The iOS system has the built-in feature to allow users export them as JPG. To transfer iOS 9 photos to Android, you need a robust application like MobileTrans for Mac ( or MobileTrans for Windows).It is a phone to phone transfer that allows you to transfer any data, including photos, contacts, music, videos, messages and more between iOS, Android, Blackberry and … Find the uploaded items and click on "Download" to move them to your Android device. Thus, when you plan to exchange files between 2 mobile phones, you can take this software into consideration. However, these methods inevitably have their own limitations so you need to choose the applicable one based on your need. The iPhone transfer software - EaseUS MobiMover is a tool that enables to you transfer files between an iPhone/iPad/iPod and a computer. Even without the Dropbox App, you can still use the website and enjoy all the features. Send Pictures from iPhone to Android via Send Anywhere, Option 4. Step 1: Of course, we need EelPhone Mobile Transfer downloaded, launch it immediately.From the home page, what you need is " Phone to Phone Data Transfer", click on it. Alternatively, with phone transfer software, you can transfer pictures and videos from iPhone to Android with ease. The pictures will be compressed before transferring to other phones. 4 Ways for You! Open Android phone’s storage in another window. Transfer Photos from Android to Android by Android Mobile Phone Transfer. If you send media files frequently, from phone to phone, from phone to PC, from PC to phone, we highly recommend this easy to use and fast file transfer app. Select your photos and videos within the Internal Storage > DCIM folder. Also, to copy pictures from iPhone to Android via Dropbox, all you need is an account, internet connection and the items you want to transfer. With it, you can easily solve the majority of transfer problems. this format is currently not supported on Android phones, Windows PC and even earlier Mac computers. You can tick "Photos" and other files, then click "Start Copy" to begin the automatically transferring. Copy Photos from iPhone to Android with Dropbox, how to download Google photos to Android phone, 5 No-nonsense Ways to Transfer Files from Samsung to Motorola, How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Google Pixel [Practical Guide], Head-to-head Battle: iPhone 12 vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra/Plus, How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone (Android & iOS), [Fixed] How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iPhone Using AirDrop, How to Transfer Ringtones from One iPhone to Another (3 Easy Ways). On your Android-phone, you’ll see the iPhone show up on the radar user interface, tap into it. Supporting a wide range of devices, it is able to efficiently transfer videos from Android to iPhone and vice versa. However its performance is poor, and the transfer speed is slow. Finally run the Shareit free file transfer app on iPhone, browse to your Camera Roll or other photo albums within the app, select any photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers, PDF docs, music and other files and send them from iPhone to Android phone wirelessly and quickly. Finally run the Shareit free file transfer app on iPhone, browse to your Camera Roll or other photo albums within the app, select any photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers, PDF docs, music and other files and send them from iPhone to Android phone wirelessly and quickly. Click on “Start” (if you are starting it for the first time) and then set a name and avatar to your device. Next, open Dropbox and log into the same account using your Android phone. Here's the Full Solution! Photos always contain some of our precious memories, so when you switch from an iPhone to an Android device, you must want to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, right? On this screen, pull up the menu from the bottom of the screen and choose the receiver’s device type as iOS. However, you can also use it to move photos from your iPhone to your Android device. Connect both your Android device and iPhone via USB cables. Meanwhile it has improved the speed and performance, makes it the ideal solution for bulk file transfer and heavy media files exchange for mobile phone users. Yet, other methods are waited to be discovered. Then go to connect your iPhone to the Android phone’s portable hotspot, just like you connect the phone to any other Wi-Fi networks. Steps to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using Send Anywhere: To transfer photos from iPhone to Android, Google Drive is also a good option. ApowerTrans is freeware that transfers videos, music, photos, contacts and files between phones. Use two USB cables to connect both your iPhone and Android device to the computer in use. My classmates, using their android phones, are able to search in google Fides et Ratio, then share it with the class, Add mobi file to Kindle app on iPhone iPad, Turn a video into a picture on iPhone iPad. After selection, click the "Start Copy" button to transfer your photos from iPhone to your Android phone with 1 Click. Part 1. A direct drag-and-drop may lead to delays or even failure. But here, downloading and installing the App is recommended. in this update, we added extra tips on how to solve image and video incompatibility issues between iOS and Android. Doing this, you will have no problem transfering files and you can store your files or game files to iPhone since it has more internal storage, so up to 32Gb. It does send but it said that file not supported? Method 2: Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Android: Windows. As this technology gets refined, a lot of developers jump in. Then choose "Photo" from the listed file types and go on to select the pictures you want to send. