Some of the worksheets displayed are Adaptation to life adaptations and evolution author tracy, Animal adaptations, 3 1 2 lesson 2 awesome adaptations, Adaptations, Fish adaptations, Adaptations designs for survival, How plants and animals survive adapt to their environment, 1 stem … See the fact file below for more information on the beavers or alternatively, you can download our 24-page Beavers worksheet pack to utilise within the classroom or home environment. Worksheet 3: Beaver Cloze. 2) Hand out pages 2-4 to each student. Lesson Planet. Adaptations of the Koala. KS3 Science Revision Worksheets Special Edition P. Hill, Beaver Educational Resources 2000. Once a beaver is 2 years old they leave their habitat to find a mate and start a family of their own. Adaptations. The chapters are grouped as follows: Chapter 1-5, 6-10, 11 Adaptations of the Housefly . Adaptations Fieldtrip Worksheet 1.) Name: _____ Includes printable and digital versions. 48 3.4 Chapter 4 - Adaptations and Predation 51 3.4.1 Activity - Beaver Enemies 59 3.5 Chapter 5 - Respect For All Living Things 61 3.5.1 Activity - Make a Coat 70 4.0 Program Evaluation 72 To build their setts badgers have adapted large, broad fore paws with long thick claws for digging amongst the roots of trees and create very deep holes in the earth. I. Concepts . They have a thick fur coat as well as inner insulation so they can do well in all water temperatures. After cutting out the clues and watching the video, make your habitat and animal hypothesis below by us-ing the word bank. mimicry imitating!another!animal!for!survival!! times, we study physical adaptations of animals in order to achieve our own technical development. Adaptations of the Kangaroo. 4) Correct the worksheets (see the answer key below). Plant adaptations in the desert. They spend time on land making dens out of sticks and twigs. The beaver does so with an innate ability to construct dams—a feat that no creature apart from humans is able to achieve. The Sign of the Beaver Extension Activities. Otters and beavers have adaptations for swimming. Black-Tailed and Antelope Jackrabbits, North American Beaver, and Mountain Goats. Europe, Russia, and Asia are all locations where the Eurasian Beaver is able to live. Next, show students a picture of a frog ( S-4-2-1_Fish and Frog.docx ). You happen to spot a large pile of sticks, logs, mud, and stones right in the water. Adaptations of plants in different habitats 1. Have each student record the answers on their own worksheet in the “Adaptations for Fish” column. Then students will select one of these three dioramas to observe closely and complete a worksheet describing the animal and its adaptation to its environment using the Museum’s website. The beaver also slaps its tail … Beaver Woodpecker Mole Swamp Desert Artic Word ank Feet • Snow oots • Flippers • Hiking oots Face • Mask • Scarf • Goggles ody overing • Sun Shirt • Rain oat • Warm oat Accessories • Shovel • ackpack with supplies • SUA Tank Guess Adaptations Fieldtrip Worksheet 1.) Did you know a beaver is made for life? 3) Ask students to complete this worksheet. Key Facts & Information Habitat, Anatomy and Life Cycle. CF11 8XB. Registered to Fitzalan High School. Sheryn Olson, University of Colorado, Mountain Research Station . North American Beaver Adaptations For A Semiaquatic Lifestyle. This video focuses on the beaver's ability to transform its environment to suit itself. One of the unique features of their industrious nature is that beavers remain indifferent to cold. 3.2 Chapter 2 - Beaver Characteristics 27 3.2.1 Activity - Design a Beaver 36 3.3 Chapter 3 - Beaver Homes and Habits 39 3.3.1 Activity - What’s for Dinner? Beaver skull and pelt Chewed sticks, laminated pictures of scat, rubber track molds, beaver track stencils, track stamps Beaver dress-up kit (3 sets): items that resemble adaptations The Beaver Pond by Alvin Tresselt Coloring sheets Station Possibilities: Build-a-beaver A student volunteer is dressed up like a beaver.
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