But more and more girls are fighting back. The term ‘custody’ itself is not defined in the Matrimonial Causes Act. Niger has the world's highest number of child marriages. Developing relational alliances amid families for other business or financial upholds. Health issues as giving birth at an early age is harmful for the girls’ health. Child marriage, according to international standards, is any form of union or marriage involving a party or parties below the age of 18. In other words, this article identifies the factors that contribute to the high rate of children dropout from school in the country. You are all always in my mind. Fatima’s marriage is prohibited under Nigeria’s Child Rights Act (CRA), which bans marriage before the age of 18. Child marriage in Niger occurs primarily for economic reasons: the family no longer has to feed the girl once they sell her off to her husband and the dowry they receive from selling her will help the family cope with hunger and poverty. all underlying causes of child marriage, but one must be aware of the specific circumstances in the particular areas. Child marriage is a cultural issue, but it is also a social justice issue and a national health issue in Nigeria. 1 Child marriage is standing in the way of progress towards many of the 2030 Global Goals. Child brides Niger has the world's highest rate of child marriages. I recently visited Niger, where up to 98% of the population is Muslim. We need to work as a society to figure out ways to give the most vulnerable in our society a positive control over their future. Gender Inequalities in the society. Do away with child marriage. As much as anyone does not consider this to be one of the reasons to eradicate poverty it is. A girl who is married as a child is more likely to be out of school and not earn money and contribute to the community. With 1,193,000 women married before the age of 18. Families closely guard their daughters’ sexuality and virginity in order to protect the family honour. Its causes are multiple and overlapping and its effects are lifelong for the victims and their communities. Nigeria is the third country worldwide for absolute number of child brides (United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)). Causes of Child Marriage. Many factors interact to place a child at risk of marriage, including poverty, the perception that marriage will provide ‘protection’, family honor, social norms, customary or religious laws that condone the practice, an inadequate legislative framework and the state of a country’s civil registration system. In 2013, about 47 percent of the women in Nigeria aged 20-24 were married in union before age 18. “As a father you have to do what is best for your family. A web-documentary by Dirk Gilson The young bride Fifteen-year-old Hamsatou holds up a photo of herself on her wedding day. This report examines the causes of child marriage in Bangladesh and how to prevent it. EARLY MARRIAGE IN NIGERIA: CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES, AND SOLUTIONS DEDICATION Mr. and Mrs J. R. Akpan, the only parents I can pray and wish for and to my kid brother Anthony (Jnr.,) and nephew BoBo. But federal laws are at loggerheads with age-old customs, as well as the implementation of Sharia law or Islamic law in some Muslim states. Nigeria has one of the highest child marriage prevalence rates in the world. In many countries where child marriage is widespread, girls are often seen as economic burdens. They have to stop going to school and miss out on their chance of an education. However, in Black’s Law Dictionary, custody of children is defined as “The care, control and maintenance of a child which may be awarded by a court to one of the parents as in a divorce or separation proceeding”. Ending child marriage would generate large welfare benefits through a reduction in population growth, helping to usher in the demographic dividend. In the least developed countries, that number doubles – 40 per cent of girls are married before age 18, and 12 per cent of girls are married before age 15. This tradition jeopardises the future of the young girls forced into such marriages and endangers their health. The child custody after divorce in Nigeria primarily rested on the best interest of a child. In terms of absolute numbers, because of the size of its population, India has the most child marriages and a in 47% of all marriages the bride is a child. Many girls who are married off before they turn 18 or are forced into early marriages are made to leave school, depriving them of … Bride prices help pay for food that has been scarce in recent years due to drought and other climate shock in the Sahel region. Child marriage in Bangladesh is widespread despite it being illegal. Sadly, as this term paper makes … From this paper, culture continues to perpetuate and entrench the practice of child marriage in most communities. Child abuse in Nigeria negatively affects the future of children and destroys the image of the country. Child marriage ends childhood. Although marriage statutes in the United States vary from state to state a marriage performed in Niger under Nigerien law is generally recognized as valid throughout the United States. Marriage before the age of 18 is a fundamental violation of human rights. There is pressure for girls to get married when parents cannot afford to pay for their daughters’ education or when the girls do not get good grades to transition to the next level. In many cases, they fall pregnant while they are still children themselves, increasing risks during birth. A total of 28 per cent of all girls are married before the age of 15. This institution should be seen as an abuse of human rights since this is one form of a forced marriage. This in turns reduces the ability of households to meet their basic needs, and thereby contributes to poverty. Effects of Child Marriage . Furthermore, we make a few recommendations, which policy planners may adopt in reducing children’s dropout from schools. Child marriage has indeed caused more harm than good as it has stripped many young girls of their childhood, their dreams, their basic human rights and their health, however if we can follow these recommended steps, then, we can be able to eradicate child marriage in Nigeria. Children suffer from various forms of abuse such as child marriages, molestation, child labour, kidnapping, and neglect, among other forms. 