How to Care for MUMs and Keep Them Blooming. Keep the soil moist. Mums grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Keep in mind that water stress can also restrict plant size by reducing branching and slowing down the growth rate of the plant. Without a doubt, mums are the go-to plant for fall decorating. Apply the fertilizer 6 inches away from the base of the mums, and water thoroughly so it soaks into the soil. Deadhead the Mums . Once established, pinch back the growing tips of the mums at two- to four-week intervals from planting until the beginning of July. One of the very best ways to keep a mum for the entire fall season is to purchase it before it is in it’s prime. Partially shaded patios, porches or under the canopy of a tree are all perfect locations for getting the most from your mum bloom time. Trimming and pinching your mums will keep them short and bushy, as well as propagate more side branches for a fuller and healthier-looking plant. One final note on purchasing mums. Where you display your mums will also impact their blooming life span. Caring for mums really isn't all that difficult - and you can keep them blooming all season long with these tips from The Grounds Guys®. Water about once a week, just to keep the roots from completely drying out. In general, pinch back annuals and perennials when they're 4"-6" high. When selecting varieties, there's wide range of types to pick from: decorative, daisy, and low-growing cushion mums as well as early-blooming anemones, quills, and spiders. Mums can be cut back in early summer to avoid early blooming such as this. This is often seen in greenhouse crops in which water is withheld and used as a natural plant growth regulator. Too little sunlight can reduce flower bud production and result in small, weak blooms. One final note on purchasing mums. This article may contain affiliate links. The Charleston Capitol Market – A Gorgeous Farmers Market Like No Other! Do You Deadhead Mums When the Flowers Die? The following spring, as soon as soil warms and the threat of a hard freeze is over, it is safe to plant in the landscape. Chrysanthemums, commonly called by the nickname “mums,” are a popular fall flower that begins blooming in late summer or early autumn and can last until the frost hits. Especially when you consider how expensive they can be to purchase! Deadhead often for lasting blooms. Look for plants that are full of buds, or barely beginning to open up. Chrysanthemum Lifespan. A Few More Tips For Keeping Potted Mums Looking Great. It’s possible to overwinter any mum in its pot, though hardy mums … Do it before flower buds appear, otherwise you'll have no blooms at all. Keep mums … Mums perform best in fertile, well-drained soil. on The Charleston Capitol Market – A Gorgeous Farmers Market Like No Other! Yes, it is true that chrysanthemums will only bloom for a specific length of time. Fall officially begins on September 22! Last but not least, keep those mums watered! So how long do mums live? How To Build A DIY Harvest Rack To Ripen Fruits & Vegetables. To get even more mums, take a … In late spring and early summer, pick off dead and fading flowers to encourage more growth. But that sun and heat also speeds up the blooming cycle of the plant. Find a window that allows lots of sun in and be sure it gets at least four hours a day of direct sunlight. Adequate sunlight also ensures that moisture does not linger around the mums, resulting in mildew that could be harmful to the plant. However, mums require proper care from the time you plant them in spring to ensure the best blooms later in the year. Propagating Mums. Pinch each time the mums grow to about 6 inches high, reducing the stem length to about 4 inches. Harrington's specialties include small business information, crafting, decorating and gardening. What Is the Length of Time From Planting to Full Flowers for Zinnias? To keep a uniform, neat appearance cut stems at approximately the same level. If you are hunting for colorful blooms that last until frost, you ll find them in that fall favorite, the chrysanthemum. Mums are a staple of the autumn garden. In closing, just a few more tips for keeping your mums looking great. Check the soil of your plants daily with the tip of your fingertips. Take care not to overwater your mums as soggy soil can prevent them from flowering and cause root rot. Mums need to be pinched a little earlier for best results. Mums can certainly handle full sun, but all of that heat and light greatly reduce their overall bloom cycle time. And, unless you need them for an instant display today, it’s best to avoid them all together. Here’s to keeping you mums blooming longer, and looking beautiful all fall long! 18d. Mums are photoperiodic plants that require long dark nights to bloom. Keep Mums Cool: Warm temperatures also encourage blooming, while cool temperatures will help mums blooms last longer. When blooms become saturated with water, they can weaken and fade at a faster rate. After they finish flowering, garden mums should be cut back far enough to remove all of the faded flowers (about one-quarter their height). But there are a few key secrets to keep them blooming big and beautiful a bit longer during the autumn season. At the very moment of purchase. Where you display your mums will also impact their blooming life span. Place your mums in a sunny area in your home. The (Literal) Growth Of Mums. When planting mums, place them in a location that receives at least six hours of daily sunlight. Those big, beautiful plants in full bloom may look enticing in the store, but they are also already more than halfway through their life cycle. Deadheading, or removing dying flowers, is one of those tedious garden chores that needs to be done regularly. When buying, look