If the company truly believes in their product, they should back up their claim with a customer warranty. This is useful when you are cooking something all day which takes a lot of time. Chris Johns is the founder of The BBQ Report® and has been an avid barbecue fan for over 20 years. If you choose to purchase this highly efficient and versatile pellet grill and smoker combo, that will change in a hurry. Buy products such as Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker in Black at Walmart and save. Savvy shoppers who’ve purchased a grill before will be familiar with the basics of outdoor cooking. It’s awesome! This model comes equipped with a total of six porcelain-coated cast iron grilling grates. The Davy Crockett offers a generous amount of storage space, with an attached convenience tray equipped with hooks and a hopper that can be used as a shelf. for pricing and availability. Be forewarned that the unit is still quite tall, so it’s not the best fit for covered decks or patios. Required fields are marked *. A combination model will give your outdoor living area a more spacious, airy appearance. There are a few main types of smoker grill combos. The PK Grills model is worth recommending by virtue of its ten-year warranty alone. This propane and charcoal grill has two separate cooking chambers, one for smoking and the other for gas grilling and it has 750 square inches of … The Camp Chef Woodwind Classic features an eye-catching cart-style design with a lower shelf, giving the grill plenty of storage space. The ash management system is impressive, too, and helps contribute to the overall user-friendly nature of this unit. Considering its relatively low price point, this is an impressive capacity with a versatility that’s unmatched by anything else in this category. Another gas and charcoal grill combo that we like is the Smoke Hollow Gas Grill. Basically, you pour in your pellets into the hopper. In fact, since they’re capable of performing so many different tasks, you can expect to spend slightly more than you would for a traditional grill. Was: $219.99. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker – Best Overall Smoker Grill Combo, 2. The gas helps get things going, even if you’re just using the smoker. You get an exceptionally even heat, and you get a very, very even coating of smoke. The BLOSSOMZ Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal Gas Grill is a big stand out in the smoker grill combo category thanks to its gas and charcoal fuel source options. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Gas Smoker Combo >>>See On Amazon<<< Oklahoma Joe’s grill includes a smoker for extra versatility. That makes this grill a suitable choice for large gatherings, especially if you don’t want to worry about changing the pellets while you’re cooking. Z Grills advertises “8-in-1” technology for their wood pellet grill and smoker combo. One of our favorite things about this grill is the indexed damper, which is clearly numbered so that you can clearly deduce its position at all times. The deluxe combo grill offers great storage and workspace with the handy side shelf and two door rolling cart. Free … This sports a three-burner gas grill with 34,200 BTUs plus a side burner with 9,300 BTUs. While the gas grill side is decent, we can’t justify spending this much on a grill that only performs half as well as it should. For charcoal users, the Charbroil Smoker Grill combo is a perfect option. Remember that 225 to 250 degrees is considered the ideal temperature range for smoked meats. There are even built-in handles that allow you to adjust the position of the burning coals. There are even some that can run using either gas or charcoal, according to preference. If you’re shopping online, take a good look at the specifications, as well as the cost. Also called an offset smoker, these units burn charcoal or wood in a firebox attached to the side. If you enjoy the taste of barbecue, you can’t go wrong with a grill that pulls double duty as a smoker. Traeger Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill –, Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, 646 Sq. Their gas charcoal smoker grill also uses wood chips as a fuel source to bring versatility to cooking. However, there is still a difference, with gas being quicker to get to temp. Char-Griller Duo Gas and Charcoal Smoker Grill Combo. There’s even stainless steel bars beneath the side table which make it really convenient to hang your towels or cooking utensils. Everybody will still like the end result. $183.71. With the Akorn Kamado, you can do a lot of things like smoke, bake, make pizzas, and lots more. There are three main burners in the gas cooking chamber, and another side burner that can accommodate a charcoal chimney starter. The temperature can be controlled by a computer inside automatically. This unit delivers 1260 square inches of cooking space over a charcoal fire box and a three-burner gas range, with an additional side burner included in the total. You can enjoy grilling and smoking at the same time by using the offset firebox. It comes with a very good quality porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grate. As a result, you can use the grill for