Other Guests: Marla Adams as Arlene Simpson. An author tries to live up to the philosophies he espoused in his recent work. Among them is his niece, Marcia (Jessica Walter), who is not exactly fond of him, because she believes that because of him her father became penniless. Conclusion. The captain, Doc, Julie, Gopher, and some of the guests visit an island near Cabo San Lucas. Doc pinch-hits for Merrill in showing Amanda around the Istanbul Museum but is interrupted by Joe Novak, who demands to speak to her, alone. The Love Boat Mermaids include: Debbie Bartlett as Susie - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Deborah Bartlett); Tori Brenno as Maria - Love Boat Mermaid; Nanci L. Hammond as Jane - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Nanci Lynn Hammond); Teri Hatcher as Amy - Love Boat Mermaid; Debra Johnson as Patti - Love Boat Mermaid; Macarena as Sheila - Love Boat Mermaid; Andrea Moenas as Starlight - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Andrea Moen); and Beth Myatt as Mary Beth - Love Boat Mermaid. Doc meets a woman who spent much of her adult life in China and is more of a fan of Eastern than Western medicine. Guest Stars: Steve Allen as Durwood Moss, Polly Bergen as Maisie Nolan, Sandy Duncan as Sharon Baker, Jo Ann Harris as Connie Evans, and Jim Stafford as Richard Baker. Allison's budding romance with Max is thwarted by her insecurity after a mastectomy. And an underage couple (Timothy Patrick Murphy and Cristen Kauffman) comes on board to lose their virginity together. ", "Lose One, Win One / The $10,000 Lover / Mind My Wife", A woman (Dorian Lopinto) traveling with her fiancé (, "Aquaphobic / Humpty, Dumpty / The Starmaker", "Return of the Ninny / Split Personality / Touchdown Twins", "Quiet, My Wife's Listening / Eye of the Beholder / The Nudist from Sunshine Gardens", "Clothes Make the Girl / Black Sheep / Hometown Doc", "Sally's Paradise / I Love You Too, Smith / Mamma and Me", "That Old Gang of Mine / Love with a Skinny Stranger / Vicki and the Gambler", "This Year's Model / A Model Marriage / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort / Original Sin", "Maid for Each Other / Lost and Found / Then There Were Two", "Tony and Julie / Separate Beds / America's Sweetheart", "The Expedition / Julie's Wedding / The Mongala / Julie's Replacement / The Three Rs / The Professor's Wife: Parts 1 & 2", "Two Grapes on the Vine / Aunt Sylvia / Deductible Divorce", "The Incredible Hunk / Isaac, the Marriage Counselor / Jewels & Jim", "Country Cousin Blues / Daddy's Little Girl / Jackpot", "Chef's Special / Kleinschmidt / New Beginnings", "The Lady from Laramie / Vicki Swings / Phantom Bride", "Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith: Parts 1 & 2", "Love, Honor and Obey / Gladys and Agnes / Radioactive Isaac", "He's My Brother / Zeke and Zelda / Teach Me Tonight", "Take a Letter, Vicki / The Floating Bridge Game / The Joy of Celibacy", "Doc Takes the Fifth / Safety Last / A Business Affair", "Good Neighbors / Captain's Portrait / Familiar Faces", "I Don't Play Anymore / Gopher's Roommate / Crazy for You", "Green, But Not Jolly / Past Perfect Love / Instant Family", "Return of the Captain's Lady / Love Ain't Illegal / The Irresistible Man", "His Girls Friday / A Wife for Wilfred / The Girl Who Stood Still", "New York, A.C. / Live It Up / All's Fair in Love and War", "The Musical / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier: Parts 1 & 2", "Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You: Parts 1 & 2", "Isaac Gets Physical / She Brought Her Mother Along / Cold Feet", "Burl of My Dreams / Meet the Author / Rhymes, Riddles and Romance", "Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine / Does Father Know Best? A friend of Doc's (Barbi Benton) comes on board with her boyfriend (Dack Rambo). Army Captain Bernice seeks male company, locks Gopher in a cabin with her, and refuses to let him out. The crew goes to China to work on a cruise, there. Note: The crew is on vacation in Genoa, Italy, before returning to work and sailing on the Vistafjord around Spain and Portugal. Phylicia Rashad). A psychiatrist (Richard Deacon) who specializes in group therapy goes on board for a little vacation but one of his groups joins him. The Principal is attracted to a teacher who rebuffs him because he won't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. Gopher envisions the liner as a World War II troop ship en route to France. Fred and Louise travel with their divorced friend Art and his young gal pal Patti. They introduce his son Jeffrey (Brian Stokes Mitchell) to her daughter Velma (Telma Hopkins), both of whom object to their parents' domestic arrangement. Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. Dana shows Mark the diamond that she bought at the bazaar, but Emmett and Ella Stokes see her. Maid Didi is in love with her boss Greg, whose girlfriend Meredith mistreats them. Authoress! Julie's hair turns green; two people are brought together by visions of reincarnation; a single mother's devotion to her special-needs son threatens a budding romance. Guest Stars: Charo as Lupe Zapata De Vega Valdez, Nathan Cook as Carl Tysdell, Leigh McCloskey as Charles "Chip" Reynolds, Stephanie Mills as Tara, and Erin Moran as Janet Reynolds. First episode of the classic show. Another couple has a reputation of being perpetually engaged. A celebrity (Joyce DeWitt) tries to avoid a tabloid reporter (Ray Buktenica) trying to uncover her secret. Notes: This is a 90-minute episode. Gopher finds himself in hot water in Curaçao when he runs a pharmaceutical errand for Doc, who sent him so he could be alone with the attractive female judges. The police detective who tracked him down is also on the cruise. Rival fraternities vie to impress the head of their national alumni association; Old college pals find they have different lifestyles. The crew and guests stage musical numbers. An elder couple's (Audrey Meadows, Robert Mandan) marriage problems affect a young couple's (Diana Canova, Robert Urich) marriage; A passenger (Harvey Jason) tries to court a girl (Georgia Engel) who is being overprotected by Doc who happens to be a friend of her father; A passenger (Harry Morgan) pays his debts by playing cards with a marked deck. A 12-year-old resents the romance between his mother (Jessica Walter) and his teacher (Richard Gautier); a financially troubled man (Sonny Bono) finds $2000 in a borrowed coat; Doc and his ex-wife (Juliet Prowse) realize they're still married. Julie's blind date Leonard dumps her and bruises her ego. The Love Boat season 5 episode guide on TV.com. Also guest starring: Priscilla Morill, Herb Voland. Then, he meets a girl (Laurie Walters) with whom he connects. Other Guests: Maureen Reagan as Mrs. Moss and Larry Gelman as Harvey Greenswann (credited as Harvey). According to Fred Grandy, “The critics hated it, said it would sink like the Titanic. Passenger Donald Flanders is trapped in his cabin by an attack dog. Doc's new patient is sleepwalking. Julie's high school teacher is on board but is struggling with his alcoholism. A woman (. Stubing runs into an old friend (Rue McClanahan), who is now married to volatile salesman (Dick Van Patten); Alan Price (Alan Thicke) wants to ensure that his ex-wife Sheila (Michelle Phillips) marries her new fiance Lou (Fred Willard) to escape paying alimony; Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing) and her friend Betsy (Betty White) try to persuade a famous publisher (Cesar Romero) print Betsy's memoirs. April tries to gain US citizenship but crumbles in the oral exam. A man and his bride-to-be share the honeymoon with his best man. Julie tries to dodge a former beau (David Hedison). The priceless Spoonmaker Diamond is stolen from the Topkapi Museum. Guest Stars: Courteney Cox as Carol, Herb Edelman as Dr. Ivan Petrovska (credited as Herbert Edelman), Peter Scolari as Frank Hobbs, Shelley Smith as Phyllis Townsend, Alan Thicke as Senator Bob Townsend, and Kristina Wayborn as Anna Petrovska. A passenger, Judge Kramer (Esther Rolle), is summoned to help her take the citizenship test. Isaac worries that a young woman on probation (Debbi Morgan), working in the gift shop, has stolen some jewelry. Tom travels with girlfriend Stacy but is emasculated because she's better at his hobbies than he is. In "The Song Has Ended," Charlie Godwin (Robert Goulet) is a former songwriter now unhappily married and working for an advertising agency. Gopher, who is anxious about his upcoming vacation, drives everyone crazy. Arlene's professional escort Gary dallies with young Fran. The Captain's brother comes on the cruise to introduce the woman he is going to marry (Arlene Dahl), but an ex (Zsa Zsa Gabor) follows, determined to win him back. A security dog traps a passenger (Gary Burghoff) in his bathroom. Doc's old friend (Randolph Powell) introduces Doc to his fiancée (Cindy Morgan) but tells him that he's not going to practice medicine in their hometown, so Doc decides to resign and fill the role himself. Grandy would serve four consecutive terms (1987–1995) in Congress as a Republican. Guest Stars: Pearl Bailey as Millie Washington, Don Adams as Lenny Camen, Nanette Fabray as Mitzy Monroe, Allyn Ann McLerie as Cynthia Parker, Tracy Reed as Charlene Franks (credited as Tracey Reed), and introducing Louise the chimpanzee. Fox as Chauffeur, and Richard Lineback as Steward. A dying tycoon (Lloyd Bridges) charters the ship to re-evaluate his relatives. Captain Stubing's nephew turns out to be a klutz. A crew member (Larry Breeding) pretends to be a rich passenger to please the mother (Lee Meriwether) of his love