Even the tadpoles have sucking mouth parts, with which they cling to rocks. The dorsal skin of northern cricket frogs carry blotchy patterns and a color that ranges between gray, green, or brown. who is trying to learn how to dance. Hopper Jack – After the actor Hopper Jack Penn who was named after Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. From the very name, it is evident that these frogs live in leaf litter. Jupiter – After the deep blue-colored water lily. The subfamily Arthroleptinae belongs to the family Arthroleptidae, which has another subfamily called Leptopelinae. Croaker – After the blue Muppet who is Kermit’s best friend in the movie Kermit’s Swamp Years. C.J. Lavender – After the light purple-colored water lily. The name is derived from the green marks on the body of the common parsley frog. You might like some of our other articles. These frogs have a smooth and moist skin, webbed feet, narrow waists, and long and strong legs. Companion frogs could be called: John, Meeko, or Flit. Rose Dawn – After the pale pink-colored water lily. Those belonging to the genus Phyllobates in the subfamily Dendrobatinae are found to be highly poisonous. Discovered by Charles Darwin, these frogs have a proboscis-like elongation on the tips of their noses. Sandra Lynn – After the purple-colored water lily. Croakster or Croaky – For noisy frogs who croak a lot. For romantic frogs who are fans of the 2001 film Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Serendipity – After the light purple-colored water lily. Follow. For example, those belonging to the subfamilies Brevicipitidae, Gastrophryninae, and Microhylinae are narrowmouthed. While most of these frogs are found in New Guinea and Madagascar, they can be seen in some parts of Central and South America, Asia, and Australia. Tadpoles live in these nests, till they metamorphize. Both jungle toads and fire-bellied toads have flattened bodies. Louise – After the red-colored water lily. Tutti Frutti – After the pink and yellow-colored water lily. Browse 38,482 frog stock photos and images available, or search for frog jumping or frog isolated to find more great stock photos and pictures. And if you are tired of names like Ribbity and Hermit and still wondering what to name your pet frog. Pick the best frog images from our wide array of collection. You may also find some amphibians and burrowers in this family. While most of the burrowing frogs dig rear-first, shovelnose frogs burrow head-first. Aogaeru – An animated frog from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Awaywho wears a blue kimono. Common midwife toad – Alytes obstetricans. Apart from these subfamilies, this family has 12 other genera. They are stocky, and have bulging eyes with vertical pupils. Perfect for frogs who love Annie Oakley. Insects are a group of organisms that possess maximum diversity. Paul (Stetson) – After the light blue-colored water lily. Toadborg – A purple cyborg villain in the animated TV show Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars who was once a Toad Storm Trooper but is now second-in-command under the lead villain Komplex. The level of toxicity may vary from one species to another. Daphne (Glasson) – After the pink and white-colored water lily. Darel – A brown frog who is the main character in the Kulipari comic series (which eventually got its own animated TV show). The golden poison dart frog (Phyllobates terribilis) produces enough venom to kill ten adult humans. Dig’ Em (Frog) – The animated frog mascot for Kellogg’s cereal Honey Smacks. Their body length ranges between 3 to 14 centimeters. Three different species of parsley frogs are found in green and brown colors. While Laliostominae has two genera and four species, Mantellinae forms a major part of the family. Or who love fig newtons. Leapy – For frogs that leap around a lot. (Baron Silas) Greenback – A frog from the British TV show Danger Mouse which was an animated parody of British spy films such as James Bond and Danger Man. They are mostly found in arid regions, and spend most of their time in their burrows. The large eyes have vertical pupils. Some of them make foam nests on tree branches. Henry (Shaw) – After the blue/violet-colored water lily. A good choice for frogs from Texas or for frogs who like being alone and staring at stars. Froggy Names! They have a body length that ranges between 1. Their calls are very loud and distinct. Members of the genus Kassina are known as running frogs, due to their distinctive walking pattern, using their hind legs. This list of fictional frogs and toads is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals.It is restricted solely to notable frog and toad characters from notable works of fiction. For frogs who are very “animated” and hop around a lot. Both jungle toads and fire-bellied toads have flattened bodies. The size and features of leptodactylids vary drastically. All microhylids are not narrowmouthed. The first commercial featuring the frogs was directed by Gore Verbinski who also directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. For frogs who love to be kissed (although in the original version he was sadly never kissed). They are fairly large and are often found near water bodies with dense aquatic plants. Their habitat includes freshwater lakes, pastures, canals, ditches, dry savanna, and moist savanna. Another notable species in the family is the Surinam horned frog Ceratophrys cornuta, which has an unusually wide mouth and horns above the eyes. These bright-colored toads belong to the genus, . The name is derived from the green marks on the body of the common parsley frog. These dark spots are bordered with light-colored rings. Hence, the frog is also known as long-nosed horned frog. Constantine – After the puppet who is Kermit the Frog’s doppelganger. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. From the National Geographic book, Animal Encyclopedia , 2012 Animal Facts & Pictures Though they were earlier classified under the family Ascaphidae, now the genus is placed in the family Leiopelmatidae, along with the genus Leiopelma. A good name for frogs who love sitting on water lilies. They are stocky, and have bulging eyes with vertical pupils. Perfect for frogs who like to eat their dinner with “a nice Chianti.”. James Croak – After the artist who was known for his dirt sculptures (yes, dirt sculptures). The northern leopard frog (Lithobates pipiens) are common in the United States. In fact, this frog produces two different types of sounds. The latter has a single genus Leptopelis. These toads have sharp claws on their feet, and these appendages help them in burrowing soil. Hopalong – For frogs who think they are rabbits. Perfect for frogs who are “green for life” and who secretly want to be Captain Planet. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Apricot (Delight)– After the orange-colored water lily. Rhonda (Kay) – After the blue/violet water lily. These frogs inhabit mountain streams, and their tadpoles have suckers to attach themselves to the rocks in streams. Isabell (Pring) – After the white-colored water lily. You could also name a companion frog Bullfragafter one of the alien forms that the main character Ben can transform into (whom Attea has a crush on). These frogs belong to the Subfamily, These frogs produce toxic secretions and are brightly colored to warn predators. For frogs who are fans of Beyonce. This subfamily has six other genera including. Crunchy – After the chocolate candy from the Monty Python sketch “Trade Description Act.” A good name for baby frogs who love being bathed in the “finest quality spring water.”. You may come across different types of classification of amphibians, but none of them are conclusive. They include Hydrolaetare, Leptodactylus, Paratelmatobius,and Scythrophrys. They look like dead leaves with leaf-like veins, patterns, and color. Camelot – After the pale pink-colored water lily. The mating calls of these toads resemble dog barking, but the sounds are very low to be heard properly. Mark Moffett/Getty Images Tree frogs, like this African tree frog, mostly live (not surprisingly) in trees, though some inhabit smaller plants, and a few species are ground-dwellers. Apart from those discussed above, there are some more families that are given below. This genus has six species, which are known as painted frogs that are mostly found near water bodies. The subfamily Boophinae has a single genus named Boophis. However, they have remains of tail muscles. See more ideas about types of frogs, different types of frogs, frog. They are mostly found in Southwest Europe. In such frogs, the internal organs can be seen, and hence, the name glass frogs. Reed frogs are very popular as pets. The members of this family are toothless and tongueless. Cypriana – After the peach and yellow-colored water lily. He was voiced by John Cleese. Illustration of a male midwife toad carrying eggs on its back. Found in the Atlantic forest of Brazil, most of the saddleback toads are bright yellow in color. A good name for frogs who are fans of Mr. Darcy in Jane Austin’s iconic book Pride and Prejudice. For frogs who are fans of Sherlock Holmes mysteries and who want to be known as the frog. These dark spots are bordered with light-colored rings. This genus, called Ischnocnema, has some frogs from Brazil and Argentina. These primitive frogs do not have vocal cords, but they produce sounds with the bony rods in the larynx. Have a look at our broad collection of 100+ sharp frog pictures. Tree frogs are found in shades of green, white, gray, yellow, and brown. The body color and pattern helps them in camouflaging. Found in the mountain streams of South Africa, ghost frogs belong to the family Heleophrynidae, which has two genera – Hadromophryneand Heleophryne. They are small-sized toads with a body length of around one inch. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. They have a smooth skin, round bodies, and short and stocky legs. These frogs are found in the Skeleton Gorge in the Table Mountain, where the local people brought dead bodies. Another common tree frog is gray tree frog or North American tree frog, which come out during spring for mating. of 2,552. frog vector silhouette tree frog green tree frogs red eye treefrog frog collection funny frog vector amphibian logo frog footprints relaxation hands frog. (Baron Silas)Greenback – A frog from t… This genus, called. He was a recurring villain and was often referred to as the Terrible Toad. His dream is to join the elite warriors called the Kulipari, but he struggles to overcome the fact that he is not poisonous. Lucida – After the pink/red-colored water lily. Around 80% of the marsupial frogs belong to the genus Gastrotheca. In fact, many of them live in forest floors and have excellent camouflaging skills. Read on to know more about the many types of these…. Battletoad(s) – In honor of the video game Battletoads which was created as a competitor for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. Eros – After the pink-colored water lily. Sooglossus gardineri or Gardiner’s frog is one of the smallest frogs in the world, and has a maximum length of 11 millimeters. Crimson (Zanzibar) – After the dark pink-colored water lily. With the extended cloaca, internal fertilization is possible, and the chances of sperm loss are less. Flippy – For frogs who flip out over food (aka flies). They have a smooth skin, round bodies, and short and stocky legs. Toads have short and stocky hind legs that are meant for hopping, whereas frogs have long, strong hind legs that help them jump. Tree frogs have eyes that bulge sideways, whereas the eyes of glass frogs face forward. His full name is Principle Poncherello Pegone Pixiefrog. This family has