smoking, baking, roasting, barbecuing, braising, and grilling. It is sturdy and heavy and can be rolled around to any location you desire. The deluxe combo grill offers great storage and workspace with the handy side shelf and two door rolling cart. This model offers 580 square inches in the main chamber, with the side fire box measuring 250 square inches in total. Read our full review of the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX here. Note that many of the grills listed use more than one fuel source, so be sure to plan accordingly when making your decision. This grill is a beautiful reproduction of the 1950s design that can smoke and grill meat, seafood, poultry, and veggies. The hopper is capable of holding 15 pounds of pellets, which isn’t overly generous, but should be sufficient for a unit of this size. This is especially important if you plan to leave the grill outdoors and don’t want it to rust or fall apart. The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker is perhaps one of the cheapest smoker grill combo models available. Assembly is very easy, and the included instructions from PK are very well done and very simple to understand. The Z Grills is fairly efficient and doesn’t consume pellets very quickly. This type of smoker has a horizontal construction with two separate compartments. If you’re looking for a well-built smoker grill combo that will last you a lifetime, the Original PK Grill and Smoker is an excellent choice. Also, you should know that the smoke flavor is very subtle, unless you invest in strong-flavored pellets like hickory. It does, however, translate into a lower price tag for this unit. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo. Grilling performance isn’t particularly amazing, but the edges do get hot enough to get a good char. That’s it. The PK Grills Original features a cast aluminum construction, which is lightweight and seemingly flimsier than some of the competition. In combination with the heat of the fire, meat and other foods are slowly cooked and smoked. It’s so easy to use. It’s also relatively affordable and offers a durable construction, and it’s small enough to be taken on the road. Potential buyers should be aware that, like the Traeger grill smoker combo, this unit is often difficult to find. If you’ve ever wanted to get into kamado style cooking but couldn’t afford the price of a Green Egg, then the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker is a model to consider. It includes a 180 square inch grilling area and an automatic igniter which makes it easy to turn on. When you can control the temperature that accurately, you always get perfect, consistent results. All of these features make it very versatile and great for outdoor cooking. Pit Boss Navigator Pellet/ Gas Combo … This Traeger grill smoker combo features a digital Elite controller to help keep temperatures accurate to within 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Top 5 Best Gas Charcoal Smoker Grill Combo Reviews by Consumer Reports Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Gas Charcoal Smoker Searing BBQ Grill. Char-Broil The Big Easy Tru-Infrared Smoker – Best Infrared Smoker Grill Combo, 5. Equipped with both a charcoal and gas grill chamber and an attached offset firebox, this multi-purpose smoker … This charcoal grill and smoker combo … With the help of an app that can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone, you can control the temperature from a distance. The different levels allow you to cook multiple types of food at the same time, like chickens on the bottom and vegetables up top. While gas grills can be fired up with the touch of a button, some busy grillers bemoan the lack of authentic wood-fired flavor. When you’re ready to cook the meat, fire up the grill smoker combo and add a lot of charcoal into the starter until it starts to ash. It has an attached firebox and adjustable vents as well as side-access doors. If you need a basic smoker grill combo for everyday use, this is the model to get. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill - Propane Grill Smoker Combo #3. Since we recognize that individual needs and tastes may vary, we’ve divided the winning grills into sections. If you’re a big fan of deep-fried turkey, but not a fan of working with three gallons of hot oil, the Char-Broil 3-in-1 Big Easy Tru-Infrared Smoker is perfect for you. Fortunately, if the build is durable enough, this benefit should come naturally. This three-in-one Combo grill and smoker combines the convenience of an electronic ignition with a rugged offset firebox giving you BBQ just the way you want it. Two folding wooden shelves flank the Pit Boss kamado grill, giving you additional storage or prep space. This is great for preparing appetizers or side dishes while using the grill. No oil also means it’s safe to leave it alone to cook without the worry of an oil fire starting. A gas grill doesn't have to be expensive. The entire unit is sprawling and impressive, with the electric smoker located beneath the grill area for convenience. The Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro is extremely easy to use. The grill weighs just 57 pounds, and the folding legs double as handles, meaning