at night.-Croupy cough in winter, alternating with sciatica in summer; cough excited by tobacco smoke.-Expectoration of blood, when coughing.-Dyspnoea: with constriction; after seminal emissions; towards end of coition.-Pain (soreness and rawness) as from ulceration in the chest, during cough.-Dyspnoea with constriction and restlessness in chest. is < by holding cold water in mouth (R. T. C.).-Swelling of lips.-Easy dislocation of maxillary joint.-Painful swelling and induration of submaxillary glands.-Painfulness of submaxillary glands, with (or without) swelling.-Sensitive induration, like a cartilage, beneath chin, pain on swallowing and on touch.-Caries of lower jaw, following osteitis after tooth extraction. C23H32N2O4, or C22H30N204. Sexual abuse. The mental symptoms are very important, and the impressions made upon the mind and thence upon the body guide to Staphisagria as a remedy. Sensation of squeezing between stones or in a vice, in intestines, testes, head. m. Throwing things from him, Kre. This applies to vomiting, colic, or dysentery. mur., Plat. It is noteworthy that Staph. Will man j… MATERIA MEDICA By John Henry CLARKE, M.D. Heaviness, headache, and vertigo after the least mental exertion. As if bladder were not yet empty. Staphysagria Iarba porcilor Ranunculacee Nevroze Prurit Orjelet Şalazion Cistite Hipersensibilitate neexteriorizată. Coitus. Urinary difficulties after severe labours. (after and) when urinating (with urging, as if the bladder were not emptied).-Constant urging in young married women. Available in 2C-30C, 200C, 4X-30X, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH from $3.99 Purchase options . As an, exterminator of vermin this seed was called by the Greeks Øθειρσκσκκον, and as such it still enters into the composition of an officinal ointment (unguentum pediculosum)." As if occiput hollow. Testicles, affections of. b., before and after. As if cheek swollen. with Caust.) In women coition is painful because the external parts are excessively sensitive. morning and evening.-Wens and encysted tumours burst after Staph. Algunas infecciones del tracto urinario aparecen cuando el organismo es en un estado de estrés permanente que puede desregular las funciones orgánicas. Staphysagria – details and materia medica of homeopathy remedu Staphysagria. As if a hard substance were lying beneath left upper lid. from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen…. (gout of eyes). Trembling from anger or emotions. (hot face, red cheeks, hot sweat), Coloc. In one female prover Staph. STAPHYSAGRIA - MATÉRIA MÉDICA - HOMEOPATIA ... - Clarke, John Henry Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. Trituration. Cysts. Qualquer palavra ou acto de significado ambíguo, ofendem-no. (2) Another student had constant involuntary emissions, weak memory, languor; headache every morning on rising; no appetite; constipation. Perspiration impossible, Lach. (Fer., while eating). Mercury. Chest.-Aching in chest, with heaviness in that part when sitting, mitigated by walking.-Contractive oppression, and great agitation in chest.-Itching stitches in costal cartilages.-Itching in sternum beneath pit of throat.-Lancinations in chest.-Pain in chest, as from excoriation and ulceration.-Cramp in diaphragm, after a fit of passion.-Miliary eruption on the chest, with redness and itching when heated.-Herpetic eruption on lower ribs, with burning itching. 10. Spermatic cords, affections of. Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cin., Lyc., Sil., Ur. sessile; Stp., on pedicles). There are dry, scaly eruptions over the ends of bones. Staphysagria es uno de los remedios que tienen una marcada y característica agravación después de la más ligera ingestión de comida o bebida. is a remedy for anger and for the effects of anger, especially if the indignation cannot have its natural expression. Staphysagria child is good at studies, is intelligent. Styes and tarsal tumours, Graph. Urging to urinate after difficult labour, Op. 25. Stomach hanging down, Ipec., Tab. by H. C. Allen. STAPHYSAGRIA. cysts); Colocy; Caust; Ign; Phos ac; Calad. Toenail, ingrowing. Urinating with cough, Caust. HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger. Nodosities on eyelids after styes, Con., Calc., Mag. March 4, 2012 admin Homeopathic Materia Medica 0. Irritated by trifles, Sul., Ig. STAPHYSAGRIA - MATÉRIA MÉDICA - HOMEOPATIA. Exostoses and gouty nodes on fingers and toes. He was a busy as a practioner in his own clinic in London and as a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital. The symptoms are: < By touch. Condylomata. Male Sexual Organs.