They are spiked balls that are produced by Sycamore trees and contain the seeds that can be used to start new trees. They grow brown seed pods that we referred to as itchy balls when we were kids. One of the most popular uses for these balls is making ornaments for the holidays. Hang outdoors in the winter where birds can come to snack. They are produced in the winter and can be found all over the ground around the trees in the spring. The tree is at least 3 storeys high and towers above both properties. Some of their canoes were 65 feet long. One of the most popular uses for these balls is making ornaments for the holidays. The sycamore tree is often divided near the ground into several secondary trunks, very free from branches. The balls are very light, and can float on water, which is useful in the dispersal. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. while cutting i usually don't wear one but sometimes hold my breath when its blowing in my direction. Sycamore seed balls (Photo credit: Dendroica cerulea)If you have never heard of Sycamore balls, you are likely wondering what in the world they are. Some call them, itchy balls. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Sycamores have both male and female flowers, so every tree bears fruit. Uses of sycamore . Growing up as I did in Brooklyn , New York , many of the streets were lined with Sycamore trees and each year when it came time for them seed, they’d sprout their seeds which in a young child’s vivid imagination seemed to bear an uncanny resemblance to a pair of testicles . Propagation Procedures for a Western Redbud Tree, The Homeschool Scientist: Easy to Make Bird Feeders, Carolinas Composting Council: Yes You Can, How to Harvest the Fruit of a Sycamore Tree. it is also bad to breath when we chip sycamore i usually wear a respirator #### will give you the brown lung. Q. Sycamore Trees - Your article mentions fungal diseases of sycamore trees, but not how to treat them. Our neighbours have a huge sycamore tree in their garden. Cordate (heart-shaped) large oval leaves that are up to 6” (15 cm) long and with an elongated tip. The seeds and seedlings of the sycamore tree contain the toxic agent hypoglycin A, which causes severe muscle damage. Inside, seeds cluster around sycamore “fluff” which carries the seed with the wind, ensuring future generations. Her work has appeared in "Isotope," "Green Prints," "The Hudson River Almanac," "The Conservationist" and other publications. Learners on the programme explore the effects of crime on victims, offenders, and the wider community, and discuss what it would mean to take responsibility for their personal actions. Trees woods and wildlife Identify trees with our Tree ID app Sycamore Trees Facts & Information. the dust is an irritant, can cause itchiness redness of the skin. Next. They come from a sweet gum tree. Sycamore seed balls, a late winter seed source. Breaking them open first can speed up the process. While sycamore seed balls can be a nuisance to clear away, they can also be put to a variety of practical uses. Another peculiarity is the way the leaves grow sticky, green buds. Sycamore tree poisoning, if not treated promptly by a veterinarian, can be fatal to the horse. Acer pseudoplatanus Saplings. As for me, the term “itchy balls” has an entirely different connotation. they are a nuisance and need raking and disposal. The fruit balls turn brown as they ripen. In late spring, select a location with plenty of sun where the sycamore tree will have room to thrive after it is fully grown. Their lightness also enables them to be carried by wind. My sycamore(or plane tree) drops thousands of seed pods each spring. Sycamores in … Initially, the sycamore seed balls have green color but they later change to brown. They’re actually the seed pods of the American Sycamore tree. In autumn, the sycamore produces a small, woody ball on a long stem, which is its fruit. The American plane tree, or sycamore (P. occidentalis), also known as buttonwood, buttonball, or whitewood, is the tallest, sometimes reaching a height of more than 50 m (160 feet).Its pendent, smooth, ball-shaped seed clusters usually dangle singly and often persist after leaf fall. was a tree by our playground that looked as if it was dying. Having an itch on or around your testicles or scrotum isn't uncommon. Dye the seed balls with food coloring or nontoxic tempera paint and hang them from ribbons to make holiday ornaments. The trunks of large trees are often hollow. He (and I) thought this was quite mysterious. The most obvious role of a sycamore ball is to disperse the tree’s seeds. Sycamore seed balls, when washed and dried, make a versatile all-natural craft material. Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, is a large tree that makes a superb windbreak for very exposed locations, especially by the sea. Sycamore is susceptible to sooty bark, which can lead to wilting of the crown and death of the tree, as well as a variety of other fungal diseases. Inside, seeds cluster around sycamore “fluff” which carries the seed with the wind, ensuring future generations. Inspect the tree for small, woody balls. M YOu can see about half of the sycamores. The spiky surface of a sycamore seed ball makes it ideal for creating a simple bird feeder. Is this true? The American sycamore bears its seed balls singly on each stringy stalk. To make a holiday wreath, twist a chenille stem into a ring and use quick-dry tacky glue to attach sycamore balls around the circle. of 3. In Wales, sycamore trees were used in the traditional craft of making 'love spoons', decoratively carved wooden spoons given as a romantic gesture. A. All are common landscape trees and produce spiny pods around their seeds. They are produced in the winter and can be found all over the ground around the trees in the spring. Help us improve your search experience.Send feedback . Whats the Difference Between a Pergola, Gazebo, and a Pavilion. The plants on this page are young saplings, ideal for large scale planting or in woodland projects. Waiting for kids to harvest and manufacture into wondrous powder. Sycamore trees produce vibrant green leaves in summer. Sources show that sycamore seed is eaten by beaver and muskrat. We used to use the itchy balls, with and without the prickly and fuzzy coating, as projectiles when we played army in the 50's. They go down a good bit further too. I believe you are referring to sycamore trees. Sycamore Trees Have Balls. Itchy balls are the fruit of the Sycamore tree. This great tree stands at the eastern gate of heaven which releases the sun to rise each morning. The title is taken from one of the memoir’s stories, which describes the ill-fated attempt of a group of middle-class Jewish kids facing off against a neighborhood gang by weaponizing “itchy balls”—the street name for the rock-hard American Sycamore tree’s seed … If there are two seed pods together, it’s a London planetree. Some call them, itchy balls. This tree produced itchy balls ever year we have lived here -- 40 years. The bark was all peeled off of the top half to the tree, yet there were buds on all of the branches. The common sycamore tree (with the fruit ball) is platanus occidentalis, also called american plane tree, buttonball, buttonwood, water beech. The spherical fruit are covered with 40 to 60 spikes and are the quintessential "gum balls" used in crafts projects. My latest book, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Others Tales From Brooklyn” ( has a chapter about them. If there are two seed pods together, it’s a London planetree. Picture the tree’s limbs hanging over water and the seed falling and floating downstream. Mammals and birds sometimes also function in the dispersal of seeds by eating and transporting the fruit. Rather than bagging them and throwing them away with the garbage, compost the seed balls so that their nutrients can be recycled to create rich new soil. The ripe fruit of the sycamore tree is an array of itching seed balls. The American Sycamore Tree grows well in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9. The sycamore tree that lords over the corner of my yard is still adorned with countless seed balls. If a horse ingests the seeds or seedlings of a sycamore tree he will develop atypical myopathy. Log in, The Top 10 Outdoor Patio Furniture Brands, 7 Ways to Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away. My sycamore(or plane tree) drops thousands of seed pods each spring. It was introduced into the UK from Europe sometime in the 15th or 16th century, and has become naturalised since, as well as being widely planted. Many problems are associated with sycamore trees. Been told they are destuctive to growth of some trees and shrubs. Platanus occidentalis, also known as American sycamore, American planetree, western plane, occidental plane, buttonwood, and water beech, is a species of Platanus native to the eastern and central United States, the mountains of northeastern Mexico, extreme southern Ontario, and possibly extreme southern Quebec. Our Nature Discovery: The Sycamore Tree! There may have been environmental issues with the flowering and seed formation of the tree. Posted on September 15, 2020 by . Even not bathing for a … Download Sycamore balls stock photos. Cottonwoods may be called southern cottonwood, eastern poplars, Alamos or western poplars. The only other person that I know that calls them that is a customer from Staten Island (must be a NY thing?). Sow one to three seeds about one-quarter inch below the soil and water gently, making sure not to wash away the seeds. It is taught in prisons in groups of up to 20 learners, over a 6-week period. Native Americans often used the entire trunk of the sycamore tree to make dugout canoes. Once full grown they can reach a height of 50-70 Feet and 40-60 Feet in spread. Warren says: 2007-10-24 at 10:41 I’m from South Africa and we have lots of these around the town I live in. The American sycamore produces these as single, pendulum-like growths, while non-native hybrid relatives may have two or three of these hanging from one stalk. Roll the sycamore ball in peanut butter or vegetable shortening, making sure the substance penetrates into the crevices. Hang the wreath from a ribbon when it is dry. When my dad was visiting, one of the many things he was curious about . As kids we would break up the balls and put them down the backs of each other’s shirts. In the first picture look in the background. Wear a mask or respirator and gloves when removing the seeds from a seed ball. The bark peels off in patches and the whitened inner bark is the most ornamental trait of this plant. The tree sits on the boundary between the properties. The Naming Ceremony.
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