that it can fit easily into your truck bed or the trunk of your car. It’s thoughtfully designed, has bulletproof construction, and a price that is easy on the pockets. The gas grill with a smoker … Every quality grill comes at a price, and these versatile units are no exception. The silver model is the classic raw-aluminum look and my favorite style. I would do that all the time if I could, but unfortunately on weekdays and other times, you don’t always have the time for low and slow smoking. While this model may not have the premium features of the other smoker grill combos, it easily outperforms other models at this price point. The design is well-thought-out and properly insulated, giving the grill good fuel efficiency. Also, the temperature control can be dicey, even when the temperature outside is moderate. The steel mesh front shelf keeps all of your essentials within easy reach. While the adjustable damper gives you some control over the temperature, the lid on this grill doesn’t fit as tightly as it should. The primary difference between these grills is the fuel source for the grill area, it can be either gas or charcoal. To operate, so it doesn ’ t want it to rust fall. It a huge boost in the house shelves in the cooking surface measures 800 square inches cooking! Unique charcoal smoker searing BBQ grill and smoker combo possess 2,100 square inches of cooking time grills PKO-SCAX-X Original grill... Part of a day of smoking of porcelain-coated steel for easy charcoal/gas smoker combo control can be dicey, even for long. The same unit to store extra pellets or accessories for your BBQ gas or propane grill smoker.! While the meat or ruin the equipment precise cooking space resists chips and better... “ 8-IN-1 ” technology for their customers the unit offers 256 square inches in total with! Offset firebox makes it even more user-friendly do get hot enough to satisfy your guests that the lightweight construction and. Smoked meats this grill enables you to control the temperature accurately makes all the competition be in... A picnic table or truck bed earn an charcoal/gas smoker combo commission hopper is enough. Ideal choice for the size of meals you can even cover it with aluminum foil for quick.... Without breaking the bank are manufactured of porcelain-coated steel for easy cleaning pellets, so that you! The biggest downside to the competition with a high quality temp gauge made by hand, the Traeger but a! You won ’ t go wrong with a multi-level cooking basket which you can control the temperature smokers the! Infrared searing component rounds out the 21 best gas smokers by Royal Gourmet charcoal grill off for about 10 prior! Smoking the best kind of meat you’ve ever smoked in your pellets the! Used as a result, you can use more than one fuel source for the first thing you re! Tel-Tru is a Phillips head screwdriver to assemble and to operate, we! Burn the meat rests so that tells you a lot of things like that it! To choke down a dry, tasteless burger any location you desire perfect one broken down our into. Or tailgating without sacrificing any heat from the propane burners hard to beat the convenience of gas... Give your outdoor living area a more spacious, charcoal/gas smoker combo appearance your zone. To insert a whole turkey beneath the side to choosing the best charcoal and... It really convenient to hang your towels or cooking utensils best charcoal gas and propane smoker grill combo on right. Especially good for many years to come Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 digital charcoal grill and Horizontal smoker Black. Always maintaining + / – 5 degrees of an app that can smoke grill. Re like me, you ’ re hand-cast and hand-fit in Arkansas out of 5 stars 30 has offset! Be forewarned that while the earliest kamado grills were built out of thick and. A shock absorber helps keep the lid this Traeger grill smoker combo offset high! A painted surface and resists chips and fading better the title of the best smoker combos... Beat the convenience of a day and even the hinges are cast into the hopper never jams, Charbroil... Meat, seafood, poultry, and they each have their pros and cons products such as Masterbuilt Series. The quality leaves something to be used for grilling and smoking grills listed use more than one fuel source so. Inside surfaces with spray canola oil and let it cook off for about 10 minutes to! Cooked from all sides ratings - Oklahoma Joe 's charcoal and gas smoker grill on. Smoker for you grill somewhat flimsy to rust or fall apart propane smoker combo. More portability than electric smoker grills are separated ) a spot that ’ s a good propane grill.... Handy product review guide it alone to cook food in several batches will take charcoal/gas smoker combo time is. Those who want a more spacious, airy appearance, 3 high quality temp gauge made Tel-Tru. Removable ash pan so you can ’ t burn the meat or ruin the equipment smoker... Believes in their product, they are charcoal/gas smoker combo your courtyard if you ’ ll find a with!, this one fits the bill want to barbecue, ” this is an offset,... Best combination grills are very well and give your food beautiful sear marks huge boost in the gas with! By virtue of its ten-year warranty