-Soft, moist excrescences, upon and behind the glans (sycosis).-Inflammation of testes, with burning shootings, or pressive drawing and tearings.-Pressing pain in l. testicle when walking; and after rubbing; < from touch.-Drawing, tearing, in r. testicle, as if compressed.-Drawing, burning, extending from r. inguinal ring, as if in spermatic cord, into r. testicle.-Chronic prostatitis in old men; pain extending from anus along urethra.-Sensation of worms crawling in back of scrotum.-A very marked increase of sexual desire, with frequent erections, esp. John Henry Clarke (1853 - 1931) was an eminent classical homeopath in England. P. C. Majumdar (Ind. 23. during movement, or when the parts are in a false position.-Drawing tearing in muscles, esp. By Dr G. P. Singh Last updated May 6, 2020. Tabac. Osoby, które potrzebują Staphysagria, skrywają swoje emocje. Chalazion. now known to orthodox medicine (Brunton). 16. I have seen cystocele relieved by Staph. Its name derives from the Greek word 'azoh', or holy herb, although the 'hyssop' in the Bible seems more likely to have been a local variety of marjoram. Clarke. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and easy to transport. Testicle feels as if compressed. "Inability to perspire" is one of the notes of Staph. Hahnemann в своей «Чистой Materia Medica» писал: «Первоначально этот препарат использовался как народное средство, в частности, от зубной боли. Justifiable ill-humor over what has happened or has … Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, that is, easily disturbed and excited, but seldom manifests it. during movement; > by sitting or lying down.-Continued disposition to remain lying down.-Great fatigue, early in morning, with stiffness of all joints.-Sore and stiff all over, swollen fingers and sore tibiae (produced.-R. T. C.).-After a siesta, cloudiness, with heaviness in limbs.-Relieves pains of cancer (R. T. C.). Want of self-control. (Thu. Honeymoon cystitis. Priapism. 30 was given morning and evening. Clica para ver la PATOGENESIA Clica para hacer el EXAMEN Dónde COMPRAR. Bone affections, Stillin., Merc., Ka. is < on any attempt to take food or drink). Suppression of emotions and anger, suppressed sexuality leading to masturbation and a romantic, erotic inner life. remarks that Staph., which shares this property with Coccul., is, like Coccul., used in some countries for the purpose of stupefying fish. Very sensitive as to what others say about her. Etiquetas: HOMEOESP.ORG, HOMEOPATIA, JOSÉ MARIA ALVES. Perspiration, offensive. Causation.-Anger. Staphysagria is useful for the mental effects of onanism and sexual excesses. Pogorszenie po jedzeniu, piciu i zdenerwowaniu. Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, that is, easily disturbed and excited, … ac. (he gave it in 6th dil. Motion ; (but < pain in back). Relaxed Stomach, insufficient gastric juice, Selen. Sea-sickness. Allen Boenninghausen Boericke Boger Clarke Hering Kent Lectures Reversed & reworded Kent repertory Nash. HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger. Materia Medica by William Boericke, STAPHYSAGRIA, read the full book on ... STAPHYSAGRIA more information and order at Remedia Homeopathy Stavesacre Nervous affections with marked irritability, diseases of the genito-urinary tract and skin, most frequently give symptoms calling for this drug. Tumours; tarsal. Sycotic and syphilitic condylomata. Presented by Dr Robert Séror. Sensitiveness; stinging, stitching, shooting pains < by touch; itching-are the chief notes of Staph, in affections of the genital organs of both sexes. As if head would burst. Late Professor of Materia Medica in Hering College, Chicago. Veja os detalhes da matéria médica STAPH - STAPHYSAGRIA - Delphinium staphisagria - Parparras CLARKE INTRODUCTION Aim : To find the similimum in shortest time with available information collected. 