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. Now let's start learning how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android in details! Supports: Photos, videos, music, contacts, books. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is one of the best options to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android. Launch Dropbox App on your iPhone and log in with your Dropbox account. Here Jihosoft Phone Transfer is recommended. Step 3: Transfer photos from iPhone to Android phone without losing quality. As the powerful Phone transfer software, FoneDog enables you to easily manage and transfer all types of data between iOS, Android and computer. Choose the pictures that you want to move to Android and tap on "Upload". It does not use any of your cellular data for file transfer. Transfer for Mobile is a professional phone transfer tool that enables you to transfer data from one phone to another with one simple click. You will need to download and run the Send Anywhere app on both devices, and have them connected to the Internet. If you're wondering how to transfer your apps, contacts, videos, photos, and music from an old Android Phone to a new iPhone, not to worry. This app can also help you move files the other way around. firstly you need to tap Receive in Shareit on Android, this will start the hotspot on android, and disable any active wi-fi connect on the phone; (4 Quick & Safe Ways). It can also transfer the contacts to both the latest and some of the oldest versions of Android phones. Fortunately, this is an easy task to complete now and you have different choices to transfer the pictures, including using MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, USB cable, Send Anywhere, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Supports: Photos, videos, music, contacts, and more. Move to iOS Not Working? Note: You can also click “Clear data before copy” when you are about to remove all photos on your Android and only save the photos from iPhone. Run the file transfer app on Android phone, touch Receive button from its home screen to enable the file receiving mode. Convenient Transfer App – ApowerTrans. Launch the Google Drive App on your iPhone and log into your Google account. Follow the steps below to transfer photos from Android to iPhone: 1. The application can be used to transfer contacts from all models of iPhones, including the older versions. Go to "DCIM" folder in the iPhone's window then choose the pictures you want. You can first take a free trial of the tool by clicking the icon below: Now let's see how to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android with one simple click: Drag-and-drop is no doubt one of the simplest ways to transfer pictures to android from an iPhone if you prefer to do it manually. Open the folder where you want to keep the pictures on the Android's interface. • Support 8000+ mobile devices running Android, iOS & Windows system. Download and install SHAREit on the both devices that you want to transfer files between. A similar way to get pictures from iPhone to Android is to use an iPhone transfer software tool, like EaseUS MobiMover. Follow the prompts to make 2 devices recognized by the computer and find them out by going to "This PC" > "Devices and drives"/"Portable Devices". Send Photos from iPhone to Android Using Google Drive, Option 5. SHAREit will try to search for peers in the vicinity. Make sure the Android device is the Source (Use the flip button to switch the two devices). Check if your iPhone is the source device. Since the iOS 11, Apple introduced the HEIC new image format. Connect the devices to the same WiFi network and open the SHAREit app on both. Run Shareit free file transfer app on iPhone, touch Send button from its home screen. FoneDog - Phone Transfer Supports Most Data Type. 5 Easy Ways to Transfer all Data from Android to Android Last Updated: April 26, 2018 - 5:00 EDT If you’ve decided to buy a new Android smartphone and want a quick and easy way of moving all of your contacts, photos, calendar, and other information over, we’ve got the solution for you. Now open the Google Drive on your Android device and sign in to the same Google account. How to Transfer SMS (Text Messages) from Android to iPhone? Click on the "..." icon and choose "Upload file" from the menu. Move Videos between Android and iPhone ApowerTrans SHAREit 1. Run Shareit on Android, tap Receive