the following genera –, species, which has a mask-like marking over the eyes. Companion frogs could be named after his sons: Gamakichi (the older son) and Gamatatsu (the younger son). These toads comprise the only species of the genus, Found in Canada, United States, and Mexico, these toads are burrowing in nature. In fact, the smallest frog of the Southern Hemisphere belongs to this family. You could also go with Swamp Thing. Flying of gliding frogs belong to this family and they have specialized webbing in their fingers and toes. For humorous frogs that like to be a little tongue-in-cheek (when they are not grabbing flies with it of course). Otherwise known as hyperolids, these frogs have a brightly-patterned skin. Tadpoles live in these nests, till they metamorphize. Though this frog lacks middle ear cavity, it has the ability to hear. They have two species each. Edward Hopper – After the American painter and printmaker who was known for his oil paintings (but he also did watercolors and print etching). Most of these frogs are arboreal; and are found in various regions, like Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, etc. Some of them have transparent bellies, like glass frogs, and are called skeleton frogs. For frogs who like to “croak” around and make others laugh. There are nine species of shovelnose frogs that belong to the single genus Hemisus in the family Hemisotidae. A new exhibit featuring live frogs from all over the world is opening at the American Museum of Natural History in New York Saturday (May 17) and runs through January 5, … They are very small and grow up to 1.5 inches in length. The inflated body looks like a slightly flattened balloon with a pointed nose. These toads have bright colored marks on their bellies, and hence, the name. For morally upright frogs who are full of “character”. They have pointed snouts and big eyes. The name is derived from the sharp, bony protrusions on their hind feet. These frogs are golden brown with a dark line that extends from their mouths to legs. King Solomon – After the space and time travel frog devices in Marvel’s Black Panther comics. Through his relationship with Tiana, he discovers his inner nobility. They include Borneophrys, Brachytarsophrys, Leptobrachella, Leptobrachium, Leptolalax, Megophrys, Ophryophryne, Oreolalax, Scutiger, and Xenophrys. Aurora – After the yellow-colored water lily. Perfect for frogs who like to chill at home in their “pads”. These frogs are found in Madagascar and Mayotte Island. Many of them are light green, and have translucent skin on their bellies. A clip from this show appears briefly in the Eminem music video for his song “The Real Slim Shady.”. Think about a name that you will like for dozens of years. Princess Tiana – The titular character in the Disney film The Princess and the Frog who is turned into a frog after she kisses a frog prince (who was transformed into a frog by a curse). The size and features of leptodactylids vary drastically. Pickles – After the stuffed toy frog distributed by Nakajima Japan who has his own range of products and who loves rainy weather. spend most of the time in their burrows. Once they hatch, the female either makes a tunnel to the water source or carry the tadpoles to the water. Cynthia Ann – After the peach-colored water lily. Climber – For frogs who like to climb everywhere. Callista Croak – After the frog puppet from the British children’s program Buzz and Tell who loves fitness. These frogs are found in Madagascar and Mayotte Island. Daniel – After the purple/blue-colored water lily. Peacock tree frog – Leptopelis vermiculatus, Oriental fire-bellied toad – Bombina orientalis, The transparent underside of a glass frog, Illustration of Darwin's frog (Rhinoderma darwinii), Golden poison frog – Phyllobates terribilis, Harlequin poison dart frog – Oophaga histrionica, Dyeing dart frog – Dendrobates tinctorius, Andean marsupial tree frog – Gastrotheca riobambae, Illustration of a tailed frog in the genus Ascaphus, Long-nosed litter frog – Megophrys nasuta, Smith's litter frog – Leptobrachium smithi, Couch's spadefoot toad – Scaphiopus couchii, Red-legged running frog – Kassina maculata, Gold-striped frog – Leptodactylus lineatus, Golden mantella frog – Mantella aurantiaca, Broad-lipped frog – Glyphoglossus molossus, Northern leopard frog – Lithobates pipiens, Vietnamese mossy frog – Theloderma corticale. Pufnstuf. Most of the members of this family are typical toads with a dry warty skin. Axolotl. While most of the frogs have a smooth, thin, and slimy skin; toads are rough and warty. Starlight – After the blue and white-colored water lily. Kermit or Kermie – After the iconic frog puppet of The Muppets and Sesame Street fame who even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even cane toad is toxic enough to cause human deaths, if consumed. Fabiola – After the pink and white-colored water lily. Usually found in leaf litter, they belong to the genus Arthroleptis in the subfamily Arthroleptinae. For frogs who are fans of the hit 90’s film Thelma & Louise which received six Academy Award nominations. Darcy Jane – After the bright pink-colored water lily. They are seen in Philippines and Borneo Islands, whereas members of the genus Bombina are found throughout Eurasia. Superfrog – After the main character in the Superfrog video game who was turned into a frog by an evil witch. Flipper (the Frog) – The main character in the book (you guessed it) Flipper the Frog by W. J. O’Neil who has big feet and is finding a new home and friend. These frogs have a mottled and warty skin, and are seen in mossy habitats. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Bud or Weis or Er – After the three puppet frogs from the Budweiser beer commercials known as the Budweiser Frogs. Females carry eggs on their backs, till they hatch.
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