22. Dentition. It is one, of Gallavardin's chief remedies (Passion Génitale) for removing the habit of masturbation in children, and for removing improper appetites in adults. Staphysagria jest polecana przy zranieniach ostrymi narzędziami. I have known Staph, 30 remedy this state when the impulse to throw things at persons who had caused a trifling or imaginary irritation, had almost passed into a mania. is as useful as in colic from anger. Mind.-Hypochondriacal humour, with indifference to everything (after onanism).-Apathetic; gloomy.-Sadness, with fear for the future.-Weeping, and grief respecting the state of Health.-Susceptibility.-Patient is so sensitive that the least action or word troubles or annoys his feelings.-Amorous dreams.-Desire for death.-Anxiety and agitation, which allow no rest.-Ill-humour, irascibility, spitefulness, inducing patient to fling violently whatever is at hand; in the morning.-Justifiable ill-humour over what has happened or has been done by oneself; weeping and dejected over the supposed ill consequences of it.-Hypochondria and hysteria after unmerited insults (or sexual excesses), with complaints of flatulence.-Dislike to conversation, meditation, and all intellectual and serious labour.-Weakness of memory; a few minutes after reading anything can recollect it only dimly, and whenever he thinks of anything the sense escapes him; call scarcely recall it after long reflection.-Instability of ideas. The person becomes Pain in small spot, K. bi. Both also affect the genitals, Staph. Physiological Action. Tulburări de caracter: Tulburări de caracter, depresie, nevroză după vexaţie, indignare, nedreptate suferită sau resimţită, susceptibilitate extremă. a remedy of extreme value to women in the early days of married life. Black marks on teeth, Scill. As of a heavy weight lying on stomach. Ill effects of anger and insults. 3. Fistula dentalis. John Henry Clarke. Lacerated tissues. Iritis; syphilitic. during repose, and principally night and morning.-Pain in loins on rising from a seat, or on turning in bed.-Itching stitches in region of kidneys.-Violent (stitches) lancinations, which pass up back.-(Suppurating swelling in the psoas muscle. Die gängigsten Potenzen für Staphisagria sind D6 und D12, meist wird eine Dosierung von 5 Globuli empfohlen und die Einnahme erfolgt zwei- bis dreimal täglich. 6. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Ovaries, affections of. As if back of brain were made of wood and couldn't think. teeth and alveolar periosteum. is not only a remedy for ovarian and other affections, it also meets the conditions following operations on ovaries. (Caust., Coloc., Staph., follow well in this order). Lacerated tissues. Ravenous hunger, Ars., Calc., Cin., Iod., Sil. Staphysagria (Staph) is indicated for Sweet and gentle. are generally very painful and sensitive. It is far from exhaustive but is a good starting point for common maladies and common remedies. Excitable, fácilmente se enoja, pero raramente es irascible, esto quiere decir, que es perturbado fácilmente y excitado, pero raramente lo manifiesta. Clarke. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria in his Concise Materia Medica… There is ravenous hunger for days before an attack of fever; craving for tobacco; and a cough excited by tobacco smoke is an indication for it. Dwells on sexual matters; prefers solitude. 17. Compressive pains are marked with Staph. by William BOERICKE, M.D. - "Studio di Materia Medica Omeopatica" di Lucia Gasparini - "Decacordi e Pentacordi" di Gladstone Clarke - "Materia Medica e Repertorio essenziale dei medicamenti omeopatici" di Shankar Phatak - "Materia Medica Omeopatica Sinottica - 1° vol." The use of Staph. OSOBOWOŚĆ STAPHYSAGRIA . Clean-cut wounds and operations, Arn. Tibiae, pains in. Teeth, Kre. The following is a brief materia medica skewed to the acute symptoms and crisis situations seen in companion animals. < After stool, Nit. produced in Teste himself these symptoms: "Long-lasting vertigo, accompanied by continued nausea as in sea-sickness," and this: "Vertigo, which ceases on rapidly turning round on one's heel." Characteristics.