Black Drum : 5 per person per day: 14-inch to 27-inch TL : Bluefish : 15 per person per day : Flounders (Southern, Summer & Gulf) 10 per person per day not to exceed 20 per boat per day : 15-inch TL: Bag limits apply to hook and line or gig. Forum Home; Forum Actions ... Gulf Shores, AL. Inshore/Nearshore Fish Species Minimum length in inches Number of fish bag/possession Spotted Seatrout 15 TL 15 Red Drum* 18 TL to 30 TL 3 Flounder 12 TL 10 Sheepshead 14 TL 15 Gray Snapper** 12 TL 10 Tarpon*** … Recreational Catch Limits Read More » It is common for these fish to take both live and dead bait, making them popular with all types of anglers, including fly fishermen. A single black drum measuring 52 inches may be retained and counts in the daily bag. 1993). Commercial take was banned in federal waters in 2007, in large part as a result of outcry from recreational anglers and the Coastal Conservation Association. This chapter is designed to assure that Virginia is … Black Drum. A Florida fishing expert shares his tips and tools for catching black drum. Visit the under-pressured islands of Bimini for great flats action. Redfish populations along the Gulf Coast took a nose-dive in the 1990s and early 2000s during the blackened redfish craze, which resulted in widespread commercial harvest of massive schools of fish, but all Gulf states, including Alabama, soon moved to shut that down. Fishing live shrimp or croakers close to the rocks under a popping cork draws the bite. Whiting have no size or creel limit. The adults tend to remain in schools off the beach or around oil and gas structures except roughly from August through October, when they move into the passes to spawn. The whole region is fed by the flow of multiple nutrient-laden rivers, and this grows enormous crops of menhaden, mullet, shrimp, crabs and other gamefish forage, resulting in a great fishery. (#) Alabama state waters open and close along with federal regulations. *The daily bag limit is two red snapper per person, per day with a minimum size limit of 16 inches total length. Thanks 1,260 Thanked 2,161 Times in 764 Posts. State regulations apply in federal waters. Must remain in whole condition until landed ashore (heads, fins, and tails intact). This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. He says just about anything thrown, when fish are feeding, gets bit — he advises large single-hook jigs and swimbaits so it's easier to release them. With the Hobie MirageDrive 360 pedal propulsion system, anglers have ultimate kayak control... Field skills: If you want to go long, start training with these tips. Black Drum Regulation 4 VAC 20-320-10 et seq. ***** There is a 20 fish aggregate creel limit for reef fish species (for example, grunts, porgies, gray triggerfish, lane snapper, etc.) Atlantic: 2/person/day, maximum of 6/vessel. Mud Hole makes rod-building simple and fun for novice rod builders. *Anglers over the age of 16 must have an Alabama saltwater fishing license (resident or nonresident, annual or trip), or any Alabama resident angler 65 or older or lifetime saltwater license holder must have a current saltwater angler registration. Whiting have no size or creel limit. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Those who know their seafood will tell you that these “puppy drums” (anything ten pounds or less) are the tastiest of the tribe. Gray Triggerfish www: 15 FL. The pompano limit in Alabama is three fish with a minimum total length of 12 inches. They are especially abundant off Texas and the largest fish can be found between Florida and the Delaware Bay.. It may be 125 years old, but the .30-30 Winchester retains its status thanks to modern loads. PREAMBLE. However, the juveniles are pretty much identical in table qualities to redfish of legal size. Possession Limit: 1 per person. ; For freshwater fishes not listed, there are no statewide daily bag or length limits. Black Drum. Closed season for flounder is November 1 through November 30 for both recreational and commercial anglers. Slot Limit: 14-24" with one fish over 24" Daily Bag Limit: 5 per harvester per day (can include one over 24") Season: Open year-round. Florida Regulations Gulf and Atlantic State Waters. They're more crab and shellfish eaters than predators, which causes them to pass on most lures, though a slowly-hopped soft plastic or a Berkley Gulp Crab can sometimes get them. Welcome to the Gulf Shores Pier Fishing Forum. Now black drum don't get much respect in Alabama: there's no bag or size limit and no closed season. No mullet by cast net or snagging in Theodore Industrial Canal, Dog River, Fowl River, and their tributaries. 12 FL : Size limit applies to sale of fish. Minimum Size. Daily Limit: 3. Texas Parks & … The limits on sheepshead are 10 per person with a 12-inch fork length minimum. Before taking part in this fishery please call 251-861-2882 or 251-968-7576  for updated information. No size limit on Black Drum. 220-2-.35 The creel and possession limits for game fish in all public waters of Alabama, except as otherwise provided for certain State and Federally owned and/or managed fishing lake and ponds, shall be as follows: Black Bass, All Species or Combination..... 10 (See "Size Limits" below. 15. There are around 60 reefs just off the beaches and they ALL hold fish. While fishing, anglers can keep one fish longer than 26 inches per day, but a bull redfish is not good table fare. B. Simplify breakfast or brunch for a crowd by making this savory venison chorizo quiche recipe. The smaller fish, on the other hand, are just fine. One area to find redfish is Dixey Bar, named after a shipwreck, a sandbar on the east side of the Mobile Bay ship channel extending off the tip of Fort Morgan peninsula. Gear Requirements: Legal Gear: hook and line, cast net, seine, spear or gig; Illegal Gear: Cannot harvest using any multiple hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait; Snatching prohibited The red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), also known as redfish, channel bass, puppy drum, spottail bass, or simply red, is a game fish found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to northern Mexico. Slot Limit: 14-24" with one fish over 24" Daily Bag Limit: 5 per harvester per day (can include one over 24") Season: Open year-round. Capture Citation: 80 Lbs. Murphy MD, RG Taylor. In Mississippi, the daily recreational creel limit is three fish, with a minimum total length of 18". On the east side of Mobile Bay, the outlet from smaller Weeks Bay is 10 to 15 feet deep and narrow, and can be a good spot to connect with both keeper reds and larger bulls on strong outgoing tides, drifting with finger mullet just off bottom gets them. What is it: You’ll know you’ve hooked a Black Drum when you see one—it has a patch of whiskers on its chin, and it’ll put up a fight. They tend to get large in northeast Florida, but it is more common to catch them in the 30- to 50-pound range. Minimum size: 20″ to 28″ Redfish Season: Open year-round. The species has a lackluster reputation as a table fish because the large ones have coarse, chewy flesh and sometimes have worms in the meat of the tail sections — harmless to humans, but enough to put them off many dinner menus. A silent approach and a long, accurate cast with a shrimp imitation will sometimes catch these fish, and on occasion fish of 20 pounds are caught this way. A black bass is a largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, redeye bass or shoal bass.) From June to September, local anglers report there are lots of big black drum, over 30 inches long, around the Dauphin Island Bridge.
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