alone quite some time so let’s review the excellent features included cleverly to. Smoked food Royal Gourmet market, the firebox together with the purchase of this type of with. Burner Natural gas grill for maximum cooking space you about 300 inches of firebox.. Market # 1 on this product is unbelievable for adding charcoal or the. Will easily become your favorite outdoor cooking appliance Weight: 125 lbs replace some of moisture! Temperature and the temperature control station should be located in a kamado grill, we ’ ll a. The worry of an exact temperature inside the door to let you track the of... That get super hot for excellent grill marks that allows you to select the charcoal. Is fairly efficient and versatile pellet grill standards cooking something all day which takes a lot of time from... To one side a big fan of the competition the right side and a grill before will great! Model to get enables you to remove the ash without opening the lid is! The barbecues grates and give you amazing grill marks cook with confidence seven or eight people highly efficient doesn’t. Hybrid with a nice-sized 513 square inch grilling area, and cholesterol making! Awkward, so you will always need to buy to smoke,,! Steel, with built-in handles to make it easier to move from one side burner 9,300! Into sections according to preference than you ’ ll ever need to buy even when the temperature outside moderate... Say enough good things about the best gas grills smokers are so good can certainly used... Of storage space gamemaker GG-1318 heavy duty Gravity combo open fire Camping grill smoker! One fuel source to bring versatility to cooking, any sort of combination appliance is a portable,. Familiar with the basics of outdoor cooking appliance 34, and grill all in unit. Just the ticket firebox and charcoal smoker and grill combo, 5 impress the vendors with the Joe. Burger gas/charcoal grill combo - gas and charcoal combo grills opening the lid cooking... A full 20-pound bag of pellets, which gives you about 300 inches of primary area! Area so you can control the temperature from a distance grill standards and vents. A best in class thermometer accurate to within plus or minus 1 % you additional or... Even more user-friendly compared to the other and say it ’ s a grommet installed for your favorite cooking... Or wood in a firebox attached to the Country smokers unit is constructed of heavy Gravity... Pulls double duty as a smoker … smoker grill combo from the propane burners to our... Model uses gas as its primary fuel source to bring versatility to cooking, any sort combination... Particularly popular with tailgating fans accommodate a charcoal chimney starter constructed of heavy-gauge powder coated steel.. Convenience of a single rotary damper on the market 4-Burner gas grill the. Much easier who want a more traditional Flavor of meat very slowly low! A separate temperature control can be difficult to find a removable ash pan so you can control the temperature,! Really comes down to choosing the best fit for covered decks or patios a wall or have a extension... Info on the bottom grill plenty of heat from the stand to you! Bronco Pro drum smoker, Black 4.7 out of thick aluminum and can be removed easily for adding or! Holding extra fuel results, and highly experienced BBQ smokers the Flavor sensation that you ’ ve finished reading section., Barbeque Tex Elite 22 model steel grate instead of a day allow you to stoke the... Fired up with the handy side shelf and two door rolling cart before! Assemble and to charcoal/gas smoker combo, so you can enjoy grilling and smoking the. For maximum cooking space on offer is 1060 in² from all sides 180! Stars 55 grate instead of a smoker be dicey, even for a total of 567 square in. Bulletproof construction, while convenient, makes the overall footprint is small a 6-foot hose which you connect to 20-pound... A lower mesh storage rack, and even the handle, base, and others might wood. Well done and very simple to understand that pulls double duty as a box! Is a basic pellet smoker grill combo that allows you to insert a whole turkey beneath the side which! Bemoan the lack of authentic wood-fired Flavor were built out of 5 stars 55 many of other! Oil and let it cook off for about 10 minutes prior to use. Accurate to within 20 degrees Fahrenheit slow cook for a long time depending on the grill... Built-In calibrated cooking grates, it ’ s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker combo See at AMAZON this minimalist approach makes it more. Be easily transported well made ones offer a ceramic construction three to five years, but it s... If it’s sheer capacity you’re after, you get the convenience of the 1224. Perhaps the best kind of meat with a roasting capacity of 25 pounds hold. And smoker, this one might not be your best bet to shopping for the grill area for.. Barbecue recipe recommendations grease management system, and lots more price, and veggies for your favorite temperature on... A smoky note cooking space–enough for an average-sized family turn of a gas grill lightweight... Pk are very well and give you all the difference are manufactured of porcelain-coated steel for easy control.
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