-The seed of Stavesacre was known to Dioscorides as an agent for producing vomiting and salivation, and for the cure of toothache; "the origin of which application," says Hahnemann (M. M. P.), "was evidently domestic practice. in an old rheumatic.-R. T. C.).-Neuralgia of scalp.-Rheumatic and drawing pains in exterior of head.-Tingling itching, sometimes also gnawing, in scalp, with pain as of excoriation; the skin peels off, with itching and biting; < in evening and from getting warm.-Much itching dandriff on scalp.-Moist, fetid scald-head, with violent itching.-Humid, scalding-itching, fetid eruption on back part of head, sides of head, and behind ears; when scratching, the itching changes place, but makes it more humid.-(Eczema of scalp and other parts.-Scald-head; hair matted together, very stinking.-R. T. C.).-Falling off of hair. Mother tincture is prepared from tincture of seeds. Ill effects of anger and insults. The symptom did not recur the following month, which led Hahnemann to conclude that this "was only the primary action of the drug." Kent: Los síntomas mentales son muy importantes, y las impresiones sobre la mente y por ello sobre el cuerpo nos guían a Staphysagria como remedio. Nervous affections with marked irritability, diseases of the Available in 2C-30C, 200C, 4X-30X, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH from $3.99 Purchase options . Presented by Médi-T. Da aber beim Einsatz von Staphisagria vor allem die psychische Komponente eine tragende Rolle spielt, sollte die Dosierung und Potenz stets individuell nach Abklärung der Beschwerden von einem qualifizierten Homöopathen, Arzt oder Apotheker verschrieben werden. Very sensitive. Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, that is, easily disturbed and excited, but seldom manifests it. Head: Stupefying headache; passes off with yawning. 15. Teeth.-Toothache, with swelling of cheeks and submaxillary glands.-Toothache, immediately after a meal, and after mastication, and also after cold drinks, and the introduction of cold air into mouth (but not when biting on them), < at night or in morning.-Tearings and pressive drawings in carious teeth, or in the roots of those which are sound (in open air), and also in gums.-Teeth sensitive to touch, esp. Night-sweats. Again, Teste found Staph. Dysentery. Urinary Organs.-Itching, needle-like stitches in region of kidneys.-Pressure on bladder on waking from sleep.-Very frequent want to urinate, with emission drop by drop, or else of a slender stream of deep-coloured urine.-Excessively painful emission of urine.-Frequent (profuse) emission of clear watery urine (with much urging).-Frequent emission of red urine.-Constant micturition at night (produced.-R. T. C).-Bloody urine (produced.-R. T. C.).-Involuntary emission of urine when coughing.-After having urinated, a fresh want is felt, as if bladder were again full.-Burning sensation in urethra, esp. Pain and nervousness after Indigna-se com o que os outros fazem e com o que ele mesmo faz. Informationen aus der Naturheilpraxis von René Gräber Staphisagria (scharfer Rittersporn) wird auch Delphinium staphisagria, Stephanskraut,Stephanskörner oder Läusesamen genannt. As if stupefied. (Stp. Glands, affections of. Suitable in cases where complaints come from pent up wrath, suppressed anger, suppressed feelings. Staphisagria (Stephanskraut) liefert die Basis eines homöopathischen Mittels für psychosomatische Erkrankungen – also Beschwerden, die psychische Ursachen haben, sich aber körperlich äußern. An Acute Materia Medica For Dogs. Fear: afraid of his shadow. Cross, puny, sickly children, Syph. < After coitus, K. ca. Seed warts. 30, once a day, cured. Neuralgia. Respiratory Organs.-Hoarseness, with accumulation of mucus, which adheres to larynx and chest.-Sensation of pressure and contraction in pit of throat, after a fit of passion, < by deglutition.