How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria, How to Become a Football Agent in Nigeria, How to Become an Immigration Officer in Nigeria, Theories To Consider When Developing Your Occupation, What Employers Should Do For Their Employees, Problems of Personnel Management in Nigeria, Factors Affecting Motivation in Companies, How Active Listening Can Help Your Relationship, Characteristics of Groups Formed Within An Organization. If the answer is yes, why not make a profit from it instead of just consuming it? In Northern Nigeria the grocery shopping is mainly done by the father in the household and the women enjoy cooking for a long time in the kitchen, because the practice of cooking reflects on womanhood and maternity. Boil water and put the indomie and let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Here is my the  most popular indomie recipe, the way it serves best for breakfast. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Children love it. Indomie Noodles: Class of Food, Ingredients, Recipes, Calories, Side Effects , Types and Flavours. Dealing directly with the company will require you to commit a huge amount of money. Yes, you can be a distributor of Indomie instant noodles in Nigeria. • Now, add the indomie noodles, stir and cover to simmer for 3 minutes on medium heat. It should be accessible to both supplying vans and sub-distributors who will be coming to place orders and take some goods home. Indomie is the Market Leader in the noodles industry in Nigeria. "Indomie is replacing the word 'noodle' [in Nigeria]," Adeyemi said. Is Indomie Healthy? Let them fry. Pour 2 cups of water in a pot, and turn on the heat to medium. Weekday Dinners – How to Cook Indomie 3 ways.

Let’s start cooking! Part 3: Indomie alla Carbonara. So you do not have to bother about the availability of consumers. Simply cook the noodles, drain and then add all the seasonings in. At the moment, Indomie accounts for 74% of Nigeria's market. There several other noodle recipes in Nigeria, you can also experiment wildly to create your own recipes, that is one thing I like about making foods. The Indomie brand is the most widely consumed brand. This noodles is packed with all the necessary ingredients that is needed for preparing it but you can add either all or some of the ingredients listed below. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ).

Indomie Recipe: How to Cook Indomie Noodles in Nigeria . It’s the favorite SKU of kids and is popularly called Indomitable pack.
However, some of them will have certain changes in the usual preparation of the noodles, which we will, of course, note. Note: Pour enough water that would sink the indomie. Also added as part of Indomie’s expansion drive is the newly launched Indomie Café – a new chain of quick-service restaurants designed for Indomie consumers to enjoy their favorite Indomie instant noodles in their own unique ways. Indomie Recipes. You need to have the company flex banners, logo, and other printable advertising models decorated on your business premises. I know several Nigerians from Christian Fellowship I was attending to, we exchanged many cultures and stories to each other. Prepare indomie. Your warehouse should be large enough to accommodate your stock. In fact, this is one of the reasons Indomie is widely consumed: the fact that the company creates enough awareness about the product. Is Indomie your favourite brand? Read Also: How to Become a GOtv Agent in Nigeria. Becoming a distributor of Indomie noodles in Nigeria is not difficult provided you have the capital. Think of this as a way to document your improvements over time, and In as much as we love tasty foods, our health should be at the top of the list. Read Also: How to Become a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria, How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria – Photo Source: to get your ex back. Besides, getting supplies directly from the producers of Indomie is cheaper and will raise your profit margin and return on investment. Put a pan on low heat, add vegetable oil and fry the vegetables for about two minutes, stirring occasionally. Firstly, heat water until it boils, and then put the noodles without the flavor pack. You know, I’m now writting my undergraduate thesis about Indomie in Nigeria. I was told that as a baby, I could scream for Nigeria. If you do not want to deal directly with the producers, you can contact a big distributor close to you to put you through. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy Indomie Grocery Online. It is produced by Dufil Prima. How To Register For Your NationalIdentification Number (NIN) AndCard. This does not go hand in hand with the concept of Indomie fast-food option. Our Recipes. Boil noodles SEE DIFFERENT SERVINGS OF INDOMIE NOODLES WITH VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN BELOW with either seasoning, curry or a little tomato stew and onion for 3 minutes, ADD CHOPPED VEGETABLES AND WAIT FOR ANOTHER 2 MINUTES BEFORE TURNING OFF THE HEAT AND SERVING IMMEDIATELY. The market demand for noodles is very high as noodles have gradually become a staple food in Nigeria. ... All those years my mother suffered through tummy upsets. With this, you will be conferred distributorship rights which makes you entitled to any bonus enjoyed by other registered distributors. The doctors told her it was just colic. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to save your relationship after cheating, stop a divorce, or you just want Add the cabbage,carrots and green pepper and the curry, Add the indomie sauce.Stir then allow to boil for another 1 minute. Your favourite noodles brand; indomie has over fifteen recipes in Nigeria. This is advisable if you have a big sum of money and intend to distribute the product in an area with a large customer base. The noodles must be completely free of liquid. Because I’ve read some of them cook it in the cold water (as you wrote above), or boil the noodles until the water is completely depleted. Indomie Recipes. Pour the first water away… Strain and set aside; Crack and poach eggs with just two tablespoons of water in a pot, stir till the eggs turn completely white. One Bowl Indomie Noodles Ingredients • 2 sachets indomie noodles • 2 Eggs • 1 big bulb Onions • 3 fresh tomatoes Fry the onions in a large pan Thirdly, add one teaspoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of satay sauce, and the flavoring packs into the large pan. I like to use one for two just to minimize the sweetness (that is using the ingredient from one sachet to prepare two sachets). Required fields are marked *. Read Also: How to Become an Estate Agent in Nigeria. Indomie noodles have been able to capture the appetite of most Nigerians with series of good products and of course their often captivating commercials. Just reach out to sub-distributors in the area as well as other retailers and watch your distributorship soar. Types: Noodles 7. indomie 7. It needs the steam to cook. It should not be situated at a location that has no motorable road. We also have a cook book which contains 250 methods of cooking Indomie … When getting a warehouse, there are certain things you should take into consideration. The owner of indomie noodles Nigeria is Dufil, a joint venture between Salim Group, the Indonesian conglomerate that owns the Indomie brand, and Tolaram Group of Singapore. The Indomie brand is the most widely consumed brand. Your email address will not be published. You need a warehouse to stock your commodity once you have registered. Noodles which is commonly known as Indomie or Indomie noodles in Nigeria, is so consumed by we Nigerians that it has become one of our traditional dishes. Answer: we have trainings from time-to-time for chefs, we also had a TV cooking show targeted at mothers and young Nigerians to showcase how Indomie noodles should be prepared. Meeting other distributors gives you the opportunity to make in-depth findings. A combination of tea and bread is the most popular breakfast recipe in Nigeria, this noodle will either fall in third or fourth place. Who Owns Indomie Noodles In Nigeria? 2 packs of 70g Indomie; Onion; 1 Carrot; 1 Green bell pepper; Spring onion; Corned beef/Sardine; 2 small Sausages; Powdered pepper; 2 Eggs; Cooking oil; Method 1. Knowing how to cook noodles in a very healthy way should be paramount to every folk that enjoys the sweetness of noodles. Indomie is a brand of instant noodle by Indofood, the largest instant noodle manufacturer in Indonesia with 72% of market share. You will be supplying to sub-distributors and making huge profits. Pepper Chicken was one of Indomie’s better experiments with Nigerian influenced noodles. I mean..the cooking style. ( Log Out /  The mother brand for the Indomie Family. when it boils,put in the indomie noodles and allow to boil till tender within 3-4 minutes. This Pack size and Chicken Flavor was the first introduced to the Nigeria Market, in order to give consumers a taste of Indomie. • Indomie noodles is ready to be served hot. Read Also: How to Become an MTN Dealer in Nigeria. Break the two eggs into the same bowl containing the noodles and stir together, then transfer to the frying pan and finish up with the rest of the preparation process. ( Log Out /  Ingredients. Are you a lover of noodles? These large scale distributors can introduce and connect you to retailers who would patronize you. You can even subscribe through a major distributor and distribute it under them. There is a key difference in how Nigerians make this though. But there's another reason behind Indomie's insane popularity: Nigeria's population boom. It is very easy and simple to cook. Enjoy safe shopping online with Jumia Widest Range of Indomie Grocery in Nigeria Price in Naira Fast DELIVERY & Cash on Delivery Available Create a free website or blog at Most of the recipes will require two or more packs of boiled instant noodles. Make sure the location is safe and have an adequate presence of security details. In the hopes of making sure Indomie's reach is vast, Sharma wants the noodles to someday become more than just a snack. I’m not a hundred percent sure Indomie Pepper Chicken was discontinued, but it is not one of the flavours listed on Indomie Nigeria’s website. Indomie has since launched a Mi Goreng range including Barbeque Chicken, Satay, Hot & Spicy and Rendang Spicy Beef. Tags: How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria, Your email address will not be published. Becoming a distributor of Indomie noodles in Nigeria is not difficult provided you have the capital. To become a distributor for Indomie in Nigeria, you need to be registered by the company. We have been feeding households since 1988 and impacting the lives of Nigerians from various walks of lives. We will share with you four great recipes of cooked Indomie Nigeria. If it feels weird coming out of your mouth, fake it. i will try it one of these days. Boil a large quantity of water, place the noodles into a large bowl, pour the water over the noodles and let them sit covered for 5 minutes. 