard-sized humbucker pickup, mainly because the mini humbuckers have much smaller coils that produce a brighter tone than is possible from the standards. Note: This is not your actual pickguard. Total: $25.00. Yeah Frank, the mini just has a cool look to it too. Senn Model One. Humbucker Music is proud to have won the following awards for 2019: Largest Two-Rock Dealer for 2019 (Top Dealer for 10 years running); Largest Dr. Z Amps Dealer for 2018 (Top Dealer for the past 12 years); Largest Nash Guitars Dealer for 2019 (Top Dealer for 7 years running); Largest Suhr Guitars & Amps Dealer for multiple years; Largest Swart Amps Dealer for 2019 (Top Dealer for 9 years running) Lace Sensor Dually Red-Red Humbucker. If the process is not carefully done, the instrument's body and pickguard may be damaged. Quantity. In practice, not all of the guitars in this test managed to pull that feat off. 8 Hole: Vintage 5-Hole.09" White Solid Gloss. Mini Humbucker Wound to vintage specs, these mini humbuckers are reported to be brighter than their full-size counterparts, with more depth and presence, and offer plenty of bite and grind when dug into. At Seymour Duncan we have several mini humbuckers, for any level of desired output. Compared to a full humbucker, they're clearer, brighter and chimier but still big sounding with plenty of punch. Hi – on Telecaster – going to use a Mini humbucker neck, and standard fralin tele bridge single coil. Play it softly for sweet tones, or hit it hard for serious snarl. Neovin Noise Free Pickups for Telecaster Guitars. 604 682 4422. Made with wax potted coils and sold individually or as sets. If you could have any neck pickup in your Tele, what would it be? Home. Play it softly for sweet tones, or hit it hard for serious snarl. Low Wind Imperial Humbucker. It was originally created by the Epiphone company. Mini humbuckers are a great half-way house between a humbucker and a single coil. You can hear the great tone you get from this pickup on the following video – … The mini-humbucker has almost everything in common with its iconic Seth Lover-designed counterpart, the PAF, except for size. Would it be crazy to put the SD Custom Shop Greenies in a telecaster? NEW - Mini Humbucking Pickup With Ring - NICKEL. These will give you a serious bump in output, while giving a slightly throatier tone. Slick Aged PIckups. Slick Aged PIckups. You will often find mini humbuckers being used in a variety of different jazz guitars. The tone from the Mini Humbucker is a middle ground between the single-coil and full-sized humbucker, and it’s very similar to the sounds produced by a P90 pup, except for the 60-cycle hum. A full humbucker, to give power and growl; a P-90, for attitude and definition; and a single coil, for more traditional Telecaster neck tones. Guitarfetish Price $18.95 In Stock . GFS TRUE-COIL II Noise Canceling Single Coil Pickups. Buy It Now. With a bit of gain, there’s some real screaming leads to be had. Review round-up: dual-humbucker Tele-style guitars. Best Duncan Mini Humbucker for a Tele neck position. akukulich Member. Novel CC. Works especially well with soft wood bodies (e.g., mahogany and swamp ash) and rosewood fingerboards, This is a perfect replica of the mini humbucker pickups found in the original Gibson Firebird and Les Paul guitars, It delivers a sound that's clear even at high volumes, From clean country to heavy levels of amp gain, The DiMarzio DP240 Vintage Minibucker Mini Humbucker Neck Pickup is all about clarity, dynamics and lots of sparkle, In a word, the Vintage Minbucker has chime, It excels at clean country sounds, but it also shines with heavy levels of amp gain because it doesn't get muddy with a distorted amp, The Vinage Minibucker Neck model performs equally well with crystal-clean amps or extreme overdrive. The telecaster has a certain feel about it and putting humbuckers/different pickups in the neck position is a way of sculpting the sound to your choice. The mini-humbucker is a humbucking guitar pickup (used in electric guitars). Alternative humbucker designs Mini-humbuckers. $175.00. Not to say that it doesn’t sound good, because it does. It has an instantly identifiable sound – especially in the bridge and middle positions. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 4. Another benefit of using a full-sized humbucker is that you could wire a coil split to a push/pull pot on your Tele, and have access to a normal single-coil sound as well. Tone-wise, this alnico II unit emphasises clarity and those sparkling Tele trebles, with a subdued bass character that won’t overload your amp. Why? $12.59 $ 12. Should I use a 500 pot for mini hum and a 250 for the single, and in elect middle position – do I get the dark muddy tone as described above if adding a 500k resister…? 4.3 out of 5 stars 30. The Telecaster is without question a classic instrument. The G&L Bluesboy (tele style guitar) features a Seymour Duncan “Seth Lover” SH-55 Humbucker in the neck position. Amazingly sweet sound and just adjust the volume controls to help balance it out. Because I’m not good enough with a router to do any of the other non-Tele neck alternatives. While it’s possible to get a special mounting ring for a Mini-Humbucker to fit into a humbucker cavity, this is the easiest choice for those who already own a Firebird, a guitar with P-90s or one that comes with a mini-humbucker stock like the Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Mini’s work well as a complement to another mini or even paired with another pickup type like a tele bridge position. or Best Offer. More Info . P90's / Soapbars / Mini Humbuckers. $10.04 $ 10. Neovin Noise Free Pickups for Telecaster Guitars. The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Tele from Fender comes stock with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker at the neck. Regular price $115.00 Sale price $115.00 Sale. GFS Professional Series- OUR BEST! $37.36 $ 37. Baby Texas BBQ Dawgbucker Triplets. GFS Retrotron Series. The result is a pickup with a cool snarly grittiness, and enough bite to cut through any mix. It’s a quickguard, from Mike at – he makes every guard to order so you’ll be able to get something you love. More Info . . Suhr Guitars… Suddenly you have three neck pickups to choose between. 99. The tone is not exactly Tele-like, not exactly Strat-like, not exactly full-size humbucker-like, and not exactly P90-like. Alumitone Deathbucker. One popular option is to move over to a Strat neck pickup. This feature set the Sheraton apart from Gibson's ES-335, which was spec'd with full-size humbuckers, as both guitars were developed concurrently in a joint Gibson/Epiphone project.. Also, just rolling back the volume knob and turning up the able to compensate can provide a warmer tone; try rolling it back to about 7 or so. The Lindy Fralin Mini Humbucker is one amazing-sounding pickup. Shares (Image credit: Future) The Fender Telecaster is a much-loved electric guitar across the music world. Compared with a vintage mini humbucker, ours is fatter and hotter and avoids extreme microphonics. If I were building a 2 pickup tele, I would rather have either a P90 or a regular humbucker. 1052: Vintage Hot Rod Tele mini humbucker at neck, 5 screws 1056: Highway One Tele 8 screws, no pickup mounting screw holes 1060: Black Top Tele 8 screws, covered humbucker neck pickup PG 1064: Cabronita . More Info . 4.3 out of 5 stars 30. Custom Telecaster with mini humbucker and Lil59 pickups. The Vintage Mini Humbucker bridge pickup delivers the classic Firebird tone that is a special blend of bright, single coil high end, and more focused humbucker low end. All rights reserved. Stormin Tele's and Plexis. Only 1 left! IKN 8 Hole Tele Mini Humbucker Pickguard with Screws Fit USA/Mexican Fender Telecaster Humbucker Pickguard Replacement, 3Ply Cream. The Lollar version of the mini humbucker is distinct. Don’t usually use a tone control, so was thinking going with 2 volume controls. 1 of 2 Go to page. Steel Braided Lead. I have an SH-1 ’59 Model in the neck of a telecaster and, perhaps surprisingly, there isn’t really any loss of definition. I loved the way they sounded in a demo on a Les Paul but couldn’t find anything with Greenies in a Tele. nicely with Tele Mini Humbucker. Pickguard - Fits Tele® - cut for Strat® Pickup Black 3 Ply. So what accounts for this difference in tone? GFS Professional Series- OUR BEST! Imperial Humbucker . MINI-O-CASTER This pickup brings more versatility for your Telecaster. Buy It Now. They sound wonderful clean with a clear voice and snarl in a cool way when driven hard. Many modern Fenders actually have humbucker routing under the pickguard, into which you can fit many kinds of pickup. It balances very well with most Tele® bridge pickups, and it performs equally well with crystal-clean amps and extreme overdrive. Humbucker Tele® Bridge: Vintage Tele Bridge: Mounting Holes.
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