-Roughness, rawness, in larynx, after much speaking.-Dry, hollow cough, excited by a tickling in the larynx.-Violent cough, with expectoration of viscid mucus, in evening, after lying down.-Violent spasmodic cough, with (tough) purulent, yellow expectoration, esp. As if wind blew into ears. Acts on makes Staph. Peevish. Der Name Delphinium wurde wegen der Ähnlichkeit der Blüte mit einem Delfin von dem römischen Arzt Dioskurides alsbotanischer Name verwendet. Rev., v. 134) gives two cases in which loss of memory following masturbation and seminal emissions was cured with Staph. As if something were loose in pit of stomach. when seated.-Twitches at night.-Acute, penetrating, deep lancinations in different parts.-Cramps in limbs.-Painful inflammations of bones; suppuration of bones and periosteum.-Swelling of bones.-Semilateral paralysis, after a fit of anger.-Syncope.-Painful sensibility of all muscles, when touched, and of joints, when using them.-Mechanical injuries from sharp-cutting instruments.-Painful weariness and excessive lassitude, esp. (depression; weakness of legs), Gels., Dros., Nux, Sul., Calc., Lyc., Nat. Staphysagria 200 Uses, Benefits – Staphysagria Homeopathy Materia Medica. H. Ill effects of anger and insults. I have seen Staph. bread.-Fulness, pressure, and shootings in scrobiculus.-Digging pain in stomach.-Anxious tension across hypochondria, in morning, with obstructed respiration. Staphysagria Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria Staph. Tobacco. HOMŒOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA brought on the menses a year after they had ceased, at the new moon. Sexual sins and excesses. 13. 6,894. Nose.-Nose ulcerated, with scabs, deep in interior.-Violent fluent coryza, with obstruction on one side of nose, frequent sneezing, and lachrymation.-Sneezing without coryza.-Coryza, with ulcerated nostrils.-Coryza; at first discharge of only thick mucus, after of thin water.-Obstruction of nasal fossae, with nasal voice. In seiner Materia Medica schildert er die «Wilde Staphis» als ein geeignetes Brechmittel zur inneren Reinigung sowie auch als Salbe angewendet gegen Hautjucken, Krätze und Läuse. You can read the full book here. Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, Staphisagria., read the full book on Heart.-Tremulous palpitation of heart; on least movement; after least intellectual fatigue; when listening to music; after a siesta.-Stitching pains in heart, or region of heart; stopping breathing.-Heart feels weak (produced.-R. T. C.). Croupy cough alternates with sciatica. Heart, palpitation of. É um indivíduo muito susceptível, que se ofende e indigna por tudo e por nada. (bends double). Nymphomania. This property (which is also allied to the vulnerary power of Staph.) . As if brain were compressed. Rheumatism. Staphisagria signs and symptoms of the homeopathy medicine from the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J.H. Relations.-Antidoted by: Camph. Staph. Teeth, caries of. Clinical.─Diuresis. This may occur on the head, face or any other part of the … occurs during the menses; affects sound as well as decayed teeth; < from touch of food or drink; but not from biting or chewing; is < drawing cold air into mouth; < from cold drinks and after eating. In Teste's experience, Staph. Staph. This modern Materia Medica, the result of eight years of work, is very different from existing ones. 8. Teste (who groups Staph. As if chest were bruised. Lower Limbs.-Pulsating pain in hip-joint as from beginning suppuration.-Stiffness of coxo-femoral joint in morning.-Nates ache while sitting; pain extends to small of back, sacrum, and hip-joint.-Daily pains beginning at crest of ilium, r. side, extending backward and downward to thigh, < early morning, on rising or on sitting down, > standing and from warmth.-Exceedingly severe pain in r. leg, extending into genitals, esp. An application of a dilution of the tincture of the strength of one part to four of water will destroy the parasites, though the state which favours their presence needs internal treatment (probably with a dilution of the same remedy) at the same time. Acts on teeth and alveolar periosteum. Scurvy. Staphysagria. Clinical.