4. When the indomie noodles are well parboiled, pour into a sieve to drain the water. Without a doubt, Indomie is fast replacing the term “noodles” in Nigeria. . Indomie is literally how you say "noodles" in Nigeria. It is still profitable. Note: You can use your meat/fish stock to cook your indomie before frying it. ( Log Out /  There are various ways to spice up noodles rather than the usual bland way it is commonly served. It will take about 30-40 minutes, including all the chopping and frying. Read Also: How to Become a Football Agent in Nigeria. I need some informations about how Nigerians usually cook Indomie. This is the indomie manual. Enjoy! Make sure it doesn’t over cook, it shouldn’t be too soft. With Indomie noodles Nigeria can spend less time on cooking while enjoying a variety of tasty dishes. OR. Clean and dice the vegetables. Indomie Pepper Chicken – Discontinued. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Add the chopped vegetables, mix very well and cook for another 2 minutes. First of all, we should start from the basics. Cooking Indomie noodles - Indomie noodle soup This recipe is be a bit more challenging, but still worth all the time and effort. Indomie also has a classic flavour, the Special Chicken, which is best eaten with broth. ( Log Out /  This article is written in order to bring to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria. This reminded me of one very particular “incident” with one of my Nigerian friend almost 15 years ago. In the pot with boiling water, combine noodles, carrots, and green beans Yes, you can be a distributor of Indomie instant noodles in Nigeria. Set your frying pan on fire, add sliced tomatoes, onions, fresh pepper and fry for about five minutes also. Indomie super pack - (120g)a bigger version of the indomitables pack, super pack offers more of indomie's choicest combination of ingredients ensuring a more fulfilling experience.Easy to cook Secondly, strain the cooked Indomie noodles and set aside. Parboil the noodles in plenty of boiling water for one minute to remove the coating. boil the water in a saucepan when it boils,put in the indomie noodles and allow to boil till tender. Set your frying pan on fire, add sliced tomatoes, onions, fresh pepper and fry for about five minutes also. I also haven’t seen it in any market aisles for a minute now. What is Indomie noodles made of? However, we will doing a select few. The market demand for noodles is very high as noodles have gradually become a staple food in Nigeria. Adults love it. Also, when cooking your noodles, The fact that you use crayfish shouldn’t make you leave out egg if … eventually it will be a very effective PR tool. Pieces the indomie in a bowl and pour hot water to it, allow for about five minutes for the noodles to get soft. You also need to acquire distribution vans and other vehicles for delivery to help you deliver to your retailers. We do not drink Indomie as soup. Breakfast time in my childhood … Also, make sure the warehouse is accessible. At this point you can add half of the Indomie spice. indomie noodles with eggs and sausages Nigeria is the 12th largest instant noodle market in the world, where locals consume 1.76 billion servings of noodles annually. Step 1: Break the indomie noodles in a bowl and pour hot water to it. Below is one of my favourite noodle recipes which I call Fried Indomie Indomie Donuts. You can even learn from their mistakes through shared experiences. Indomie noodles owned by an Indonesian company started production in Nigeria in 1995 and since then, has become a staple food and an household name. You do not need to bother yourself about vigorous advertising as the company does it. the largest instant noodle factory in Africa. LOL. Pieces the indomie in a bowl and pour hot water to it, allow for about five minutes for the noodles to get soft. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Indomie is the Market Leader in the noodles industry in Nigeria. add the sardines,add the ground onions and allow to boil for 1 minute. The brand has grown to … Add some instant herb which is inside the package of your Indomie instant noodles, [Optional]You can add you own extra ingredient like egg, cabbage, carrot and green pepper. While the mixture is frying, prepare the noodles. Sieve the indomie noodles (remove water) then add the follow-come ingredients while still in the bowl, at this point the noodles will be both soft and hot.
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