523 likes. The British authorized the Polish 2nd Corps to wear the 8th Army patch after their outstanding performance at the Battle of Cassino. Polish II Corps (Polish: Drugi Korpus Wojska Polskiego), 1943–1947, was a major tactical and operational unit of the Polish Armed Forces in the West during World War II. Military records identify individuals who served in the military or who were eligible for service. It was commanded by Lieutenant General Władysław Anders and by the end of 1945 it had grown to well over 100,000 soldiers. 2nd Army Corps: 2nd Artillery Group of 2nd Corps: 3rd Carparthian Infantry Division Gen. Table 1 I Polish Corps: unit/formation locations on 1st February 1941 After World War II There are at least 3 sailings where the ship's manifest states the number of aliens that sailed but the actual passenger list is missing, . My maternal grandfather was a member of the 2nd Polish Corps, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division during the Italian Campaign, specifically the action at … Polish II Corps. When war broke out the Polish Army in France numbered 82,000 men from Poland or émigré families. 2nd Lt., AAA of the 2nd Polish Corps (Italy 1945) 01 M40 battle dress, AAA colors of the collar tabs 02 American woollen shirt 03 M40 overcoat 04 M42 beret 05 boots 06 M37 breadbag 07 dog tags 08 ribbons of the Monte Cassino Cross 09 2nd Polish Corps Artillery memorial badge 10 Polish-English pocket … Despite equipment shortages, it was planned to form 2 infantry corps (Grenadier Division, 2nd Rifle Division, the Independent Rifle Brigade), an armoured division, up to 20 air force squadrons and auxiliary services. Many of them were orphans who lost their parents in Soviet Russia in exile or in prison camps. The mermaid with a sword & shield was the symbol of the 2nd Corps. The Polish 2nd Corps became a major tactical and operational unit of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. The objective of this Index is to gather as many names of the soldiers of the Polish 2 Corps, both from archives in Poland and overseas, as well as from … With the demobilising of the Polish Army through the Polish Resettlement Corps commencing in 1946 and the return of the 2nd Polish Corps from Italy, many other camps were set up, particularly in England, to house the returning troops. The unit was most famous for … The founders, all 2nd Corps Veterans, wished to show the price of freedom through their experience under arms-unique experience in military history, from hopeless adversity to gallant victory. They will list his place of birth plus mother's and father's names as well as details of his service record. This page pays homage to the men who fought in Poland's II Corps during World War 2. n early 1943, the Polish Air Force Command received a message that in the Middle East along with gen. Anders 2nd Corps had arrived about 1,500 boys aged 15 years (actually 12 to 16 years). Evidence that an ancestor actually served may be found in biographies or family, census, probate, civil registration, or church records. Anders commanded the Corps throughout the Italian Campaign, capturing Monte Cassino on 18 May 1944, later fighting on the Gothic Line and in the final spring offensive. Thanks to Leigh Kitchen for redirecting me to this forum.. Tables . Museum of the Polish Army Second Corps Permanent Exhibit and Memorial Chapel were opened on 8, July 1984. Most young men were required to serve in or register for military service in Poland. I'm a first generation Canadian of Polish descent searching for information and in need of some direction. The Index of 2nd Corps soldiers is a project that the Kresy-Siberia Foundation begun in 2012, with the financial support of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression. The majority of displaced Polish nationals arrived in the UK by sea in ships listed below and in most cases their names can be found on each ship's passenger list.
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