“Private mausoleum” means a structure intended for the private use of a family or group of family members. “Audit” means the process to confirm that the building code inspection services have been performed by the private provider, including ensuring that the required affidavit for the plan review has been properly completed and affixed to the permit documents and that the minimum mandatory inspections required under the building code have been performed and properly recorded. The purpose and intent of this part is to incorporate into the law of this state the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, 42 U.S.C. The street, road, driveway, sidewalk, drainage, utilities, or any other improvement or structure that is located on or under the lot but that does not immediately and directly support the fitness and merchantability or habitability of the home itself. 82-197; s. 83, ch. Develop recommendations for local governments to use when pursuing partial or full privatization of building department functions. §§ 553.70 … 81-318; s. 79, ch. 94-284; s. 1, ch. 2000-141; s. 34, ch. 2001-372. A facility maintenance permit is valid for 1 year. Energy performance calculations for all building orientations. 98-287; s. 61, ch. Lawn storage buildings and storage sheds bearing the insignia of approval of the department are not subject to s. 553.842. Adopt and promote, in consultation with state and local governments, other boards, advisory councils, and commissions, such recommendations as are deemed appropriate to determine and ensure consistent, effective, and efficient enforcement and compliance with the Florida Building Code, including, but not limited to, voluntary professional standards for the operation of building departments and for personnel development. Local technical amendments shall not become effective until 30 days after the amendment has been received and published by the commission. They shall constitute a statewide, uniform standard for energy conservation. “Wireless alarm system” means a burglar alarm system or smoke detector that is not hardwired. The mitigation of property damage constitutes a valid and recognized objective of the Florida Building Code. 83-265; s. 25, ch. Members of the council shall serve without compensation, but shall be entitled to reimbursement for per diem and travel expenses as provided by s. 112.061. A statement of the interpretation given to provisions of the Florida Building Code or the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction by the local building official and the manner in which the interpretation was rendered. “Load management control device” means any device installed by any electric utility or its contractors which temporarily interrupts electric service to major appliances, motors, or other electrical systems contained within the buildings or on the premises of consumers for the purpose of reducing the utility’s system demand as needed in order to prevent curtailment of electric service in whole or in part to consumers and thereby maintain the quality of service to consumers, provided the device is in compliance with a program approved by the Florida Public Service Commission. 1, 4, ch. A contractor must file a Uniform Fire Alarm Permit Application as provided in subsection (2) with the local enforcement agency and must receive the fire alarm permit before: Installing or replacing a fire alarm if the local enforcement agency requires a plan review for the installation or replacement; or. 74-208; s. 3, ch. 95-379; s. 31, ch. 2013-183; s. 16, ch. The Uniform Notice of a Low-Voltage Alarm System Project must contain the following information: A local enforcement agency may coordinate directly with the owner or customer to inspect a low-voltage alarm system project to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards. 93-249; s. 4, ch. s. 3, ch. 2017-3; s. 3, ch. In administering the Florida Building Code Compliance and Mitigation Program, the department shall maintain, update, develop, or cause to be developed advanced modules designed for use by each profession. One-family and two-family detached residential dwelling units are not subject to plan review by the local fire official as described in this section or inspection by the local fire official as described in s. 633.216, unless expressly made subject to the plan review or inspection by local ordinance. The rule may provide for manufacturers to pay fees to the administrator directly via the Building Code Information System. s. 1, ch. 2011-222; s. 17, ch. “Renovated building” means a residential or nonresidential building undergoing alteration that varies or changes insulation, HVAC systems, water heating systems, or exterior envelope conditions, if the estimated cost of renovation exceeds 30 percent of the assessed value of the structure. 83-352; s. 2, ch. 2000-141; s. 63, ch. 2007-1; s. 4, ch. 2007-55; s. 5, ch. 2017-29. A revised plan submitted pursuant to this subsection shall be processed as a renewal or revision with appropriate fees. s. 3, ch. The initial adoption of, and any subsequent update or amendment to, the Florida Building Code by the commission is deemed adopted for use statewide without adoptions by local government. The name and address of the local building official who has made the interpretation being appealed. Such approved plans or prototype buildings shall be exempt from further review required by s. 553.79(2), except changes to the prototype design, site plans, and other site-related items. 92-173; s. 19, ch. Charging surcharges or other similar fees not directly related to enforcing the Florida Building Code. The Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal, and Air Conditioning Contractors Association and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association are encouraged to recommend a list of candidates for consideration. 80-86; ss. 2011-222. 2017-149. The Florida Building Code must require that the illumination in classroom units be designed to provide and maintain an average of 40 foot-candles of light at each desktop. 74-167; s. 91, ch. s. 2, ch. Such additional requirements may not introduce a new subject not addressed in the Florida Building Code. However, nothing contained in this subsection shall operate to limit such agencies from adjusting their fee schedule in conformance with existing authority. 98-287; ss. All general construction plan pages, documents, and drawings, including structural calculations if required by the local building department, signed and sealed by the design professional of record, along with a written acknowledgment from the design professional that the plan pages, documents, and drawings contained within the master building permit application will be used for future site-specific building permit applications. 91-220; s. 49, ch. (1) Except as provided in paragraphs (a)-(g), each local government and each legally constituted enforcement district with statutory authority shall regulate building construction and, where authorized in the state agency’s enabling legislation, each state agency shall enforce the Florida Building Code required by this part on all public or private buildings, structures, and facilities, unless such responsibility has been delegated to another unit … 2008-191. “Refrigerator” means a cabinet designed for the refrigerated storage of food at temperatures above 32 °F, and having a source of refrigeration requiring an energy input. Preemption; certain special acts concerning general purpose local government repealed.
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