for hardy mums. Pulling old blooms off by hand is not recommended because it leaves the entire stem looking out of place, and it could also damage the stem. Pinching encourages branching, which results in more buds -- but pinching after July removes the buds and reduces bloom. If possible, do not let mums wilt during the active vegetative growth phase in order to maximize plant size. Not all plants benefit from pinching back and the timing varies by plant. This will help keep the blooms from spotting and browning. To herald the change of seasons, mums (Chrysanthemums spp.) Location, Location, Location. It is best to water mums in the early morning. How To Grow Ginger Indoors – The Perfectly Delicious Winter House Plant! This late-summer fertilization can increase flowering, especially in areas with wet summers where rainfall has caused nutrients to leach from the soil. You should encourage fuller plant growth by pinching back new growth in spring, readying the mums for the fall blooms. Give mums room to breathe by planting them in open areas. ''Taylor's Guide to Growing North America's Favorite Plants'' recommends growing them with other fall-blooming plants, such as asters, ornamental grasses and monkshoods. Do You Deadhead Mums When the Flowers Die?. Signs of overwatering include yellow leaves that turn black and fall off. Product link : Self Watering Pots. Instead, they opt to sit their pots in a container and water from the bottom, allowing the water to soak upward into the roots. This is because mums tend to continue blooming long after many other flowering plants have ceased for the season. How to Care for MUMs and Keep Them Blooming All Season. This Is My Garden is a garden website created by gardeners, publishing two articles every week, 52 weeks a year. This is where it all starts when trying to get longevity out of your chrysanthemums. Look For Mums To Keep! Check out our Growing Guide for Chrysanthemums for growing and care tips. Plant a combination of the three for a longer flowering period in the garden. That’s when I decided to do some research to figure out what my plants were going through. Drought-stressed plants flower poorly, so keep an eye on the soil conditions during hot, dry spring and summer conditions. If you keep up with deadheading, chances are the mums will last longer and may repeat bloom. on Growing Herbs Indoors In The Winter – 4 Great Herbs For The Windowsill! Mums can certainly handle full sun, but all of that heat and light greatly reduce their overall bloom cycle time. Though garden or hardy mums (C. morifolium) are perennials, they are often grown as annuals in pots, containers and window boxes. Hardy mums are mums that can handle overwintering. What about the potted mums you can buy already blooming in autumn? Full sun forces a mum into full-blown bloom mode. However, deadheading mums are worth the trouble. (See : How To Keep Your Hardy Mums Year After Year). But kept in a partially shaded location, mums keep their blooms for a much longer period of time. Previously, she owned her own business, selling handmade items online, wholesale and at crafts fairs. Frequent dead-blossom removal encourages the mum to keep flowering longer. I am a lazy gardener too, so I am very surprised that the mums have come back for two years in a row. However, without the proper care, these blooms can weaken and fade fairly quickly. Chrysanthemums, or mums for short, can be divided into two distinct categories: garden and floral. Your potted Mums are dying because they may be suffering from a fungal disease like Verticillium, Septoria leaf spot, or Botrytis. burst into bloom in late summer and fall, welcoming the shorter days and cooler season with brightly colored flowers. Heavy water on the blooms can both damage the blooms and shorten their bloom cycle. A few easy practices will show you how to keep chrysanthemums blooming year after year. on 5 Excellent Drought Tolerant Perennials That Beat The Summer Heat! To keep plants healthy, water mums once weekly with enough water to moisten the top 6 to 8 inches of soil. Keep reading to learn about the lifespan of mums. There are over 5,000 varieties of mums in cultivation. These mums will bloom longer, flowering for up to 45 days or more. Keep the leaves as dry as possible when you water. Mulch with 2 to 3 inches of bark or shredded leaves to conserve moisture between waterings. Mums (Chrysanthemums spp.) How To Plant Fruit Trees – And Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant! With a bit of forethought and care, you can keep your mums blooming year after year! How to Prevent Mum Blossoms From Drying Up. Try overwintering them indoors. In fact, give them more water as the summer temps rise. These perennials come in many different colors, including some two-tone varieties. First, cut off the stems at pot level, then place the pots in a cool dark area, like a basement or unheated garage. And that means not only will they give you a beautiful display this fall, they can then be re-planted into the landscape to provide years of fall blooms! Hardy perennial mums; Water Mums from Bottom: Protect your mums from rain, and water them carefully without splashing the foliage or blooms. After the mums start to flower, cut off the dead blooms as soon as they begin to wilt. These mums will bloom longer, flowering for up to 45 days or more. Mums in particular benefit from deadheading and the pinching back of their stems during the springtime to get them ready for their blooming period in late summer and early fall. Hardy mums are mums that can handle overwintering. "Mums are easy to grow," he explains. CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) –Mum is the word during the season of Fall and AJ Petitti has important tips to keep your plants