Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 107: How Pain and Problems Lead to Prayer; Thankful for Eternity: November Gratitude Reading Plan (Day 30) Daily Gratitude for Daily Grace: November Gratitude Reading Plan (Day 29) Five Ways David Gave Thanks: November Gratitude Reading Plan (Day 28) All Creation Sings His Praise: November Gratitude Reading Plan (Day 27) SAVIOR, SAVIOR, HEAR MY HUMBLE CRY TEXT: Psalm 17:1-15 Psalms 17:1-15 (KJV) A … It is to know, to love, to imitate God, as He is revealed to us in the face of Immanuel. Our capacities are large almost to infinity. In all this the devout mind finds resemblance to its own history. So is life. David tells us, and we know, what they are in their aims, motives, and ways, and in their successes. "I shall behold Thy face in righteousness." "Human capacity for GodR. What a tendency in this life there is to forget our best impressions and holiest resolves. A priceless and momentous possession indeed, but an exceedingly troublesome one to many of us.V. Every religion in the days of its youth was the immediate result of some previous progress in human morality. )The dream, the awakening, and the transformationHomilist.I. So Moses (Numbers 12:8); so believers (2 Corinthians 3:18). "Oh, the fat of his mouth! All the saints of God are dear to God at all times, but the persecuted saints, they are the apple of God's eye; if at any time they are dear to God, then especially when they are most persecuted; now they are the apple of his eye, and the apple of an eye is weak, and little able to resist any hurt, but so much the more is the man tender of the apple of his eye. You cannot see His face at all, if you do not see it that way. [King James] The Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want [NIV*] "The Lord is my shepherd." III. The spiritual powers will not work harmoniously under the dominion of any other disposition. "I press towards the mark," etc.2. What they meant is not absolutely clear. Religious Tract Society's Commentary. The foundation thought of this man must be approved and justified. In David's case, he felt his cause to be so right that he simply desired the Divine eyes to rest upon the matter, and he was confident that equity would give him all that he needed. The likeness of which the Psalmist speaks is a conformity of soul to God. Man's satisfaction is where? It is the fulness of joy. Not so when we wake up after the Saviour's likeness. THE INTERESTING EXPECTATION. Whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure. Such a weird and tremendous power is our memory. Think what dreams are in themselves, taking them generally, and then think what any devout man's life, or any man's life, appears when he comes to look back upon it from old age, and you will have no great difficulty in answering this question. Ver. De Witt Talmage.Among the beautiful epitaphs, of which the world is full, the following may be mentioned: Near Marshfield, the famous country home of Daniel Webster, is a lonely little graveyard where the great statesman lies buried. SATISFACTION IS REALISED IN THE SERVICE OF GOD AND IN THE POSSESSION OF TRUE RELIGION. Then take the next idea — that this religious faith expands into the anticipation of a future life. All the redeemed will joyfully anticipate their perpetual felicity, and rising glory to all eternity.(N. Whoever depends upon them for real happiness will be bitterly disappointed. What shall it be to us?II. But He will awake. 15. We shall never be able to say, with any firmness of tone, "I shall be satisfied," until we can also add, "Not m my own righteousness, but in the righteousness which is of God in Christ." Smellie, M. A.The Psalmist has a morning in his view unspeakably desirable and glorious. See that supplied by Christian literature; by religious observances; by Christian character and life. The world and sin. Things here are non-substantial — shadows — and non-permanent. The first clause indicates those who will certainly enjoy this blessed hope. It is the same with the mind or intelligence. Every religion in the days of its youth was the immediate result of some previous progress in human morality. What is the. The unsatisfactory nature of all things here below was another fact that pressed on David's mind. "I shall be satisfied." Death does not possess any regenerative power; but there is nevertheless the promise of completeness to the believer in the world beyond the grave. Ver. That we cannot think. IT CONCERNS US MUCH TO GET AND KEEP THIS JUDGMENT OF THINGS. Deans, M. THE BELIEVER'S VISION OF DEITY. Ver. Assayers very soon detect the presence of alloy, and when the chief of all assayers shall, at the last, say of us he has found nothing, it will be a glorious hour indeed —"They are without fault before the throne of God." We, too, have felt at tunes that the best known and most active of our powers are comparatively dormant. Psalms 16:1. 14. III. Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not. And as the problem is the same, so is the solution. "I shall be satisfied." Does it not appear to thee to be a work of providence, that considering the weakness of the eye, he has protected it with eyelids, as with doors, which whenever there is occasion to use it are opened, and are again closed in sleep? At death this in the good becomes perfect. God must be, at least, as good as the noblest of men. Morning by morning comes sunrise, with the tender glory of its rosy light and blushing heavens, and the heavy eyes are closed to it all. Why do Christians worship Christ as God? Ver. "Bold shall I stand in that great day; For who aught to my charge shall lay? In saying "I shall be satisfied," he as good as says "I am not satisfied." THE ASSURED HOPE OF SATISFACTION AT A FUTURE TIME. Affliction may refine, but cannot waste That heart wherein my love is fixed fast. $15.99. There is the supernatural revelation of a Mediator and redemption, therefore the process is altogether changed. Ver. William Gough, 1575-1653. I shall sleep awhile, but I shall wake at the sound of the trumpet; wake to everlasting joy, because I arise in thy likeness, O my God and King! I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God. THE BEHOLDING OF GOD'S FACE MEANT THE ENJOYMENT OF HIS FAVOUR. When the devil came to assault Christ, he had Scripture ready for him, whereby he overcame the tempter. take it at adventure, and not try What metal it is made of? Ver. Jack, D. D.I. We grow not only in knowledge, but in holiness and trust and love. Or the likeness may mean that which is impressed upon the soul, a resemblance of the Divine glory. No wonder, seeing the mire of worldliness clings to us, that we fail to experience as we might the spiritual manifestations of the Son of God (John 14:21; Ephesians 1:17, 18). Pride and fulness of bread were Sodom's twin sins. The bodies of the saints will be glorified bodies, like the body of the Son of Man. If thou, believer, canst truly say that thou art trusting God in any time of trouble or danger, thou wilt be safe enough in his keeping. There is everything in God that may commend and endear Him to His people. 3 Thou hast proved mine heart; thou hast visited me in the night; thou hast tried me, and shalt find nothing; I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress. If God has created a species of beings with spiritual and religious faculty; then the infusion into the spirit a participation in the Divine blessedness must be satisfaction; all the faculties regaled, every want met.5. Men which are thy hand. "I press towards the mark," etc.2. How apt and obvious is the analogy between our awakening out of natural sleep, and the holy soul's rising up out of the darkness and torpor of its present state into the enlivening light of God's presence? Because God maketh use of thy sins, art thou excused? To show that wicked men have often the greatest portion in this world, I need not speak much: the experience of all ages since the beginning of the world confirms it, your own observation, I believe, can seal to it; however, Scripture abundantly evinces it. Not that the Christian religion does not do all that it promises to do in this world. Men which are thy hand, etc. As for me, I will behold Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence. The face of a familiar friend is welcome. How often has the comma after "awake" been struck out, and thus the whole sense of the passage lost! How often has the comma after "awake" been struck out, and thus the whole sense of the passage lost! A view of divine lovingkindness desired. We are religiously happy, just in proportion as the moral character of God is transfused into our souls. But when all was finished, the workmen came, and the scaffolding was removed. And at death they will wake out of sleep. They are attained, as all other conceptions are, namely, by the gradual advance in the moral and intellectual nature of man. You will say, How can that be justified? 2. TITLE. We must follow the one or the other; the Book of Life, or the way of death; the word of the Holy Spirit, or the suggestion of the Evil Spirit. Almost every word of this verse has furnished matter for discussion to scholars, for it is very obscure. If our God could not or would not hear us, our state would be deplorable indeed; and yet some professors set such small store by the mercyseat, that God does not hear them for the simple reason that they neglect to plead. When God "looked out" from the cloud upon the Egyptians, that was the signal for their destruction. Ver. 3. Prosperity and vanity often lodge together. Ver. There is no satisfaction without this.1. They get wealth, position, name, influence, and some of them a considerable measure of low happiness and contentment. The singer does not merely look forward to a deliverance from his present sorrows and sufferings. His words may have been uttered by David without his understanding distinctly what was in them but feeling that there was some great idea suggested to him by that condition of his Divine life under which the Spirit was then influencing him.
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