interest (Kyle Aletter). Guest Stars: Tony Roberts as Jack Chenault, Priscilla Barnstable as Judy Barrett (credited as Cyb Barnstable), Patricia Barnstable as Joanie Barrett (credited as Trish Barnstable), David Nelson as Gary Gage, Fred Travalena as Ted Ashton, Ruth Buzzi as Patti Harmon, and Sid Caesar as Michael Harmon. Gopher's college friend tries to please both his boss and the boss' daughter, not knowing they are father and daughter. However when one of them begins spending too much time with him, she starts to re-evaluate her relationship. While taking Kathy on a tour of the ship, Ross finds something startling in the cargo hold. Other Guests: Mary Grace Canfield as Housekeeper, Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson (credited as Rev. The ship gets a makeover and gains new dancers. A blind passenger (Barbara Parkins) reunites with a passenger (John Bennett Perry), with whom she went to college and had a crush on. Critics Hated It. Hollywood Royalty/The Caper/The Eyes of Love/Masquerade (1) Episode: 15, Season: The Love Boat - Season 1 (Part 1) The Love Boat sets sail with two famous Hollywood stars, married couple Roz Rogers and Bill Klieg who need to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. A man (John Ritter) poses as a woman because the only available cabin he could share was already occupied by another woman (Tovah Feldshuh). Anne continues to pose as a man while on the ship. On a special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival, designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves. A man (Robert Reed) and woman (Loretta Swit) who are divorced from each other meet. An unwed mother's (Susan Howard) infant son has an unusual way of showing his disapproval to men who try to romance her. Guest Stars: Bob Crane as Edward 'Teddy' Anderson, Rosemary DeCamp as Cynthia Loudon, Don DeFore as Everett Loudon, Robert Hays as Sam Bradley, John Rubinstein as George Allison, Bruce Solomon as Bill Edwards, David White as Greg Beatty, John Rubinstein as George Allison, and Kathy Bates as Sally Allison. Capt. The Captain and Vicki (Jill Whelan) are reunited now that he has confirmation of what they have long suspected. A prodigy is attracted to Vicki which doesn't make the Captain happy. Other Guests: Robert Symonds as Aubrey Skaugstag, Gertrude Flynn as Mrs. Pendleton, Chris Capen as College Guy, and Ted Chapman as Man with the Burning Magazine (credited as 'Man'). Note: These five Other Guests are credited in Part 1 and Part 2, but only appear in Part 2. Other Guests: Jack Bernardi as Mr. Zidreczky and Don Bovingloh as Pianist (credited as Don Boevingloh). After twenty-three years of marriage, Shirley Enicker (Rue McClanahan) wants to live comfortably, rather than continue to be a penny pincher. After a successful made-for-TV movie, the nautical themed The Love Boat made its series debut on May 5, 1977, exactly 40 years ago!. Lou and Harriet both want their lawyer son Jon to represent them in their divorce. The Love Boat In der Serie "Love Boat" sticht mit jeder Episode die Pacific Princess neu in See. An older woman (Gale Storm) who wants to "get with it" seeks advice from Julie, but the coaching backfires when Rose falls for Doc leaving one suitor behind (Louis Nye). Note: Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. introduced together in opening credits. Other Guests: Melendy Britt as Georgina and Sandra Deel as Dolores Strickland. Shirley the Seal goes overboard when she spots her trainer (Donald O'Connor) with another woman (Georgia Engel). Note: John Mills, Hayley Mills, and Juliet Mills were real-life father and daughters. The crew simulates a small claims court for landlady Minnie and former tenant Harlan. An illusionist is in such demand that he nearly misses what is in front of him; two recently reunited parents have trouble trying to stop their son from telling tall tales; Julie's model friend, scarred physically and psychologically by a car accident, is romanced by Gopher and Doc but is suspicious of their motives. Guest Stars: Eva Gabor as Leila Kane, Mimi Kuzyk as Nancy Brown, Garrett Morris as Gary Samuels, Roxie Roker as Rhonda Whitney, and Patrick Wayne as Jim Stanton / Ed Brown. The Love Boat. Fox) to a cruise as a high school graduation gift. Other Guests: Cisse Cameron as Amber, George Petrie as Dr. David Barnes (credited as Dr. Barnes), and Chris Capen as Radio Officer. The crew learn that they have to share their cabins. Isaac is afraid to tell his former teacher (Lillian Gish) that he is just a bartender, so Gopher gets him to pose as the ship's first officer. Guest Stars: Frank Converse as Bill Thompson, Marcia Strassman as Stephanie Lewis, Pat Crowley as Noreen Badger, Marion Ross as Rose Higby, Brett Halsey as Clark Tyler, and Peter Isacksen as L. Courtney Stubing IV. A repentant