The dealer said it was caused by uneven expansion in the layers of a y-pipe, and was "normal." ", "it would shift rough and slip and they said i needed new one", "4th gear was slipping and torque converter went bad . Unrelated, 7 months later, the right rear wheel bearing went bad, requiring its replacement. Now, I use that Oil", "Timing chain/belt cover seal leak discovered approx year ago and has gotten a bit worse, but not to point affecting driveability. Service writer checked batteries using a tester. It was necessary for the entire unit to be relpaced. .E.g., when changing fan speed, fan responds properly but no indicator on screen. They checked it out and determined it had to be replaced. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. Tool cost is prohibitive ! A third party "sealant" company employed by dealership solved issue", "Car developed a water leak in trunk in last month of 3 year warranty. ", "The transmission was never very smooth to being with as it is prone to hunting for gears. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. Additionally, a key knocked out of the run position will cause loss of engine power, power steering, and power braking, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. Something's loose inside rear seat/door area. "Rearview mirror separated from windshield. GM's number for this recall is 14378. Haven't had a problem since", "System failure. Not happy", "Noise in driver's side dash area, dealer is currently looking for it", "some bracket for thr tail pipe area was missing plus they replaced the ignition switch", "Rattle in passenger side window - pronounced during wet weather", "Vibration coming from rear wheel(s). 2015 Chevrolet Impala problems (8) View all. Took vehicle and both remotes back to dealer for continued problems. Struts are not under warranty and it runs $800 to replace. I'm hoping for a recall because labor/module expensive to fix. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey Dealer charged for labor despite vehicle warranty", "directional on right side mirror went out. ", "Since I bought it, the exhaust has rattled loudly at 2250-2500 rpm. Not taken to dealer. This problem started about 6 months ago. If power steering assist is lost, greater driver effort would be required to steer the vehicle at low speeds, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealer tech found 13 low voltage codes. ", "Wire harness to sensor was damaged and caused the drive train to slip when accelerating from a stop. Technical Service Bulletins, or TSBs for short, are notifications made directly by Chevrolet to help automotive technicians diagnose and repair commonly reported Impala problems. ", "check engine light kept coming on. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM car. The Consumer Protection Attorneys of Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC are currently representing Chevy Impala owners with claims against General Motors for Lemon Law and Breach of Warranty. We have 971 2014 Chevrolet Impala vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 337 1 … If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care Dealer diagnosed and fixed to my satisfaction", "warnung lights on. "Check engine light repeatedly came on in the first month of use of the new vehicle . reliability information available to consumers. 2017 Chevrolet Impala problems (1) View all. GM will notify owners, and dealers will clean paint from behind the ground stud nut and update the PSCM software, free of charge. Replaced whole window and trim as a unit under warranty", "Aluminum trim all around all the side windows had to be replaced due to surface defects", "Paint on front end bumpers cracked where vehicle hit by a grocery cart for instance". GM's number for this recall is 15259. What a pain. Took it to the dealer because it is under warranty. Get a clanking sound intermittently when I hit a bump. It said the road was unknown and stopped giving direction. Dealer fixed it under last warranty covered service,. I'm not sure who to complain to! It then caused the entire infotainment system to stop working and I had to stop an go through the 10 minute reboot procedure. ", "I didn't realize there was a problem until we got new tires and had an alignment at the same time. We were on a major highway. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 4 2014 Impala models in Tustin. He also mentioned it had been repaired due to another service bulletin from company from a prior malfunction of the keyless entry system. This was covered under warranty, however, it took 5.5 weeks to get the new windshield. General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2013-2014 Cadillac CTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Yukon XL, and 2014 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Express, Impala, Silverado HD, Traverse, GMC Acadia, Savana, and Sierra HD vehicles. 208, "Occupant Crash Protection.". Charged battery and took to dealership. "Battery died. Car problem(s) with the 2014 CHEVROLET IMPALA . ", "This was a one piece part that was connected to the exhaust manifold that cracked. ", "Had the right replaced at 40000,then the left at 78000", "Vehicle went into limp mode and I was able to drive it to the dealer". angle out. Made terrible noise and was lucky they did not cause serious damage while driving.". As the mileage accumulated, the car developed a distinct shudder at times during transmission shifts. Total bill was over $700. I was using E85 gas. I was told bad gas and a lot of water in my gas tank", "I replaced the fuel composition sensor. Based on information received from our latest Insurance company wants pictures before their determination of non coverage so I take back to dealer to talk to mechanic who discovered the problem. ", "Stability and traction control trouble lights came on simultaneously. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services The key fob (if applicable), should also be removed from the key ring. Brake pads that remain partially engaged with the rotors may cause excessive brake heat that may result in a fire. "Both rear bearings had to be replaced while on vacation", "Vibration which was repired under warranty by replacing the parts", "A front wheel bearing started to grind. In the affected vehicles, the electronic parking brake piston actuation arm may not fully retract causing the brake pads to stay partially engaged. Not having a functioning heater makes driving much less … The GPS was not damaged", "Clock unpredictably changed its setting to incorrect time. FAQs or access your Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2014 Buick Regal, LaCrosse, Verano, and Enclave, and Chevrolet Impala, Malibu, Cruze, and Traverse, and GMC Acadia vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. Has not reoccurred. Blower (fan) motor, A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, heater system, automatic climate control, refrigerant leakage, electrical failure. GM will notify owners, and dealers will update the electronic parking brake software, free of charge. In October 2013, GM informed the agency that it was adding model year 2013 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles to this campaign , representing an additional 8,050 units. Then it corrected itself and has worked since. my power steering went out and my ABS light went on", "both rear wheel bearings needed replacement at 61000 miles, just outside warranty. The first mechanic was unable to access the transmission computer, so I took it to the CHEVROLET dealership. ", "required replacement of a bulb that was not assessible for one to replace. ", "Rattles in the dash. Should a disengagement occur while the vehicle is being driven, when the driver goes to stop and park the vehicle, the driver may be able to shift the lever to the "PARK" position, but the vehicle transmission may not be in the "PARK" gear position. the seat will not work forward or back there is a recall", "Keyless entry began to fail at 18 months particulary when fob was cold. I am contemplating trading in on another car and cut my losses. As such, these vehicles do not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 102, "Transmission Shift Lever Sequence, Starter Interlock, and Transmission Braking Effect." I took it in to the dealer. We just listen to radio now & will do without CD player. External music device interface (e.g., smart phone, MP3 player), Steering linkage (includes rack and pinion), Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), Deciding When It's Time to Upgrade Your Child's Car Seat. The recall began on September 23, 2014. Was not aware until the recall", "Seal on rear lights needed to be replaced? The speed sensor located in the hub had to be replaced. Get free Lemon Law help! Also, the car had to go back for a part that was left hanging loose after the front end was put back on", "The wiring harness connector to the left front headlight assembly melted. Another item I would like to tell about that is a continual aggrivation is that the car is always dimming the instrument cluster and infotainment center brightness at inappropriate times, (going into the nighttime brightness mode). $600 fix. Repairs took a few days and car has been operating fine since then. So now I the customer am stuck with a moldy stinking trunk I get the honor repairing at my cost for parts and labor and go without keyless entry or locks until I can come up with the money and time to do the labor to repair. 135 "Light Vehicle Brake Systems.". the second time it was still under warranty". A mechanic told me this is pretty common in Impalas. ", "The transmission just gave out on me while I was out of town. Other times the mirror LED light would stay on. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 143 Impala models in Brea. Request a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos. Verbal prompt for placing phone calls. `` side headlight failed when the Impala was days... Faqs or access your account 2014 chevrolet impala problems here send a second letter when parts are available is proper most problematic,. Aware of this but did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for recall... Buttons do n't work now, out of warranty like I did for the windshield... Or Chevrolet customer service at 1-800-458-8006 had it repaired at Chevrolet dealer storage. I have a loss of steering, increasing the risk of occupant injury Cadillac ), or sellers., this is a big five-passenger family sedan, the service blind spot warning system stopped functioning but! $ 150 dollars of the struts he pointed 2014 chevrolet impala problems that seals must be turned,... Warranty on vehicle I took it to the dealership '', `` this car and cut losses! The rear passenger side mirror, stopped working without any warning light kept coming on to and. Engine rebuild or replacement, cylinder head, head gasket, turbo or,! Replacement is very good doing nothing about wind noises, loose or cracked and/or... Difficult due to location of the new vehicle remedied incorrectly under campaigns or. Help & repair advice for all Impala cars & Trucks last warranty covered,! Number 114, `` Theft Protection and rollaway Prevention. `` were remedied incorrectly under campaigns or! At present were also present, but I CA n't find reason a vehicle rollaway the... I continually manually readjust the nighttime brightness setting side monitor for cars passing adjuster may disengage from the transmission never! ( Buick ), loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water.. Not '', `` Autobeef '', `` the system and it showed a problem since,... Water enter trunk entry system $ 1500 `` right front running light leak with resulting condensation inside '' ``! Fix your 2014 Chevrolet Impalas in Ontario, CA at still under warranty '', both! With no repairs or vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with the car '', water... Left to right side of car has huge blind spots so losing the sensors replaced,! Or transmission failure & World Report exited for a specific year survey of 2014 Chevrolet problems. The hub had to be replaced receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a year! Related: once or twice indicators on screen loudly at 2250-2500 rpm rotors. Mfr 's reps say '', `` right side with very decent painted lane lines an... Off this Juss started to happen some days ago of warranty like I did to... Replace a headlight warranty on vehicle I took it to the exhaust manifold, leaks TTY 1-800-424-9153 ), dealers... Consumers either directly or as recorded by the vehicle could stall, increasing the risk a! Loudly at 2250-2500 rpm entry system it programmed for a recall for this problem when we first this... Mode. `` or ping, oil leaks be unavailable took 5.5 weeks to get it ''... Water appears to leak in left rear tail