2.2 Causes of child marriage in Africa 25 2.2.1 Gender inequality 25 2.2.2 Cultural and religious norms that promote . In one of Plan International’s most watched child marriage stories, see how cultural and financial factors played a role in her mother’s decision to accept a dowry for her marriage and how Plan International works at multiple levels to educate communities about the consequences of child marriage. Many laws and policies were put into place with the purpose of protecting children from abuse. Marriage Procedures for Americans Wanting to Marry in Niger The following information is to assist American citizens contemplating marriage in Niger. These consequences impact not just the girl directly, but also her family and community. A child who is supposed to have a future and add to the growth of the economy of its country is forced into a marriage at a young age. Since its inception in 1995, the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, known as MICS, has become the largest source of statistically sound and internationally comparable data on women and children worldwide. Child marriage as a concept can be defined as the formal or an informal union between two individuals before attaining the age of eighteen years. What is Child Marriage, its Concepts and Causes of Child Marriage. It negatively influences children’s rights to education, health and protection. The West African country of Niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world. Combating the causes of child CHAPTER 3: ACTS OF CHILD MARRIAGEIMP 39. The 10 countries with the highest rates of child marriage are: Niger, 75%; Chad and Central African Republic, 68%; Bangladesh, 66%; Guinea, 63%; Mozambique, 56%; Mali, 55%; Burkina Faso and South Sudan, 52%; and Malawi, 50%. Conclusions regarding underlying factors and correlations are further to be found and presented in the text. Browse Child marriage news, research and analysis from The Conversation Menu Close ... All 36 states in Nigeria must adopt the Child Rights Act to safeguard their children. Child marriage is the formal (or informal) marriage of a child under the age of 18 — most often the marriage of a young girl to an older boy or man. Out-of-school girls are a diverse group, held back by barriers related to cultural norms, poverty, early and forced marriage, teen pregnancy and other causes. Girls in households where boys are favored often have low self-esteem and little confidence. Child marriage is also driven by patriarchal values and the desire to control female sexuality, for instance, how a girl should behave, how she should dress, who she should be allowed to see, to marry, etc. Child marriage causes untold suffering to the victims; it curtails the child’s education, affects the general health, and puts the affected in a disadvantaged position. Empowerment programs for young girls are key to preventing early marriages by improving their self-efficacy. Custom, Traditional beliefs and social mind-set. Say no to child marriage, as it is illegal, unfair, and against the law. Keywords: Child marriage, Niger, Chad, Social norms! Child marriage leads girls to have children earlier and more children over their lifetime. But every year, 15 million girls are locked away from a better life. The ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda serves to create progress that will improve lives across the world. In a study on the causes of child marriage in Kenya and Zambia, Steinhaus et al. (2016) identified lack of educational opportunities as one of the direct causes of child marriage. Summary: In this article, we examine the causes of increasing dropout rate of children (both boys and girls) in Nigeria. Child marriage is a widespread practice in sub-Saharan Africa which leads to violation of human rights. or perpetuate child marriage 26 2.2.3 Poverty 29 2.2.4 Lack of access to education 32 2.2.5 Legal frameworks 34 2.2.6 Inadequacy of registration procedures 36 2.2.7 Armed conflict and sexual violence 38. Low status of women. PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Throughout the world, marriage is regarded as a moment of celebration and a milestone in adult life. Illiteracy. Despite laws against it, the practice remains widespread: Globally, one in every five girls is married, or in union, before reaching age 18. This practice, which is an affront to basic human rights for children and women alike, enjoys a status of legality with registration of marriages involving those below 18 sanctioned explicitly and given exceptions under Islamic and civil laws. Child marriage is a human rights violation. Economic or financial inability of the family. In Dosso, Niger, 13-year-old Mariama discovered that she was to be married in a few days’ time. Child labor in Nigeria is an evil that ruins Nigerian children’s health, intellectual development, and all chances of becoming educated.
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