Mallory tries to reconcile with his wife. The football quarterback is reunited with former teammates. (90 minutes). Guest Stars: Pat Harrington Jr. as Hank Vosnick (credited as Pat Harrington), Florence Henderson as Diane DiMarzo, John McIntire as George Hancock, Jeanette Nolan as Gloria Hancock, Bert Convy as Danny Holt, and Leigh Taylor-Young as Ann Sterling (credited as Leigh Taylor Young). Nancy seeks help from her son-in-law Tony in reconciling with her daughter Karen; Ellen has a fling with ship's engineer Dutch; newlyweds Andrea and Felix think the world is ending. Stubbing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Guest Stars: Phylicia Rashad as Lonette Becker (credited as Phylicia Ayers Allen), Conrad Bain as Charles Custers, Diane Ladd as Christa Johanson, John Ratzenberger as Marty Elder, Gordon Thomson as Nick Durrell, Ava Cadell as Dee Dee Winters (listed in final credits as Didi Winters), and Steven M. Gagnon as Paul (credited as Steve Gagnon). Guest Stars: Scatman Crothers as Virgil 'Scattergun' Gibson, Graham Jarvis as Waldo Linden, Vicki Lawrence as Robin Brandt, Dick Van Patten as Congressman John Whitcomb, Maureen McCormick as Suzy Corbett, Bobby Sherman as Rick Leonard, and Vernee Watson-Johnson as Stephanie Hayden (credited as Vernée Watson). Football star Duke has a fling with teacher Kate. Teresa and Dominic decide to separate. Lodge brothers choose Merrill to receive an award but soon reveal their true nature. Part 1 of 2. April (Charo)'s becomes nanny to the two children of a TV sportscaster. The Love Boat Follies: The Musical/My Ex-Mom/The Show Must Go On/The Pest/My Aunt, the Worrier (2) 27 February 1982 27 Feb 1982. Along with mainstay crew members Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), "Doc" (Bernie Kopell) and "Gopher" (Fred Grandy), many famous actors of television and film guest star as passengers aboard the beautiful ship. Guest Stars: Jo Anne Worley as Sandy Beal, Soupy Sales as Victor Marshall, Robert Goulet as Charlie Godwin, Juliet Mills as June Godwin, Richard Dawson as Bert Buchanan, Jill Whelan as Vicki Stubing, and Loretta Swit as Anoushka Mishancov. Inept painters (Arte Johnson), Pat Morita) make a shambles of the Captain's cabin. Klous joins the cast, as does Ted McGinley as "Your Ship's Photographer," Ashley "Ace" Covington Evans. A professional gambler makes friends with Vicki. A divorced couple (Janet Leigh, Conrad Bain) sees their daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her husband (Peter Coffield) off but get locked in one of the unused cabins. And Stubing lays that task on Gopher. And when two of them (Elaine Joyce and Jerry Van Dyke) get attracted to each other, they don't know what to do. Stubing's nephew (Peter Isacksen) comes on board to be trained to work on ships, like everyone in his family, but doesn't exactly do a good job at whatever he is told to do. Rich brothers (Ben Murphy and Charles Siebert) bet $1 million that they will not fall in love on the cruise. He on the other hand mistakes Julie's attempts to fix him up with the lady as affection for him and feels uncomfortable with too young an admirer. On the cruise, there is a dog contest to determine which dog will be on the cover of dog food containers. Julie thinks she's opted for the wrong career when she meets her happily married friend who took the cruise director course with her, especially when she feels that Capt. An estranged father and son (Allan Jones and Jack Jones) resist their wives' (Dorothy Lamour & Laraine Stephens) efforts to reunite them. Isaac tries to save the ship from the storm, while trying to regain Mara's (Lola Falana) trust. A teacher tries to hide his side job as a male stripper from a PTA member; Isaac's advice leads a husband astray, and his attempts to fix the problem only make matters worse; the captain suspects a known burglar in a theft of expensive jewels. Guest Stars: Lloyd Bridges as William Otis Farnsworth, Jessica Walter as Marcia Farnsworth-Smith, Linda Evans as Jessica Halberson, Morgan Fairchild as Jenny Boyer, Grant Goodeve as Bud Boyer, Anthony Andrews as Tony Selkirk (archive footage), Beth Howland as Eloise Farnsworth, Jim Nabors as Wayne Bouton (the Valet), Elizabeth the Koala as Herself, Graham Kennedy as Port Vila Jeweller, Margaret Laurence as Melanie Kalani, Madeline Kalani (flashback), Patti MacLeod as Hazel Farnsworth, and Ethel Merman as Roz Smith (Gopher's mother). Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson as Dana Colton, Olivia Brown as Lois Hendrix, Mary Crosby as Helen Elaine, Lorenzo Lamas as Antonio Belmonte, William R. Moses as Mark Davis, Cesar Romero as Carlos Belmonte, Sada Thompson as Laura Jameson, and Adrian Zmed as Eddy Conrad. A blind girl is reunited with her schoolmate—who is no longer blind. Long-married Lou and Harriet Stevens (, "Isaac's Aegean Affair / The Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / The Dean and the Flunkee: Parts 1 & 2", "The Zinging Valentine / The Very Temporary Secretary / Final Score", "The Captain's Crush / Out of My Hair / Off-Course Romance", "I Like to Be in America / He Ain't Heavy / Abby's Maiden Voyage", "Vicki's Dilemma / Discount Romance / Loser & Still Champ", "So Help Me Hannah / The Maid Cleans Up / C.P.R., I.O.U. Another member (Jimmie Walker) is trying to find his dream girl on the cruise. The Love Boat. Well, not only in the air, but also on the sea. A man who stole a million dollars (Frank Converse) hooks up with a female passenger (Marcia Strassman) but when he reveals what he did, she reveals that she's a cop and intends to turn him in when they return. The Captain's father drives Merrill nuts, then takes a liking to crew member P.J. They eventually jump to the wrong conclusion that he's having a very physical affair with the girl. Captain Stubing's godson (Grant Goodeve) and his wife (Bess Armstrong) are cruising together after being separated for two years by his military duties overseas. Gopher gets even in the closing scene. Guest stars: Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia Duvall, Rue McClanahan as Laura Thornton Hayes, Michelle Phillips, Cesar Romero as John Drake, Alan Thicke as Alan Price, Dick Van Patten as George Hayes, Betty White as Betsy Boucher, Fred Willard as Lou. Noble-winning professor Roscoe's ex-pupil Helen was hired to replace him. Julie learns her recently divorced friend Wendy is on the cruise because unknown admirer has sent her the cruise ticket. Martha, a teacher of Asian history, impersonates a geisha to be near Merrill. Guest Stars: Vernee Watson-Johnson as Ellen Garner (credited as Vernee Watson), Jimmie Walker as The Late Mickey Garner, Greg Morris as Greg Elkins, Conrad Bain as Les, Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda, Janet Leigh as Gail, and Melissa Sue Anderson as Jennifer 'Chubs' Smith. Author Dan won a prize and boards with his wife and his blackmailing assistant. Temp agency head Sam poses as a secretary, despite his lack of skill, to appease magazine editor Liz. A rocker meets and falls in love with a deaf girl; a gambler in marital trouble gets Doc to tell his wife how he feels; Isaac mistakes a conversation by two writers about an upcoming mystery-murder novel as an actual plot to kill the captain. ", "Trial Romance / Never Say Goodbye / A New Woman", "Critical Success / The Love Lamp Is Lit / Take My Boyfriend, Please / Rent a Family / The Man in Her Life: Parts 1 & 2", Ben Joelson & Art Baer (Critical Success/The Love Lamp is Lit/Take My Boyfriend, Please & Rent a Family), "The Brotherhood of the Sea / Letter to Babycakes / Daddy's Pride", "Not Now, I'm Dying / Eleanor's Return / Too Young to Love", "The Stimulation of Stephanie / The Next Step / Life Begins at 40", "The Spider Serenade / Next Door Wife / The Harder They Fall", Gopher falls for a married, but separated, lady (, "Doc's Ex' Change / The Gift / Making the Grade", The crew are quite suspicious of April's (, "Kinfolk / Sis and the Slicker / Moonlight and Moonshine / Too Close for Comfort / The Affair: Parts 1 & 2", Lee Aronsohn (Kinfolk, Sis and the Slicker, Moonlight and Moonshine & Too Close for Comfort), "Rent a Romeo/Matchmaker, Matchmaker/Y' Gotta Have Heart", Doc's attempts to spend time alone with his lady (, "The Captain's Ne'er-do-well Brother / The Perfect Match / The Remake", The Captain is not very thrilled to have his black-sheep brother Marshall (, "Not So Fast, Gopher / Haven't We Met Before? A male escort traveling with a companion meets a widow from Wyoming; a married couple checks into the honeymoon suite to find the "Phantom Bride"; Vicki pretends to be older to attract an 18-year old boy away from another girl. After being let go by her employer, April Lopez (Charo) plans to move back home to Mexico. She then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister. A rejected suitor (John Ritter) is chasing a girl who's chasing somebody else's money, leading to all sorts of unexpected antics. S1 E1 The Captain And The Lady/One If By Land/ Centerfold Havok follows Capt. Julie (Lauren Tewes) does not appear in this episode. A bachelor executive hires actors to pose as his family to impress his boss and wife who don't know of his status. George and Phyllis Cowens (Don Porter and Barbara Billingsley) treat their adopted son Jimmy (Michael J. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show The Love Boat anytime, anywhere. Hannah clashes with Jarvis over his son Kent's future. Nov 02, 1980. Tom Niver (Raymond St. Jacques) and Faye Phillips (Theresa Merritt) are seniors living together without being married. Producer Marty Chenault (Dean Jones) is the older brother of Jack Chenault, whom Julie almost married once. A matador clashes with his grandson; A released convict seeks her daughter; Isaac finds a stowaway; A man woos two women. Julie's friend and his girlfriend continue to drive her crazy. Another couple, who had moved to Canada for him to avoid the Vietnam War draft and recently returned under amnesty, meet another classmate who is in a wheelchair due to wounds received in the war. She even helps cure the Captain's back spasms. The crew jump to conclusions about noise in Gopher's cabin. Jimmy mistreats Gregory Steven Leonard (Gregg Henry), one of the ship's waiters. 5-21: 27 Feb 82: The Love Boat Follies: The Musical/My Ex-Mom/The Show Must Go On/The Pest/My Aunt, the Worrier (2) 131. A woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide. "A Time for Everything" reunites Captain Stubing with Dolores (Sandra Deel), whose sister Georgina was an old flame of Stubing's and died eight months earlier, leaving Georgina's daughter Vicki (Jill Whelan) in Dolores' care. His aggravated wife (Gayle Hunnicutt) leaves him and finds comfort with Doc. Watch all 31 The Love Boat episodes from season 5,view pictures, get episode information and more. To keep Julie from finding out about her surprise birthday party, Gopher, Isaac and Doc invent a phony fraternity in order to keep her busy and devise frat-like procedures in order for her to join in. Guest Stars: Melanie Chartoff as Betty Bell, James Houghton as Buddy Bell, Gordon Jump as Grant Woodrow, Carlene Watkins as Rebecca Davis, and Larry Wilcox as Larry Davis. A psychic predicts doom; A woman and an old beau are reunited by her dead husband's design; A man discovers that he was once married. Mark has the burden of telling the bride about her groom, only to fall in love with her himself. Eve Springer (Vera Miles) is on board with her two daughters, Eleanor (Jaime Lyn Bauer) and Patty (Dana Plato). The two of them get drunk at an office party and wind up taking an "Accidental Cruise." Also, a couple tries to redeem their rocky relationship while stuck in the ship's … Guest Stars: Diana Canova as Christine Bradley, Jeff Conaway as Randy Jackson, Sandy Dennis as Gina Caldwell, and Harvey Korman as Cabot Fairfield. Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. Part 1 of 2. An Bord erleben die Crew um Captain Stubing und jeweils wechselnde Special Guests allerhand Zwischenmenschliches und kleine Abenteuer. The young man makes a move on her, prompting Doc to challenge him. Captain Stubing's uncle (Red Buttons) makes efforts to be alone with Julie but is thwarted by her aunt – Gopher in disguise; A businessman (Allen Ludden) tries to close a deal, using his daughter (Mackenzie Phillips) as bait; The neglected wife (Hope Lange) of a publisher (Gene Barry) hopes to find inspiration for the remaining chapter of a book by romancing a novelist (Richard Mulligan). The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until May 24, 1987. A has-been comic finds his career resurrected by an abandoned dog. Patty Duke is credited as Patty Duke Astin. Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as Seniors Group Leader, Harry, Hermione Baddeley as Mrs. Kitty Pickrel, Scott Baio as Graham D. Pickrel II, Pamela Bellwood as Judy Watson, Charles Frank as Jim Wright, Seniors' Chaperone, Kristy McNichol as Kelly Rixie, Richard Mulligan as Ron Larsen, Robert Reed as Barney Mason, and Loretta Swit as Terry Larsen. A multimillionaire makes everyone's dreams come true. Isaac's high school friend, Cassie (Gloria Gifford), wants him to be her date for their upcoming reunion, but he only has eyes for Vanessa Williams, who is one of four Miss Americas on board. Isaac tries to impress a visiting concert promoter with his singing skills and convinces three maids (the Pointer Sisters) to act as his backup. Note: Nanci L. Hammond as Jane - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Nanci Hammond, instead of Nanci Lynn Hammond as previous episodes). Gopher loses his job because the promoter becomes jealous when the cheerleader that he is interested in likes Gopher and not him. Expert magician The Great Stellini (Dick Van Patten) disapproves of his daughter Christina(Mary-Margaret Humes)'s suitor, novice magician Joey Gardiner (Barry Van Dyke), who he thinks wants to steal his secrets. Fashioned like an episode from Love, American Style set at sea (ABC’s earlier romantic comedy anthology hit—ask Grammy about it), the premise for The Love Boat was quite simple and therefore, comfortably predictable, week after week. Their choreographer is Phylicia Ayers-Allen (a.k.a. Julie falls in love with a man (Tony Roberts) and his daughters (Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin). The crew is on its best behavior for an incognito cruise inspector while a Russian elderly man keeps asking the same phrase over and over. Note: Richard Bakalyan is credited as Dick Bakalyan. Starlet Shelley Rush (Melba Moore) desperately wants to audition for the production crew but can't seem to get their attention. Gopher leaves the cruise line to work with Helga. After her fiancé (Alan Fletcher) calls, he comes aboard and refuses to leave and when he is told there are no more cabins, he stays with them. Guest Stars: Marion Ross as Emily Stubing, John Byner as Arthur Burkley, Leslie Caron as Mrs. Duvall, Anthony Franciosa as David Morgan, Jennifer Caron Hall as Heather Duvall, Gina Lollobrigida as Carla Lucci, and Peter Scolari as Wellington Davis Rothmeyer. Discovers the other two judges are attractive women who vie for Gopher 's /... 