healthy and blooming. Now that is a win-win for the pocketbook! If you do not pinch back your mums, they will bloom in mid-summer and will not bloom again in the fall. A far better bargain than just a week or two! Make no mistake, chrysanthemums thrive in full sun. Self-watering containers work perfect for this chore, and keep plants watered for up to 5 days or more. Her published articles have appeared in various print and online publications. I do not object to decorative commercial mums for those who cannot grow their own fall flowers, but bees and butterflies will bless you if you have a spot of ground and can grow zinnias (now on their last legs), marigolds, fall blooming rudbeckia, or hardy sunflowers. Overwintering Potted Mums. Real Simple. Follow. If the soil is dry, water well. Apply them every week when it rains heavily to ward off developing fungus. How to Keep Your Mums Blooming All Fall Long. A far better bargain than just a week or two! They have a wide range of bloom color, size and petal formation, but they also have different bloom times. Keep doing this until mid-July for bushy mums that bloom like crazy in the fall. The important part is to keep the blooms from becoming saturated. Some gardeners don’t water from the top at all. Mums, also known as chrysanthemums (Dendranthema grandiflorum), are flowering plants that add color and life to … At blooming time, a few weekly waterings in dry weather isn’t too much. Chrysanthemums are fall's signature flower, so it's no wonder that you want to do all you can to enjoy them all season long. katiecolette on April 22, 2013: I really don't do much with the mums since I planted them in the ground - just trim down the old stems in late winter - early spring. AJ says it is possible to keep mums … Mums sprout in early spring and then start to grow in a bush-like fashion, sometimes. In the winter, cut your mums nearly to the ground to protect them from frost. Looking for a way to keep those gorgeous mums blooming longer? Be sure to keep the area clear from weeds, and keep the flowers away from artificial light sources at night, since mums need a period of darkness to flower. Also, sprinkle 1 pound of 5-10-5 fertilizer over every 25 square feet of garden about one month after the last pinching or when the flower buds begin to swell. My dear friends, Chrysanthemum, sometimes called mums or chrysanths, are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteria. (See : How To Keep Your Hardy Mums Year After Year). Providing the necessary elements for best growth and maintaining the flowers through the bloom period helps them flower profusely. The quickest way to shorten a mum’s bloom period is with inconsistent watering. How To Grow Devil’s Ivy – The Perfect Houseplant, And Outdoor Plant Too. Regardless of whether you're going to plant your mums outdoors or keep them indoors in pots, choose those with lots of buds that haven't yet … All About Autumn. The important part is to keep the blooms from becoming saturated. Snip through the stem 3 to 5 inches below the old flower so the bare stem isn't visible. Want to read more about mums? "They prefer full sun, but usually do fine in part shade, and once established, they are resistant to drought, disease, and infestation." The best method is to put the nozzle of your hose or watering can under the blooms. burst into bloom in late summer and fall, welcoming the shorter days and cooler season with brightly colored flowers. They are native to East Asia and northeastern Europe. Jenny Harrington has been a freelance writer since 2006. But, depending on weather and the environment, if left to grow naturally without any pinching, some varieties will start blooming too early and grow quite tall and leggy. Look for plants that are full of buds, or barely beginning to open up. 5 Excellent Drought Tolerant Perennials That Beat The Summer Heat! The plants benefit greatly from it and look much better when finished. Autumn’s temperatures may be cooler, but the dry air can quickly take moisture from potted plants. In addition, the added heat and stress of the sunlight shortens the life of the blooms that appear as well. Location, Location, Location. And when you water, water gently. When I first attempted to grow Mums, my plants kept dying before I could enjoy their jewel-toned blossoms. In typical Texas fashion, these artificial mums keep getting bigger. I hope they keep coming back and making beautiful flowers! Growing Herbs Indoors In The Winter – 4 Great Herbs For The Windowsill! Remember to water your planted perennial mums in the spring. When buying, look for hardy mums. These two varieties are bred with different goals in mind, and this results in very different lifespans. In most regions, mums will survive outside as perennials and bloom annually. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Most species originate from East Asia and the center of diversity is in China. Thousands of cultivars offer varying shapes, sizes and styles, from button mums to single or daisy mums. But unfortunately, their blooms just never seem to last quite long enough. Fungicides and disease-prevention sprays ward off many problems. And as you will see below, if you are careful of what you buy, you can also keep those mums alive through winter to use again next year. How to Keep Mums Blooming. University of California Under the Solano Sun: Mums the Word, Farmers' Almanac: How To Keep Your Mums Thriving All Season, The Seattle Times: Pinch chrysanthemums back to get the best blooms. They add amazing color, texture and vibrancy to autumn displays like no other plant can. Mums come in different varieties, including early-, mid- and late-blooming types. Mums take very well to propagation.
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