– Chinese Sweet Plum or the scientific name Sageretia Theezans is an evergreen shrub that grows to about three metres tall. all the best 3rd July, 2017, Dear Rowena, I am concerned that it is too big for its pot and am considering transferring it to a bigger pot. Beautiful tree! Firstly, small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. Kind regards Share - 500 PCS Seeds Blue Strawberry Berries Fruits Vegetables Strawberry Bonsai Garden. The tree gets good natural light but the leaves are always very papery and dry and turn yellow quickly. In late summer yellowish white flower panicles can develop, followed by small blue fruit. 6th August, 2016. – Sarah Bonsai Direct – Now the leaves look healthy, but only growing in specific areas. Sageretia theezans (sageretia, mock buckthorn, sweet-plum or Chinese sweet plum) is a shrub from the family Rhamnaceae, native to southern China.It is widely used for creating bonsai.. Thank you, It sounds as though it could have scorched; if the leaves went crispy and dropped. Chinese Juniper (Juniper chinensis) – A favourite hardy evergreen bonsai with awesome character The fruit is small and edible (tasting sweet, as the name suggests.) Antonio Do not be inclined to over-water – just water as necessary, Carissa Macrocarpa Bonsai Care About The Natal Plum Flower Bonsai Tree A shrubby evergreen native to the tropics, the natal plum gets its name from it's tasty fruits that resemble a standard grocery store plum fruit. That sounds like a great place. It is an art to make a tree into a miniature size. Beginners bonsai trees and bonsai kits are great fun. The leaves coming out are large compared to the original leaves. 18th October, 2017, Hi Hank, Hi, I have had my sweet plumb bonsai since May and it has been healthy with new leaves appearing frequently. 13th September, 2013. FREE DELIVERY to most areas.Weekend delivery also available. When this bonsai tree sheds its bark the trunk will become multi-colored and appear stunning. The Sageretia or Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai tree has beautiful bright green foliage. It is a subtropical evergreen shrub which can grow 2 – 3 meters (7 to 10ft) high and is native to China and Japan. I bought a sweet plum bonsai from you in May 2013 and all of the leaves have fallen off completly. The growing tips are fine and there are new leaves forming, but some if them go papery after a while of being opened. Some say that the leaves also give off a plum scent. Sarah, Vicki Chinese Bird Plum (Cutting) Linton's Edible Fruits Update: 50 days 15hrs. I’ll do as you say and hope for the best. kind regards Sarah – Bonsai Direct, Vivienn The Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia) enjoys a bright filtered light setting. The Sweet Plum is great for classical landscape or pen-jing. Dear Mohammed, Just one last question, should I cut it back – obviously not the thicker branches but the fairly new ones that grew just prior to this happening, should I cut them all off to give it a better chance or will this cause distress?? ... 100Pcs Litchi Tree Seeds Natural Sweet Fruit Chinese Plum Tropical Plants Garden. Hi i have bought a sageretia bonsai and left it in a bright spot for 7 days and it looked well. – 11th September, 2013. Only time will tell how far it has dried out and if it can recover. I would recommend moving them to a warmer position until May, Kind regards Sarah, PanagiotisL By Spring, new growth will begin to sprout quickly. Some say that the leaves also give off a plum scent. Bonsai … kind regards Kind regards and Happy New Year Sarah, Ed MEASUREMENTS: This tree is 13 inches tall, measured from soil. The Sageretia or Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai tree has beautiful bright green foliage. The overall condition of my tree deteriorated due to illness and it’s taken a long time to get back in to condition. They are beautiful and give a stunning whimsical look to any room in the house. – Its evergreen, and the flowers are small and inconspicuous. Proper care will result in small fruits appearing on the tree. It may be short of nutrients. It sounds as though the bonsai could have dried out in the early days. They look like small black insect eggs but the tree looks still pretty healthy. Either that or it dried out for a short time. This then encourages back budding and new leaves will develop where the old ones drop off.
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