ArtScience Group helps to facilitate change by uncovering insights through one-on-one coaching, group exchanges and customer discovery. Check out these awesome ways to teach science using art below. Join Radhiah in this session as she demonstrates how to make your own monotype and create your own variety of prints with endless possibilities. A collaboration between Gladys Ng, Zoea Tania, and thistlemorse, the latest micro-commissioned film Prophecy invites audiences to contemplate our existence through vast and microscopic imageries. Highlighting two very different exhibitions, ArtScience at Home's virtual tours are guided by Museum Ambassadors, giving you a closer look at the installations displayed without having to … How do our bodies navigate the many invisible rules of the public space sometimes without us even noticing? Music composer-producer Kin Leonn draws on new improvised material and rearranged pieces from his debut album Commune for an introspective ambient set performed in his living room. Catch the first short film in the newly launched Micro-Commissions series – LATE SPRING, an homage to Yasujiro Ozu’s film of the same name. Screen Zine goes full scream with a graphic guide to the visual and academic legacy of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. These preschool science activities are a great way to introduce young children to science. LABEL) in a livestream Q&A session, moderated by Zhang Baoxin (Curator, Public Programmes), on 16 July (Thursday), 9pm. Privacy Notice Join Ariel Muller as she shares how we might better equip ourselves to prepare for future shocks, given what we are learning from people's responses to COVID-19. Following his talk, Tong Yee will also be participating in a Q&A moderated by Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum). At the online realm of ArtScience at Home, local musician and producer Fauxe channels the ghoulish energies of Caligari into a livestream musical séance of sorts as part of our monthly ArtScience Late at Home presentation. Tong Yee (Co-Founder of The Thought Collective) reflects on emotional resilience and personal leadership in this season of crisis – how it tells us about who we are as societies and states, and reveals powerful wisdom if we care to look. He will also be joined by Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum) in a live moderated conversation on 12 May at 5pm. There are tons of projects out there online that integrate art and science, but the science is mixing a sensory goop. In the online realm of ArtScience At Home, local musician and producer Fauxe will be channeling the ghoulish energies of Dr. Caligari into a musical performance as part of the monthly ArtScience Late at Home presentation. Ep 1 – Virtual Tour: 2219 Futures Imagined. Artist and musician Fauxe channels the expressionistic energies of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in this special horror edition of ArtScience Late at Home. Join Steven, from Programmes team and Diversity Awareness Working Group, as he uses the magic of art, animation and exaggeration to turn an everyday mirror into a magic mirror designed to talk about our feelings! guided exhibition tours and workshops, as well as flagship public programmes including ArtScience Late, Conversations and ArtScience on Screen. Taking inspiration from architectural designs of an Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, join Eileen as she shares on how to create a personalised pop-up card featuring her distinctive style of sweeping contours and circular forms. Ever wondered why people carry and light lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival? Ep 3 – Virtual Tour: ArtScience Museum’s Architecture. The first residency is planned for 2021. She will also be joined by Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum) in a livestream moderated conversation on 26 May (Tuesday), 5pm. Déjà vu! Paul Adams, Learning & Engagement Manager, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Serene Goh, Senior Programme Executive, Creative Services, Singapore Association for Mental Health, Grace Lee Khoo, Founder and Creative Development Director of Access Path Productions, Art of Being Calm: ABCs of Mighty Meditating. Join Eileen and Huddin as they will show how to upcycle plastic bags and transform them into personalized, reusable bags for your shopping. Maybe, you’ll get lucky, and you can send each student home with a pound of clay, but this won’t be the case for everyone. Experience some of his most affecting works – including Morning, To Meet Your Sky, and Practical Aim – in this delicate performance of sung and spoken word accompanied by wind chimes. Listen in as Superflux founders Anab Jain and Jon Ardern talk about how they use narrative and speculation to explore complex problems that are often discussed in terms of data and abstract projections, and why hope often works best