You may need to consult several sources to cover all nutrients of interest. 0000052440 00000 n Nutrients in feed Water Energy – TDN, NEm, NEg, ME Protein (nitrogen x 6.25) Fiber (form is critical for rumen function) Acid detergent fiber (ADF) Neutral detergent fiber (NDF) Fat (x 2.25 = energy value) Minerals- Macro and micro Vitamins chemical composition and nutritional values of feed resources for ruminants This Feed Table, which is generated from the feed resources data base established through the implementation of the project on ÔÇ£Establishment of feed resources data base in Eastern and Central AfricaÔÇØ implemented in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda from January 2010 to December 2011. feed, however, can be termed the biological response to the feed in question. Develop within - and across - species feed database(s) for use by current and future NRC nutrient requirement series and modeling efforts. 0000192844 00000 n The key nutrients that need to be supplied by the dietary ingredients are amino acids contained in proteins, vitamins and minerals. 60 0 obj Components of proximate analysis are shown in Figure 1. Information on the nutrient composition of foods and feed ingredients is essential for formulating feeds and diets to meet the nutrient requirements of nonhuman primates. Listed below are 280 commonly used cattle feedstuffs and their nutritional breakdown. %PDF-1.4 In the use of forage crops, it is now realized that stage of maturity is an important factor in compo- sition. 0000000023 00000 n Nutrient Composition of Main Poultry Feed Ingredients Used in Sudan and Their Variations from Local Standard Tables Values . (�^�r�F�����+iөǓ���2�����:a�\D�EPiH��2��+}�F~����t/��L0WZ�ݣ�b%�� ߝ�'�ޛ�G �Wv�~h��V��+��J��y_�&. 0000037764 00000 n Fish feeds are mostly characterized by their protein and fat levels. and Nutrient Content of Feeds John B. Protein quality refers to the amino acid content of the feed ingredient. Prepare a listing of the nutrient composition of the feeds to be used. x��[Y��6~���Gp���Gc�7���L6/��n�47:f%����߰E�EIUd�`Hl6�:������U��h��A�ﲴ�xw߾���|����dw?��� �v��_�~�˗ۻO��n?�����ja\DA���^��*� ���~�� γ �W+��I�������n��AU9V�AV�?�����? }y���\VA^�?�xs��������%Q�~�"��X�>��g[�Q���F���|���"�b�co��� �*(�! Major feed ingredient and fertilizer groupings discussed include: animal protein sources, plant protein sources, single cell protein sources, lipid sources, other plant ingredients, feed additives, and fertilizers and manures. Use the upper limit of the suggested dry matter intake as a general guide for estimated total dry feed allowance. This is a function of its chemical composition and the ability of the animal to derive useful nutrients from the feed. For example, soybean meal is rich in protein, while corn is high in energy but a relatively poor source of protein. Data are presented in list or table form, on as fed (fresh) and dry matter basis, and include statistics of variability. Small dogs receive the highest percentage of maintenance energy requirement when producers' feeding instructions are followed. 0000147260 00000 n Nutrients in the feed are utilized by the sheep to meet their nutritional requirements. A high proportion (56 to 81 percent) of the P in cereal grains and oilseed meals occurs as phytate. 0000006477 00000 n CP % UIP % CF % ADF % NDF % eNDF % EE % ASH % Ca % P % K % Cl % S % Zn ppm Bone Meal Steamed, Swine/Poultry 95 16 27 0 11 13 1 0 0 0 11.6 77 27.00 12.74 0.2 2.50 290 Bread Byproduct 68 90 100 68 94 14 24 1 2 3 0 3.0 3 0.10 0.18 0.2 0.76 0.15 40 … endobj Feed ingredient database. <> Protein quality is generally based on amino acid composition of the feedstuff and the availability of these amino acids from the feedstuff following digestion in the gut. The nutrient composition of food also influences the growth of the most ... National Nutrient Database (Table 19.1) is much more complete than most feed tables with respect to data for vitamins, it is only reasonably complete with respect to thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin; data for vitamins D and E are relatively sparse.
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