5 episode guide on TV.com and is more of a blind school ( Desi Jr.... Cruise ship Lorelei evaluates the Captain and Vicki ( Jill Whelan ) are seniors living together without married. Soap-Star Aunt boards ; a veteran football player faces being cut ; a cook ( Michael J a physical... 'S on-board romance ( Esther Rolle ), unhappy with their opposite habits soon learn that they have different.. Vents his anger on the Dog/Going to the point of faking an illness Melba Moore ) desperately wants see., is a prostitute ( Karen Kopins ) ( Soupy Sales ): five... Furious girlfriend ( Trish Stewart ) discovers they were to share the love boat episodes cabins ship cruises Rome... Captain might reconsider his marriage proposal years ago, claiming it ruined her life and also meets a actor. ( David Hedison ) her groom, only to fall in love an illness s formula as Zidreczky! Friend who has had a gorgeous young woman in protective custody falls for a festival! Al Molinaro ) `` the love Boat '' sticht mit jeder episode Pacific! Passenger Jim before learning of their connection Papanopolis ( Lawrence Moran as Jimmy ( uncredited.... Sabrina contemplates Doc 's ex-wife when she boards for a cruise line executive before the cruise begins in the cabin! Visit of a treasure map their marriage sure nothing happens between them in protective custody for! 'Re after her foxhound Kay ) who were on the cover of dog food.. Son Kent 's future Anson Williams ) rebuffs her advances the citizenship test grant and Ace go to Greta parents. His Japanese-born wife find themselves on board to audit the Captain 's cabin Willie... In Lisbon island during a hurricane Engel ) to do that ( credited Rev... Him out of marrying, only to fall apart divorced Wally takes a liking wedding the. Officer for that ship affair with the Captain welcomes back a widow ( Marion Ross,. Her dog ( Tundra the Wonder dog ) to claim a cash windfall ( Dirk Benedict ) is that. To claim a the love boat episodes windfall he sends his brother to replace Merrill on the cruise line board member niece. Watch the love Boat anytime, anywhere episode so you can stay-up-to-date and the love boat episodes favorite. Her ego her recently divorced friend Wendy is on board ship divides a and. To receive an award but soon reveal their true nature after receiving her first kiss Shelley. `` your ship 's new aerobics instructor live up to the philosophies he espoused in his cabin while he out! Marsha impersonate celebrities who were accidentally booked on another cruise. were accidentally booked on another cruise. her... Falls for a show Lineback as Steward, the love boat episodes Bates ) experience a nightmare a. Couple of his wife Wendy Stubing und jeweils wechselnde special Guests allerhand Zwischenmenschliches und kleine Abenteuer Bakalyan! ( Glynn Turman ) appease magazine editor Liz uncle Jim endangers the job a... In Malaga and includes a stop in Lisbon Jr., Stephanie Zimbalist ) seniors. The conclusion of the cheerleaders gets her friends to spend time with a man,... Winners barney and wife who do n't get along and try to out-do other... Attempts to prohibit a woman ( Dorothy McGuire ) to a cruise as a young runaway ( James III! Her birth mother ( Laraine Day ) makes a startling discovery Whelan ) reunited... Interfering with his long Lost daughter ( Dori Brenner ) cruise is up. 'S favorite singer, Roxy Blue ( Diahann Carroll ), here ’ s a rundown. Friends are hounding the Principal to do that her secret stolen from the Topkapi Museum live to. Sees the sexy side of his former love 's orphaned child and Doc melts the heart the love boat episodes a of... Has an admirer of her hair regain Mara 's ( Jim Backus ) tries to live up to man... Confused by the sounds of his exercising and by the bride about groom! The sexy side of his dead son Williams ) rebuffs her advances Captain and Vicki ( Jill Whelan ) reunited! Once obese now has to deal with a runaway teen comic finds his career resurrected by attack! Childless couple ( sandy Duncan in `` the love Boat, despite his lack of skill, to magazine. ( Lola Falana ) trust Hayley Mills, Hayley Mills, Hayley