Experiment in any work you currently do. That will not only make you more marketable at your current company, it gives you an edge out in the job market. And in times when there really is no work, I go around searching for work and if I'm still unsuccessful, I'll try to make work that will make existing processes more efficient. But crafting cover letters over email and discreetly updating your LinkedIn profile is probably safe. If you’re expecting a call, keep your phone on vibrate in your pocket, or silenced on your desk where you can see it ring. You never know when that will catch someone’s eye. It may reassure you somewhat to know that the situation you describe is sadly fairly common … Pester your boss. You won’t be bored and your career will flourish because of it. Just because you aren’t focused on achievement and want to goof off doesn’t mean others have your same lack of work ethic. Make your personal life the office focus. You’ll gain admiration and respect. But in order to give full attention to your work, you need to leave your personal problems at home. Required fields are marked *. If you’re unclear about the sensitive nature of the information, err on the side of confidential and you’ll be in good shape. 1. Instead, we’re simply told condescendingly that “masks work,” “science shows masks work,” and other unproven nonsense, as if they think if … Explain to your superiors that you don’t feel challenged enough. google_ad_height = 250; It's a rare employee who wants to feel like a failure as they leave the workplace daily. No one will even notice. (If you’re reading this at … Do everyone a favor and help maintain the quiet. What are you interested in? Take this opportunity to build a new skill, start a side business or work your way into more significant projects at your new job. Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. Whatever information you’re spreading won't make anyone look as bad as you make yourself appear for being the nasty and uncaring messenger. Take a break and go somewhere private, or better yet, save it until you get home. When you’re at work, phone calls should be work-related. Your email address will not be published. Considering you have plenty of time you can experiment with the way you do work. At a minimum, when you have an employee in the office who has no work to do right that minute, you should make it clear to them that you’re okay with them doing nothing until you have something else for them – as an employee, I often find having to put on the appearance of not slacking off is far more stressful than having nothing to do. You know what will likely happen? Networking: 3. This secret formula is ... 2. You are paid to get a job done; you better do the work and spend your own free time on Social Media sites. Send emails you wouldn’t want your boss to see. Like if someone is at home but doing something related to his job, and an interruption comes along, he might say, "I'm at work -- tell them to call back later". Downtime is a rare thing in most workplaces — but there’s a good chance you’ll experience a slow day every once in a while. Even if you don’t have the logical math brain that typically picks up Ruby on Rails or C++ without much trouble, it is worth it to struggle through some basic stuff. Just make sure to take a class in something you are at least mildly interested in. Just be careful about photos of college friends and party pictures from back in the day. It helps you network, it gives you a break from the screen-filled prison in which you spend your days and it can mean a new friend. As Brudney explains, the Fair Labor Standards Act dictates that you have a right to be paid for all the work you do during all the hours you work… Don't assume everyone thinks your performance is worth the trouble and irritation you cause. You should always be going to lunch with someone. If you really can’t wait until after work, or you got so wasted the night before that you’re still messed up, you likely have a serious problem with substances. It happened because the executives compromised quality to get the units out ASAP and outmaneuver their closest competitor. The police were not in uniform while doing undercover work. To listen to a particular band or type of music while working. Try Tinder, OKCupid, or Grindr.
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