Cooperative Extension System. Federal protection of the offshore spawning schools combined with strict inshore state regulations has resulted in a healthier red drum population by most accounts. Saltwater Seduction featuring Alabama Saltwater Fishing Limits. He agreed with FWC’s catch and release ban last year on snook and redfish, both were dying at a high rate from red tide. One fish within the daily limit may be oversize. (Saltwater Areas Map) The small red drum in the estuaries feed on copepods and then move up to grass shrimp. Some of those fish have been caught on artificial lures and others have fallen for the best inshore live bait this time of year – 3- to 5-inch croakers. As multitaskers, many women stay busy and try to.... David Rainer has written about the great outdoors on the Alabama Gulf Coast for more than 20 years. Redfish Fishing in Fairhope, AL The best out of 102 charter fishing deals in Fairhope - enter dates to check availability . Alabama’s fishing regulations put a slot limit on redfish of 16 to 26 inches with a daily bag limit of three fish. There was an indication last winter that the redfish population was booming when the rivers along the Alabama coast held numbers of large redfish throughout the cold weather. Vermilion. In years past, you might be lucky to catch a handful of big reds during the cooler months. No guarantee, endorsement, or discrimination among comparable products is intended or implied by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Closed season for flounder is November 1 through November 30 for both recreational and commercial anglers. I made the mistake one time of throwing a lure with two treble hooks. Do you accept? This red drum weighed in at 45 pounds 9 ounces. Red snapper may be taken using pole and line, but it is unlawful to use any kind of hook other than a circle hook when using natural bait. March 6, 2009. ... EASY LIMIT of Redfish on my GO TO Lure - … However, those larger reds, called bulls, are not good table fare. The lowered bag limit allows two fish per person per day and no more than six fish per boat per day. The commercial harvest of redfish in Alabama waters has been banned since 1984. While fishing, anglers can keep one fish longer than 26 inches per day, but a bull redfish is not good table fare. ), recently hatched red drum find their way into the bays. This redfish was one of the few slot-size reds caught during the trip. Current Redfish Regs. Alabama Inshore Fishing near Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island and Weeks Bay is year round fishing fun. Fairhope Redfish Fishing Charters . It is generally believed that spawning occurs in the offshore waters of the Gulf, although there is evidence of some inshore spawning in several high-salinity Florida estuaries. Alabama’s saltwater fishing regulations set a slot limit on redfish of 16 to 26 inches with a daily bag limit of three fish. Everyone is welcome! School size (16- 20 inches) trout fishing can be some of the best and fastest action available for saltwater inshore charter fishing. When you find them schooling, use a bait with a single hook and it’ll be much easier to get the fish unhooked and on to the next cast. Closed season for flounder is November 1 through November 30 for both recreational and commercial anglers. One veteran angler said he’d never seen that many reds in one place at one time in his decades of fishing Alabama waters. There is no legal harvest of red drum in the Federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in protected spawning schools and a healthier population. Getting away on a vacation with your girlfriends can have a positive effect on your everyday life. Other states report that red drum remain in the estuary until their third or fourth years (27 to 30 inches). In Louisiana, 5 redfish may be taken per person per day. Before your Orange Beach fishing trip also make sure you pick up an Alabama fishing license. I’ve found that the fish seem to be in a feeding mood on a falling tide. The redfish being caught right now have a wide range of sizes from the legal limit of 16-inch minimum all the way to bull red size of larger than 26 inches. Click here for the NOAA Fisheries Bulletin detailing new openings and closures *** Mixed species grouper aggregate creel limit: 4 per person (No more than 2 red and 2 gag grouper may be included in grouper aggregate.) Dixey Bar is about 3 miles long, but the width varies a great deal, from about 2 miles wide near Fort Morgan to on a couple of hundred yards wide as it melts into the Gulf on the south end. Minimum size: 16″ to 26″ NA16RG2258. Updated Alabama Redfish Regulation: May 2017. Mobile Bay, Alabama: I have a special place in my heart for Mobile Bay because it’s where I caught my first redfish. Dixey Bar, named after an 1860 shipwreck, is a shallow sand bar on the east side of the Mobile Bay ship channel just off Fort Morgan, Alabama. For more information, contact your county Extension office. Under the plan, no harvest (recreational or commercial) of red drum is allowed in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Bag and Possesion Limit: 5 daily per person; No more than one over 27” max total length .
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