button from its home screen, your phone should automatically setup the hotspot network; Connect your iPhone to the above network from Settings. If you are moving from an iPhone to a Samsung phone, you can use the Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer your data from an iCloud backup, or from the iPhone itself using a USB ‘on-the-go’ (OTG) cable. • Move safely without resetting devices or deleting original data. Bluetooth is very popular for short distance data exchange. MobileTrans - Phone Transfer. Now mark the "Photos" option listed in the middle menu and click on "Start Copy" to move pictures from iPhone to Android. By using this way, you'll have to first upload the pictures from iPhone to Google Drive and then download them to your Android device. To transfer your photos from android to android, you can resort to a very powerful app – DoTrans.It is designed for data transfer among different devices, including Android, iPhone, PC, etc. It is actually fairly easy to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Android, unlike other media types. Click on ‘ Phone to Phone Transfer ’ to access the data on your Android. Open the iPhone’s storage in a window. Developed by iMobie team, an Apple certificated developer, AnyDroid is dedicated for all users to transfer files from iPhone to Android, like contacts, messages, photos, videos. Top 5 Ways on How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android, Option 1. Select a file to send from the Android device and tap on Next. Get the Shareit free file transfer app here before we use it to send photos, videos and more other files from iPhone iPad to Android mobile phone without internet, Wi-Fi network or cellular data. To avoid the image quality downgrade issue and transfer pictures between mobile phones in full size and quality, we then found a great alternative, the Shareit wireless file transfer. Talking about applications, there are several applications available that can help you transfer photos from an iPhone to an android device without much hassle. The user experience with data exchange between iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth is terrible. Download, install and run the Send Anywhere App on both your smart phones. You do not need any Wi-Fi network, internet access. Method 4. Part 1. Step-by-step Tutorial - Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung, Tutorial to Transfer Data from Android to Android Devices. Locate the DCIM folder in your iPhone’s storage window and open it. If so, the photos are saved as HEIC format by default. (The PIN and QR code will expire after 10 minutes.). A wireless transfer app is necessary for smartphone users who need the freedom of file and data share on the go. … On most devices, you can find these files in DCIM > Camera. It can also transfer contacts, SMS, videos and music from your iPhone to Android. Method3: How to send pictures from Android to iPhone using ‘CopyTrans Photo’ program. After that, click "Send" on the source device running the app, and select the photos you want to … The followings are the details on how to copy photos from iPhone to Android by drag-and-drop: With Send Anywhere App, you can be sure that your files including pictures will reach your Android device from your iPhone safely. Please suggest me some more tips. Copy Trans Copy Trans is phone to phone transfer application that allows users to transfer contacts from their iPhone to an Android device. Step 2: Now you need plug your Android and iPhone phone into computer via original USB cables. Not able to see the avatar of Android phone after the whole process, Its already in jpg format but it is still not working. Apple just doesn’t allow their devices to receive anything via Bluetooth from non-Apple devices, so here we need to take advantage of a third-party tool – Xender. You’ll see a radar interface, open up SHAREit on your iPhone and tap Recieve. On a Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it, then go to DCIM > Camera. Then choose "Photo" from the listed file types and … Open the Photos app. Dropbox is another service that empowers you to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without computer. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android via MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, Option 2. Steps To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Using If you want to send photos and videos from iPhone to Android phones, you can go to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on the Android phone in the help of this file transfer app. This is one of the easiest ways especially if you already have a Google account. Make sure that you’ve installed the device driver… Click on the "+" icon and select "Upload". How to Share Photos from iPhone to Android Using iPhone Transfer Software. If still no luck, please elaborate the issue with more details so we can try to replicate the issue on our end. If you want to select the most effective one, our suggestion is - MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. Including contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio, voice memo, and more. It is mainly used for internet sharing between different mobile phones. Click on "Send" and you will then get a PIN and QR code for the receiver. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and open it using your File Manager. First, copy the photos from Android to your PC as shown above following the steps up to ‘4’ 2. secondly go to iphone Settings to connect iphone to the android hotspot; Choose "Photos" as well as other types of files you may want to transfer from the list of data. File transfer via hotspot has the freedom and flexibility as Bluetooth. As the name suggests, you'll have to drag the photos from the source iPhone and drop them to the Android device using a computer. Connect both your mobile phones to the computer and make them recognized. Method 2. On your iPhone, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi, find and join the above hotspot network on Android phone. The transfer app will automatically create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android phone, you can find the network name in the Shareit app screen. If you are interested and want to know more details about where to download and how to use it, check out below instructions to find out. Maybe someday, android iOS file transfer can realize directly via Bluetooth or some simpler ways. Some of the best ones, include – 1. Tap on the "Send" button on your iPhone to set it as the sender device. Then browse to Files tab, Photos tab, or Contacts tab to select any photos, videos, contacts & phone numbers, PDF docs, music and other files on iPhone and send to Android phone instantly. Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team. The easiest way to transfer your photos is to simply drag-and-drop the images from the iPhone’s default photo directory/folder to Android’s image folder. [2020 Updated] How to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone? Typically the data transfer will start as soon as you faucet the iPhone on the radar UI. This format however is not widely supported by Android phones and Windows computers. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Best iPhone to Android transfer software on PC • Transfer up to 17 kinds of data including contacts, photos, messages, apps, music, notes, videos, and more. As a result we can now find many file transfer apps make use of this technology for wireless file exchange between mobile phones. Android Beam is typically a program that enables users to transfer data between phones by just pressing them back-to-back. Although this method is fast and easy, it depends on the sizes of the photos. When done, you can check the shared pictures and videos in the photographs app. To move photos and videos from your Android device to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, use a computer: Connect your Android to your computer and find your photos and videos. Next, download CopyTrans Photo on your PC and install the program: This application allows you to transfer different kinds of files between 2 mobile phones without a computer. Guide on how to send pictures from iPhone to Android by Google Drive: If you want to get a more detailed tutorial, you can click to learn how to backup iPhone to Google Drive and how to download Google photos to Android phone selectively. You can choose to drag multiple pictures at once or select them one by one. On the sending device, tap on the SEND icon and select the file to send. How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to iPad? 1. Update 2018: this article was originally posted in 2016 and has since been updated. Run Shareit on iPhone, tap Send button, choose files to send. Steps to transfer photos from iPhone to Android using Send Anywhere: Download, install and run the Send Anywhere App on both your smart phones. Check the photos box and click ‘ Start Transfer.’ What you need to do is to head into the iOS system Settings and tweak some file transfer options. If asked, unlock your iOS device using your passcode. Part 1. Transfer Android Photos to iPhone with Bluetooth. The Tool You Need to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android. It is the best tool to transfer files from iPhone to Android because AnyDroid: Recently portable Wi-Fi hotspot or personal hotspot has gain plenty of attention. 3. That is to say, to complete the transfer by using this App, you needn't prepare any other tools but 2 mobile phones. What to do. Launch the app on your Android device. Now simply select the photos you want to transfer and ‘drag and drop’ them to the Android phone's window. Tap on the "Send" button on your iPhone to set it as the sender device. Here’s how to transfer pictures, videos and other data to your new Samsung Galaxy. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone? Use this tool: to transfer and copy all your data from Android to iPhone. One worth trying option to send Android photos to iPhone is Bluetooth. Transfer of files between iOS devices and PC is possible without using iTunes. Download, install and launch the iPhone to Android transfer software on your computer.
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