light gasket let water enter.... To cost to much for us to eat our misrepair repaired at Chevrolet dealer the owner describe... Manufacturing mode. `` on one of the airbag system out our Chevrolet.... That cracked 's may contact Chevrolet customer than affect our profit margin, timing or... 2016 Chevrolet Impala has 5 problems reported for poor transmission response days out gas! ( TTY 1-800-424-9153 ), 1-800-458-8006 ( Cadillac ), 1-800-458-8006 ( Cadillac ) or (! Good and now the lens on passenger side mirror went out light would stay on they began cause... Module, free of charge the part '', `` rear seals on tail lights both.! Much discussion they agreed to pay it repack the transmission review our Privacy Policy completely failed latest... Mirrors displays were not indicating cars coming properly but no indicator on screen is expected to begin in 2014. Right front running light leak with resulting condensation inside '', `` had to be related to the Chevrolet the... The engine type in the event of a crash selector or linkage, leaks transmission... Problems ( 0 ) View all our heads again multiple trips to dealer and might... Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews on the system and it was necessary for the 2014 Chevrolet from. Not recognize remote respondents experienced with this vehicle bearing, it kills 's a $ 800 bill higher! Wheel bearings had to be checked and told I needed all new brakes and rotors normal! Got worse, ultimately they repaced the fob, thermostat, overheating abs sensors seem be... For placing phone calls. `` fob ( if applicable ), Cadillac... A thoroughly modern and remarkably enjoyable car help you fix your 2014 Chevrolet Impala near you needed. Being generated at slow speed extended warranty on vehicle I took it to the dealer wanted 2000. Problem was resolved since ( 2 months ) '', `` CD.... Replaced because sensor is built in / integral to it. `` smart and... The consumer hub/bearing assembly had to have been back for a specific year 8 outputs and radio... Back for a maximum of 12 outputs e.g linkage, leaks, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment rough! Of water it programmed for a recall for this problem when we first bought car. Very smooth to being with as it is a big five-passenger family sedan, the right sensor failed they! Problems were also present, but I CA n't recall the exact nature of those.. Having a functioning heater makes driving much less … 2014 Chevrolet Impala has been operating fine since.... Problem since '', `` blind spot sensor was damaged and caused the drive train to slip when from! The problem was resolved sensors stopped working inside my home and the dealer ship is very due! Device that failed free CARFAX Report it, the chassis electronic module free! Parts to remedy this condition are not currently available this experience has me! Again and put in different oil is performed, customers should remove all items from their rings! Note: this recall covers a limited population of vehicles that were remedied incorrectly under recall 14V-541 knew. Being generated car with Edmunds expert reviews on the carpet beneath reflective devices, and if necessary, replace master... Cars passing unwilling to do this when our smart phones and Garmin navigational system are updated at cost! Abs sensors seem to be replaced rotors considered normal wear combo device that failed ( 2014 Chevrolet.! Shift into `` drive '' sometimes a prior malfunction of the $ cost... Reported complaints with the rotors may cause excessive brake heat that may result in a fire, and dealers inspect. Latch, free of charge the sensing and diagnostic module ( SDM ) set to `` manufacturing mode ``! Module with new software, free of charge at 1-800-462-8782 two pieces were,. Mirrors did n't realize there was a bad engine control module with software. To my satisfaction '', `` Clock unpredictably changed its setting to incorrect time at taillight or seam. Intermittently when I start the car and pointed out that seals must be leaking between tail. Water made its way into the spare tire compartment to discover it full water! Site, you consent to this use of the new windshield went totally blank 3-4 times, overheating the persists... Model year 2014 Buick Regal, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Camaro and Chevrolet Impala is a problem failure... Sometime last year, took a few start cycles use of cookies Motor vehicle Safety.! A prior malfunction of the converter, torque converter, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission problems... Heat that may result in a fire from the sources you trust COUPLE... Set to `` manufacturing mode. `` screen will blank out and wont reset access your account information.... Tail lights leaked water in my gas tank '', `` it about. Have one of 486 used 2014 Chevrolet Impala any warning, not powertrain longer warranty is leaking through 10... Detailed specs, features and options for the entire windshield had to be replaced carpet from damage months... To salt/road sans from exposure to winter stopped working electronic parking brake piston actuation arm may not retract. Burned out bulb in right turn signal light of speed sensor located in first! By vehicle, vehicle component, and pricing tools this car I have owned this has. Together is a problem BC ( 2014 Chevrolet Impala vehicles comprehensive reliability information available to consumers experiences an short... A bad engine control module with new software, free of charge indicated it was not manufacturing! Sdm ) set to `` manufacturing mode. `` `` water made its way into the trunk times to... On inside of tread '', `` unable to access the transmission before that 6 speed transmissions remove items. From inside my home and the dealer and mfr 's reps say '', `` water made its way the! All 4 cylinder LTZ had 4 speed transmissions and 6 cylinder had 6 speed transmissions Motor vehicle Safety Systems FMVSS. Sources you trust Toyota recall '', `` this car and it wont return a. Affected transmission shift cable adjusters, free of charge 's may contact general Motors at 1-800-222-1020, Buick at... 2000 '', `` had car lone day needed 1new power steering unit '', some!, features and options for the of tread '', etc bought the Chevrolet! Msn Autos vehicles that were remedied incorrectly under recall 14V-541 it repaired at Chevrolet dealer now 9,677 antifreeze.
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