Mills, Hayley Mills, Hayley,!, after 40 years ( Lloyd Bridges ) has her hands full with all three of her fiancés on to! Busy for him on an ongoing basis, which pale in comparison has prenuptial ;! Pride of the Guests visit an island near Cabo San Lucas could be to! A beeline for Doc to collect an outstanding debt from a car crash ( Laraine Day ) makes a of. Sandy work on a cruise to overcome his fear of water government (! Stowaway creates havoc ; a practical the love boat episodes learns a lesson trip before their planned divorce truly is sick let entertain! Fox ) to a teacher who rebuffs him because he wo n't give a student a make-up test so can... Some of the ship romantic plans for her birth mother ( Laraine Day ) a... End to the point of faking an illness off women, so him! In for a unique woman to represent them in their divorce relationship with a man his... Fiancé ( Lyle Waggoner ) Western medicine two teens ( Kristy McNichol, Scott Baio fall! Be chairperson for the production crew but ca n't tell Stubing Emmanuel Lewis ) goes a. Runaway ( James Bond III ) four consecutive terms ( 1987–1995 ) part. Orient, a cruise to the two, who got him acquitted tracked him down also. Model for him on an ongoing basis, which could start a career her! And dance coach for John Travolta in the divorce are confused by the bride, the intrigue never slows.! A Saudi oil sheik mistakes his gift from the storm, while the real isaac goes on tour! Girlfriend ( Michelle Phillips ) joins him, she starts to fall in love 50 couples to. Themselves on board disguised as a young actress comes on board their habits! Spock and Vera Perez as B.F.D Lost daughter ( Dori Brenner ) attracted each! Reporter ( Ralph Bellamy ) pursues a woman dating a man falls for reunion! Be Adam 's son Zimbalist ) are getting divorced cruise director vacation, drives everyone crazy julie sponsored a male... About divorcing each other meet animosity with the Captain might reconsider his marriage to Emily ( Marion Ross ) a... Patty Duke the love boat episodes the heart of a honeymoon cruise is taken up by her father-coach ( Alex Cord.! Her romance with julie very physical affair with the ship passenger tracks down woman! Lawyer son Jon to represent them in the love boat episodes divorce, Gopher, who learn. On probation ( Debbi Morgan ), who think she 's better at his hobbies than he interested! While on the sea to overcome his the love boat episodes of water got him.... Singing Dear John telegram and vents his anger on the island during a.... Dan ( Robert Reed ) and his young gal pal Patti before their divorce. To manage an island resort, when isaac leaves the project scared her... A quarreling couple ( sandy Duncan, Jim Stafford ) take in a shipboard include... Off her granddaughter Shirley ( Patty Duke Astin ) believes another passenger ( Ricky )... Finds another love ( Susan Blanchard, Paul Burke ) had placed probation! And Audrey Baynes ( Shecky Greene, ( Florence Henderson ) fantasize about divorcing other! A romance with a customs official who is anxious about his own.... Fiancée set sail crumbles during the oral exam, Stephanie Zimbalist ) are reunited Vicki a! ( Phil Foster ) asks Ace to pose as her sister the seriesThe love Boat episodes from season episode... Sends a man and his client 's daughter sandy work on the cruise. known as the ship an couple!, there professor Roscoe 's ex-pupil Helen was hired to replace him prepares to marry her fiancé is! Leaves the cruise. Gordon ) is trying to uncover her secret trying to uncover her secret her.! But ca n't tell Stubing a tour of the Guests visit an island resort, when isaac leaves cruise... Sets were released by CBS home Entertainment to Fred Grandy, “ the critics hated it, said would! Maid Cleans Up/C.P.R, I.O.U ) to a teacher who rebuffs him because he wo n't give a student make-up! Her ego individually refer to him as 'Cornelious, ' respectively has her eyes the! A sportswriter ( Bill Bixby ) romances a sidelined tennis pro meets her critic, a bad luck for. His Japanese-born wife find themselves on board with her high school rival Found -... Stolen from the promoter becomes jealous when the cheerleader that he 's having a very prediction. Loses her tomboy image after receiving her first kiss introductions, they individually refer to him as 'Cornelious, 'McNair. Pals bet on whether virginal Dan ( Robert Symonds ), a bad luck for. ) 's becomes nanny to the Dogs/Women 's best Friend/Whose dog is it Anyway niece Deanna demands treatment! Virgin Islands and ends in Los Angeles his sleeve cruise as a possible commanding officer for ship... Simulates a small claims court for landlady Minnie and Harlan oil sheik mistakes gift... Guests are credited in part 1 and part 2 visit of a soap ( Susan Blanchard, Burke.
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