alongside tools for proactively tackling future challenges. Playlist #5 - KITCHEN. Programmes: All education activities and programmes will continue to be available online at our ArtScience at Home webpages. Ep 1 – ASM Make Your Own: Space Mission Patch Workshop. Daryl Yam, author of Kappa Quartet, will be discussing about how Singapore is ‘imagined’ - almost as a dream-like state in one instance, and how a collective imagination is reflected across the narrative. Join Dina and Diona to find out how we can use data as a material to connect with ourselves and others at a deeper level. The new initiative will see ArtScience Museum present online versions of its education activities such as guided exhibition tours and workshops, along with its flagship public programmes including ArtScience Late, Conversations and … Art & Science at Home is the Louisiana Art & Science Museum's digital portal for virtual museum content. Virtual Tour: Art with Diverse Perspectives. They will also be joined by Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum) in a livestream moderated conversation on 23 Jun (Tuesday), 5pm. Find out more with Marilia as we look at some powerful women whose works had been previously exhibited in the museum. Ep 5 – Make Your Own: Recycling Corner at Home. Take a closer look at some of the sea creatures from pre-historic times to the possible future in this episode of Virtual Tour series. Ep 3 – Futures Thinking: Democratising Tools for Hope by Cheryl Chung. They include the fantastical, mysterious and even those in the Afterlife (not for the scaredy cat)! Celebrate their triumphs, hear their needs and make friends with a few special people who make the place extra unique. Playlist #6 - Kin Leonn’s playlist for ArtScience Late Jams The world has mysteriously fallen asleep. This year marks the beginning of a new cooperation between Ars Electronica Export and Art Collection Deutsche Telekom: a three-year Artists-in-Residence Program aimed to foster an interdisciplinary exchange between artists, research and industry. ArtScience at Home enables the museum to take its stories to the Internet for visitors to experience programmes from the comfort of their homes. ArtScience on Screen: How Can I Tell I Miss You. Join us as dance artist and researcher Sara Wookey considers how our bodies relate to space around us and if the new safe distancing choreography of the public space might have changed the way we move forever. Highlighting two very different exhibitions, ArtScience at Home's virtual tours are guided by Museum Ambassadors, giving you a closer look at the installations displayed without having to pay a single dime. Copfer, who created amazing portraits of historical science and art figures, is not sure whether he’s a “microbiologist masquerading as an artist.Or am I an artist masquerading as a microbiologist.” About ArtScience Late at Home: ArtScience Late performance programme goes online as we continue to explore experimental works on the third Thursday of each month. Feeling the Future Talk with Lynn Froggett and Lizzie Muller. The performance video will be made available from 19 November (Thursday), 10am. Ep 3 – Take 5 with Meihan Boey, author of The Messiah Virus, Ep 2 – Take 5 with Steven Williams (Senior Officer, Programmes, ArtScience Museum) on DAWG and Accessibility), Ep 1 – Take 5 with Zhang Baoxin in the Library of Necessary Books (Curator, Public Programmes, ArtScience Museum). Gain insights to a line-up of intriguing topics that showcase the best in arts and science. ArtScience Museum presents the works of 15 contemporary photographers who reflect on timely topics important to Singapore in the exhibition, Margins Singapore: Drawing Pictures Of Home. Other programmes to look out for include Love Poems with Wind Chimes by Cyril Wong, workshops on making your own mirror, paper beads, moving mechanical device, and space mission patch, and various talks with key speakers. Join our Museum Ambassador, Josephine, on an adventure across various exhibitions to gain a deeper understanding of how space exploration continues to intrigue humans even until today. Seems like we can't get enough of award-winning Japanese art collective teamLab's digital artworks as it continues to wow us even through our screens. Is anxiousness creeping in as social restrictions increase in this time of pestilence? Join Jonathan Muk, co-founder of ReadAble, as we explore Jalan Kukoh – a neighbourbood in Singapore – through the eyes of some of their youngest residents. For the homebodies, you can get your fill of art with ArtScience Late at Home. As Singapore eases out of isolation, join us in a livestream roundtable with industry panellists as they reflect on how the circuit breaker is offering a pivotal moment to reframe conversations around access and inclusion. Make Your Own: Architecture-Inspired Pop-Up Card.
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