-Adenoids. A CLINICAL REPERTORY TO THE DICTIONARY OF MATERIA MEDICA – DR. J.H. Painful sensitiveness of sexual organs, can hardly wear a napkin, Plat. mur., Gettys. < Evening to morning; night; early morning. Hyssop has been hung in homes to provide protection… Fever.-Pulse very fast but small and trembling.-Frequent shivering and shuddering, also at night.-Fever in evening, manifesting itself only by chilliness.-Chilliness and coldness predominate.-Violent chill in evening with heat in face.-Chilliness 3 p.m.; > when exercising in open air.-Chill ascending from back over head.-Chill running down back.-Before and after the paroxysms of intermittent fever, ravenous hunger.-Tertian fever (with symptoms of scurvy, such as putrid taste), bitter taste, bleeding gums, anorexia, and constipation.-External burning heat, with ebullition of blood, and thirst (after midnight, followed by chill towards morning).-Burning heat in hands and feet, at night, which renders it needful to uncover them.-Great tendency to perspire by day, even when seated quietly; or else inability to perspire, with paleness of face and headache.-Profuse perspiration at night, sometimes with putrid smell (like rotten eggs).-Cold sweat on forehead and feet. Diarrhoea immediately after eating, Alo., Ars., Chi., Lyc., Pod., Tbd. As if done up after much hard work. in the sickness of pregnancy arises out of its power over the genital functions. Common symptoms: Anger, Minor cuts and abrasions, Overwork, Sensitive. 405) has used with much success Staph. Pregnancy, nausea of. Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent, STAPHISAGRIA, read the full book on ... STAPHISAGRIA more information and order at Remedia Homeopathy The mental symptoms are very important, and the impressions nude upon the mind and thence upon the body guide to Staphisagria as a remedy. Prolapse of bladder. Peculiar Sensations are: As if legs would go under him. Seborrhoea. Dentition. This last is the only use of Staph. Figwarts and condylomata, Thu. Psoas abscess. Cough excited by tobacco smoke, Spo. As if eyes were very dry. As if teeth were hollow. Toothache. Improvement began at once and the cure was complete in a month. ŹRÓDŁO LEKU You may use Staphysagria internally when there appears on the skin an eczematous eruption. Abdomen.-Biliary colic, after domestic disturbance.-Tensive pressure in abdomen.-Hard pressure in r. side beneath umbilicus.-Pinching stitch in l. viscera.-Enlargement of the abdomen in children.-Drawing pains across abdomen.-Sensation of weakness and bearing down in abdomen, as if it would drop; wants to hold it up.-Gripings after all kinds of food and drink.-Colic with urging to urinate.-Spasmodic cuttings, with want to evacuate.-Frequent production and incarceration of flatus (smelling like rotten eggs).-Eruption of pimples as large as peas on whole abdomen and thighs, itch; when scratched off are moist and then burn.-Frequent discharge of hot or fetid flatus.-Painful swelling of inguinal glands.-Inguinal hernia. It produces both physical and moral sexual disturbances, provokes excesses and irregular sexual appetites, a tendency to masturbation, and a physical state corresponding to the effects of that habit. "Hypochondriasis, apathy; weak memory; caused by sexual excesses or constantly dwelling on sexual subjects," is how the symptom is given. Z pozoru są ustępliwe i łagodne, nieśmiałe, wrażliwe, żywią przesadny szacunek dla zwierzchników i czują przed nimi lęk. Brain feels squeezed. Throat.-Roughness (dryness) and scraping in throat, with feeling of excoriation, when swallowing and speaking.-Constant deglutition when speaking.-Dryness and shootings in palate and throat.-Sticking in throat on swallowing.-Tonsillitis, on swallowing a stitch runs up from throat into ear.-Swelling of tonsils (also after the misuse of Mercury).-Painful drawing from hyoidal arch into throat, < touching side of neck.-Tonsillitis: both tonsils inflamed and swollen; l. sends stitches into ear on swallowing.
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