Previous Next. Zinnias make good cut flowers. 50 seeds/2.00; 1/2 oz./14.00. Pumila Zinnia Seed Mix - "Cut & Come Again" Looking for the ultimate mix for cutting Zinnias? Producing an abundance of brightly colored blooms approximately 2-3 inches across, Pumila Zinnias actually throw more blooms the more you cut! The Cut and Come Again Zinnia is just like its name, its the best variety for those who love fresh cut flowers again and again! Previous Next. This variety features rounded, flat petaled flowers that are 6.5-8 cm (2.5-3") in diameter. Zinnia elegans. QTY. Fill your home with color this summer! Very heat-tolerant! Zinnia Seeds Pumila / Cut and Come Again Mix -Zinnia elegans. Discuss this image. Zinnia pumila 'Cut & Come Again' Type: Annuals: A bed of Zinnia elegans pumila ‘Cut & Come Again’. Zinnia elegans Long-lasting flowers. Makes an excellent cut flower. reseed easily, creating a cut-and-come-again garden each summer. This heirloom zinnia is also known as “Cut and Come Again.” Shortest of the cutting zinnias we grow, it will grow just to about 2 feet and is a better “fit” for many flower beds. Comes in a variety of colors, red, pink, white, yellow, etc... Plants grow about 2ft tall and are multi-branched, and covered with blooms up until frost. They are easy to grow and reliable. Zinnia pumila 'Cut & Come Again' My first zinnia plant. Zinnia elegans ‘Pumila Mix’: Also known as Cut-and-Come-Again Zinnia. The ultimate Heirloom Zinnia cultivar for cut flowers, Pumila Mix, also known as Cut and Come Again will fill your garden and your home with bright and lively blooms throughout summer and fall! I will definitely grow these again! About Zinnia. Zinnias are native to Mexico but they have long been a favorite in annual gardens across the US and elsewhere. The mix of semi double and fully double flowers bloom in pink, yellow, red, and white. Their vibrant flowers will re-bloom until frost, ensuring color in the garden all summer. The more you cut of these full double blooms, the more they grow! Pumila Mix Zinnia aka “Cut & Come Again” Posted on March 10, 2015. Mixed Colors. Look no further than our Pumila Cut & Come Again mix! Makes a nice looking plant with blooms all the way to the ground. Old-fashioned favorites are perfect for cut bouquets. Bright blooms in warm colors. Some freshly collected seeds. Growing only 18-24 inches tall, Zinnia Pumila Mix or so called Cut and Come Again Mix is a compact zinnia variety with bright-green foliage and double or semi-double, 2-3 inches across, flowers that come in a wide range of colors such as orange, yellow, white, pink, violet, and red. Pumilas are the classic cut and come again zinnia mixture. Zinnias (Zinnia spp.) Pumila Mix has 1-1.5 inch wide flowers that are semi-double to double. This species is native to Mexico, and plants are fast-growing and long-blooming. The mix of colors include pink, purple, orange, red, white and yellow. This wonderful variety blooms in a rainbow of colors and provides endless flowers from mid-summer all the way until frost, giving you a multitude of blooms to cut and bring indoors. Zinnia, Pumila Mix Zinnia elegans Garden Flower Name: Cut & Come Again Zinnia Pompon/ Pumila mix zinnias are solid colored flowers with blooms up to 2" across. Zinnia, "Cut and Come Again," Zinnia elegans pumila $2.50. An American Lady butterfly visiting Zinnia About Zinnias. Wt. I don’t feel like my summer garden would be complete with zinnias, and every year I like to experiment with a different variety.
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